Izzo Padded Golf Travel Cover Bag Review

Izzo Golf Padded travel bag

When it comes to buying a golf travel bag for transportation, the first question I ask myself is, “How strong is it and how much padding is there?”  It’s always a good sign when a travel bag has the word “padded” in it, which is one reason I like the Izzo Padded Golf Travel Cover. Technically it’s not called a bag but rather a cover; however many use it for storing their clubs while they travel.
Now Izzo’s not really a household name when it comes to golf, so I was a little skeptical at first of going with this bag. The padded look of it, though, sold me, as did the price. I wanted a bag that wouldn’t destroy my clubs upon travel, because if you’ve ever traveled to the airport and had other people handle your clubs, you know what a weak travel bag can do to them.
The Izzo Padded golf travel bag isn’t a bag that’s going to “Wow” you with its design or look. It’s designed for protection, not designed to look beautiful. Personally, I like the all black look with the white lettering. To me, it looks classy. Then again, “how pretty a bag is” is the last thing I look for in a travel bag.

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Winning Features

This is a spacious bag. It’s big and can expand up to 50 inches and hold over 7 inches of storage, which is pretty impressive.

It is pretty lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. It also comes with padded straps to make it comfortable. However, there are no wheels, which means you can’t pull it around the airport. Instead, you need to carry it. For some this may be a deal breaker.  To me, the lightness of it and the padded straps are all I need. I can handle it no problem. But others may feel different, especially if they already have a backpack they are carrying on.

This bag has a vinyl base which will keep it secure and safe when in transit. It also has the ability to carry a full size bag.

Potential Issue?

Wear and tear could a problem down the road, though, particularly on the bottom of the bag. Stitching it not as good as some of the other bags out there.

Convenient Price..

All this being said, the price is what I like. Go on Amazon and you can get this thing for $30. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than many of the $100+ bags out there. For a bag under $50, it’s probably as good as you will ever find. It has its shortcomings, but the padding is strong where it matters.

The bag also has a pocket for business cards or other identification for you to store in the bag. This is good if your bag does get lost somewhere, particularly at baggage claim. You can also easily add a tag to it as well.



Another advantage is the ease of taking the cover off and putting it on. It’s really simple, and better yet, it folds up very easily and doesn’t take much room it all. It’s much easier than most travel bags and a thousand times easier than trying to fold up an air mattress.


Overall, for the price of this, you can’t beat it. It’s great for travel and storing your clubs. It’s going to get wear and tear with time, but if it does, you can replace it with another $30 bag. It’s not all that pricey, so it’s worth the chance.

Pros And Cons


  • Very affordable and low-price
  • Extra padding gives it protection all around
  • Padded straps make it easy and comfortable for carrying
  • Lots of storage space throughout the bag to pack a lot of items
  • Easy to fold up and pack away
  • Lightweight


  • No wheels
  • Shows signs of wear and tear after a while
  • Only colors are black and white
  • Can cause problems around stitching over time

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