The Garmin S62 vs The S60 – The Golf Watch Title Has Changed Hands

Garmin has recently announced the release of the Garmin S62 which is an upgrade on the existing S60 Approach watch and when we heard the news we were really excited.

We have been using the S60 for over 2 years for all of our rounds and it was certainly the best golf watch on the market that we had tested.

That looks to have all changed with the release of the Garmin S62 and there has certainly been a changing of the guard. There is a new Golf Gps Watch Heavyweight champion in town, and it will take some out of the ordinary to beat this watch.

The S62 built on all of the winning features of the S60, and it listened to its customers pain points with the S60 and it has come with a watch that looks set to dominate the Golf watch market for the foreseeable future.

The S62

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What’s Stayed The Same

Garmin s60 Banner

Garmin is the number 1 brand in GPS technology for a reason and with the release of the S62, they haven’t started from a blank page but made considerable improvements.

The Colour Touch Screen

The colour touch screen still has the same look and feel of the S60 except it is now 17% larger. The 1.2” display has been replaced by a 1.8” display and they have added two on screen buttons that let you toggle through screens, various hazards and Green and course view.

You can still target any position on the course with a tap on the screen and the compass feature will still show you the distance and direction to the green at all times which was one of our favourite features of the S60.

The S62 will still give you distances to the front, middle and back of the green and it will show you various layup options for each hole. We now also have a Virtual Caddie to guide us around the course but more on that later.

The S62 has also kept plenty of other winning features from the S60 like Autoshot which tracks every stroke we play and allows us to keep a digital scorecard, transferring all the data to the free Garmin Golf App which builds up over time and allows you to see areas where your golf needs improvement as patterns emerge.

Garmin S62

You can even use the S60 or S62 with the Garmin CT10 smart sensors to get the most complete picture of you are performing from almost any device on the market today.

The S62 still has 41,000 courses world wide that will load automatically once you arrive and the watch also still allows you to pick a manual pin position if you are perfectionist like me, changing the pin position to where it actually is can be a big deal when selected your club for approach shots.

The watch will also still connect to your phone via Bluetooth allowing you to get smart notifications like text, emails and calls directly to the watch.

The S62 still has the plays like feature which takes slope into account for your distance to the green and these are the only two watches with slope that we know of.

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What’s New In The S62

The S62 has literally blown the competition out of the water with it’s new features.

The Virtual Caddie

Garmin S62 5

The Virtual Caddie is probably the most eye opening new feature of the S62 and it will make suggestions on what club to play for your given situation and where to play your lay up shots for maximum efficiency and minimum strokes.

Another new feature is wind strength and direction and the Virtual Caddie will take this into consideration when making suggestion about how you should play the hole.

The Battery Life

This was probably my biggest sore point with the S60, it wouldn’t last tow full rounds and when you started a round, you would know by the 3rd or 4th hole that it would not last the full round and after paying top dollar this was a bit frustrating.

The S62 comes with an external lithium polymer battery that will allow it to last for 20 hours in GPS mode and virtually forever in everyday wear. 20 hours will cover at least 3 full rounds and this is actually probably my favourite feature of this new watch.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Heart Rate Monitor was the biggest omission from the S60, for a watch that costs $300, you would expect it to be included. While the watch did have tracking ability for other sports, you would have to change out the bands for the heart rate monitor which not everyone could do.

The S60 comes with heart rate monitor as standard and this watch can be used every day and for other sports like Running, Walking, Cycling or even swimming.

Quick Change Bands

Garmin S62 4

Another feature that was missing from the S60 was the quick change bands feature. You could manually change the bands on the S60 but the S62 has a quick release option and tons of changeable strap options from $10 to give a different look and feel every time.

Downloadable Custom Watch Faces

The customization of the watch doesn’t stop with the bands, you can also download custom watch faces to give a completely different look and feel every time you leave the house. This was a feature missing from the S60 but included in the S40 and we are glad that is has carried over to the S62.

This isn’t the most important feature of the watch for me personally but it is something I know that many golfers will love. This is a watch that will make your golf buddies jealous, 100%.

Gorilla Glass As Standard

With the S60, you had to go with the premium model to get the Gorilla Glass upgrade but with the S62 the scratch resistant watch face comes as standard. While you would expect the Gorilla glass for the price of the watch, it is still a very nice feature.

Garmin Contactless Pay

You can now also pay through your golf watch when you are on a round, in the course shop or afterwards in the clubhouse. This is handy because you don’t have to bring you wallet around with you and have to look after it or possibly lose it.

You can now just tap the watch against the contactless reader and you are done, just hook up your card to the watch and you are good to go. Now you just need to make sure there is money on it.

How Do They Compare On Performance

Garmin S62 3

The S62 is a clear winner when it comes to performance. The bigger face is more suitable for playing golf yet the design is still perfect and Garmin have literally taken everything that was bad about the S60 and turned it into a selling point. This is also packed with additional features like the Virtual Caddie, Wind speed and direction, Contactless payments and tons of other features with the battery life now being probably the best on the market. The S62 is a clear and big winner when it comes to performance.

How Do They Compare On Price

The Garmin S62 comes in at $500 and the Garmin S60 will cost you between $300 and $350.

Should You Buy Either Of These Watches

S62 The Best

Before the release of the S62 we would have recommended you to buy the S60 without hesitation. With the S62 on the market, there is a new sheriff in town and this is our new Go To watch. If you have the budget and you want to be the envy of your golf friends, this watch is brand new on the market and you can be one of the first to get it. If you are on the fence we recommend you go for it, yo wont be disappointed with the amazing piece of technology.

Garmin S62

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