The Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green Review

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Finding time to work on your putt off the course can be challenging. Our local driving range has a practice green but it’s always crowded and we still have to lug our bags into the car and drive to the range.

Inconvenience can really disincentivize the casual golfer from working on his or her short game – so can shoddy and unrealistic practice greens. That’s why today we are going to be focusing on one golfing practice green that is sort of in the mid-range market as far as price goes.

We found it to be convenient enough to review in the first place but let’s take a look how it measures up in terms of quality.


Key Features

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Right off the bat, one of the most important features of this practice mat is that it is a good weight. It’s not heavy enough to be unwieldy and it’s not light enough to roll out unevenly. It has a good, substantial rubber backing which doesn’t crease up when you roll it out.

Secondly, we liked that the Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green has deeper holes than other greens in its price range. Not only does this mean that you can putt more than one ball in a single hole; it also means that your putts are less likely to rim out.

There are 3 holes at the end of this practice green. Where the holes begin, the foam backing gets a little thicker which elevates the mat and mimics some of the breaks you may come across on your home course green.

The Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green also features 2 sand trap cutouts behind the 3 holes so you don’t have to go chasing after your balls if you overshoot.

The Shaun Webb Pros And Cons

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  • The thick foam backing doesn’t allow for indents or bumps in the green
  • Lays out completely flat
  • Not too expensive
  • Designed by Shaun Webb
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • East to move from room to room
  • The 9 foot length allows for ample practice room


  • You’re not supposed to use this outside or on hot surfaces
  • It comes rolled up and takes a day or so to be able to lay flat
  • No ball return feature
  • Not very immersive

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Does it Match up to the Competition?

Shaun Webb Putting Mat 2

We tried this green against more expensive putting mats and found that while it lacked some of the more fancy features that pricier mats had, it still gives you everything you need to improve your putt.

For example, when compared to the SKLZ Accelerator Pro which does have a ball return system, we found that the Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green mimicked a real green better.

The shape of the Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green is evocative of many greens you would find on actual courses while the SKLZ Accelerator Pro is very narrow which means you can only practice straight shots on it.

Accuracy and Realism

The Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green is pretty basic so when you use it, you probably won’t feel like you are on an actual course. Plus it is recommended for indoor use only which further detracts from the immersion factor.

The fibers that make up the simulated green are also pretty basic and really only mimic stiffer, slower greens. That all being said, you can practice multiple angle shots on it.

It doesn’t simulate various kinds of greens, but it gets the job done if you are looking to practice under common, normal green conditions.

Other Greens to Consider

No Bumps And Creases

If you are not sold on the Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green, take a look at a few quality practice green that are comparable in price:

  • Proadvanced Profinity Putting Mat – Another 9.5 foot putting green that also features 4 stimp speeds and visible ball traces.
  • VariSpeed Putting Green – A ten foot matt that also features 4 green speeds and variable break ramps.
  • Rukket Golf Putting Green – A great, immersive putting green with artificial turf barriers, 3 regular and one elevated hole and ball return system.

All in All

The Shaun Webb Signature Putting Green is a sturdy putting mat that will last you for a long time and is easy to roll out and use. It doesn’t have advanced features like variable green speeds or a ball return system, but if you are looking for basic putting practice, it is a good investment and we recommend it.

If however you want a more immersive, versatile practice experience, check out some of the other mats we outlined above.

Shaun Webb Putting Mat

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