Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder Review

Nikon Coolshot Pro

Thank God for technology. Gone are the days where you had to rely on counting off yards and “estimating” distances. With rangefinders now on supply, all you have to do is look through a lens, hit a button and it will tell you the distance it is from you to the flag. Just like any product, however, some are better than others. And when it comes to range finders, some are easier to use than others, more comfortable than others, and most importantly, more accurate than others.

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The Nikon Coolshot

In steps the Nikon Coolshot 20 Laser. Nikon is one of the more respectable lens companies out there. When they release a camera product, it’s usually very good, and the Coolshot 20 Laser is to be included in that. It uses a First Target Priority system and will always pick out the flag from the background. Distances are shown in 1 yard increments on the screen.

Nikon Coolshot 2

Physical Size

The first thing you’re going to notice about it is its size. Its compact, its lightweight and very easy to grip and utilize. You can even use it with just one hand if you wish. It’s 9cm by 7cm and is one of the smallest lasers on the market. It’s actually 2cms shorter and 55 grams lighter than the original Nikon Coolshot rangefinder. This makes it easy to stick into your pocket without feeling like it’s even there.

Video Review


Its zoom is one of the better products out there. It magnifies up to 6x. Most rangefinders you will find go up to 4 or 5x, so this is a step up than those, even the original Nikon Coolshot. There are some that go up to 7x, though, including other Nikon rangefinders.

Ease Of Use

The rangefinder is also very simple to use, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person out there. All you really have to do is just look through the lens, point to your target and push the rear button that turns the device on and calculates your distance. After eight seconds it will automatically turn off to save battery.

Nikon Coolshot 1

Additional Features

There are other buttons on this for some different options. For example, you can shuffle from yards to meters if you wish, especially if you’re someone from Europe who uses meters more regularly to calculate your shots.

Battery Life

The CR-2 battery it comes with will give you a good lifespan, and since it has a battery saver on there already, you shouldn’t use too much battery life up each time you use it.


The range you can get on the Nikon Laser 20 is pretty impressive. It starts out as low as 6 yards and goes up to 600. It may not be as much as other rangefinders, but it still goes out pretty far. Depending on the conditions, it could be hard to pick up flags over 200 yards out, so beware of that. Windy conditions can especially be tricky for further shots.

Weather Conditions

It also comes with protection for rainy and wet conditions. Its cover is rainproof and also made with materials that will prevent it from being damaged if it falls on the ground or a hard floor.

Potential Pitfall

One downside is unlike some of the newer rangefinders out there, it doesn’t have slope mode. Using slope mode is illegal for tournament use, but a lot of people like it for regular use. So you will have to factor in uphill and downhill shots for club selection based off the yardage it gives you. Unfortunately, there’s no wind factor, either, to help you with club selection. But I’m sure the way technology is moving, those kinds of rangefinders will be coming out soon.


The Nikon Laser 20 focuses quite easily. You can adjust the focus on the eye piece very easily and you won’t have to worry about it hurting your eye like some rangefinders out there.

Overall, it’s very affordable. There are a lot more expensive rangefinders out there, some that do more advanced things, but for the price, you can’t go wrong. It makes playing golf much more enjoyable and gives you much more accuracy on the distance between you and the hole.

Make playing golf fun again and go grab this product.

Pros And Cons


  • Cover keeps it from damaging while falling and from from getting damaged during rain
  • Recognizes the closest objects to the player
  • Provides player with accuracy through laser technology
  • Goes into safe mode after only 8 seconds of non-use, saving battery
  • Easy to use and small, lightweight
  • Focuses well
  • 6x magnifying


  • Some conditions make it hard to pick up the flag over 200 yards, such as windy conditions
  • Does not have a slope mode
  • With it being super lightweight, it can be hard to keep completely steady, and you need to be steady to get reading.

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