FORB Home Golf Putting Mat Review

Forb Indoor Golf Putting Mat

Going to a golf range every day and practicing our putting can be useful, but also time consuming. We all don’t live near a driving range, the putting range there is full a lot of time and it is just more convenient to practice your putting at home. This is where going to a local golf store or shopping online for a golf putting mat can come in handy.

Instead of getting in our car every day to practice our putting, we just just open up a drawer and pull out the putting mat and practice our stroke. One of the better putting mats out there is the FORB Home Golf Putting Mat. It’s 10 (length) x 2.6 (width) size gives you plenty of room to putt from a distance and also take outside to work on your chipping game if you want to get creative.

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Winning Features?

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 1

One cool thing about this mat is that it has three holes. It allows you to try putting from different angles. It also has a raised up incline where the holes are so you get an actual putting green experience. Let’s face it, most every green on a golf course are not flat. There’s always an uphill or downhill putt.

Another thing I like about it is the surface. Now, regardless of what you may read, the surface you putt on does matter. There are some putting mats out there that restrict you from putting on certain surfaces as it speeds up or slows down the putt considerably. The FORB putting mat is suitable for any surface, but it does impact the speed somewhat. While it may be  quicker on harder surfaces, it isn’t as dramatic a difference as other surfaces.

The length is nice, but I would have liked to have gotten a backstop with it. If your putt goes just a foot by the hole, depending on where you’re putting, the ball can roll away. There are some mats out there that do have backstops which are convenient. It’s true you can always put one in manually, but not all of us have that luxury.


FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 2

Unlike some mats, it rolls really smoothly. I’ve had mats before where it is rough in certain areas and peels away and off the surface. This one, however, is consistent throughout and is as smooth as can be.

With that being said about the smoothness, it’s not the same experience of a golf course putting green. All the putts are pretty much straight. You could put it on different surfaces and angles to try and put some break in putts, but for the most part, this is more about technique and practice rather than reading putts and breaks.

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Potential Issue?

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 3

I’ve read some complaints about the smell. Some have said it smells like cigarette smoke. While I wouldn’t exactly go that far with the smell, it also doesn’t exactly have a new car smell. It can take some time getting used to. May need to use some spray on it if if you don’t like the scent.


FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 4

It’s also something you can pack up and bring with you and not have to worry about dents in it from rolling it up (as long as you roll it up right). Bring it to work with you so you can get away from the stress. Take it on vacation or even to a friend’s house and have a competition. Definitely great for that.


FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 5

It is something you can also practice with your chipping game, but you have to have the right surface for it outside as it won’t roll great on top of grass. But if you have the room inside and don’t mind chipping on your carpet, it can work great for your chips, too.


FORB Home Golf Putting Mat 6

Overall, I think it’s a really good surface. Now my personal recommendation is to have a few putting mats, not just one, so you get a different variety. However, I would definitely make this one of my choices. The smoothness of it is rare in a mat and it really is a great way to practice your putting and work on different areas of your short game.

You get what you pay for here. It’s not the cheapest putting green out there, but the value is high quality. It’s one of the better putting mats you can find available. I definitely recommend it, especially if you want to shave a few strokes on the green. The Forb home putting green will also make a great golf gift when the time comes.

Pros And Cons


  • Rolls smooth
  • Rolls great on every type of surface
  • Three holes so you can practice different angles and types of putts
  • Easy to pack up, roll up and travel with
  • Inclined near holes to give you uphill experience
  • Can use for short game practice


  • Smell can be irritating when first comes out of box
  • No backstop to stop putts that go too far
  • Not the same roll on all surfaces

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