The Garmin Approach S62 Review – The Best Just Got Better

We are super excited about the latest Golf GPS watch from Garmin. We have been using the S60 religiously on all of our rounds for the past two years and now the S62 has come along and blown it out of the water with some amazing new features and fixing all of the weaknesses of its predecessor which was in it’s own right, the best golf gps watch on the market.

The Garmin S62’s Color Touchscreen is now 17% larger and comes with Gorilla Glass as standard. The S62 boasts a much longer battery life and a ton of extra features, like Virtual Caddie, Heart Rate Monitor And Contactless Payments, along with improvements on all the existing features that we have come to know and love. The S62 comes with a steeper price tag but with the extra functionality it is definitely worth it as the undisputed king of Golf Gps Watches

The S62

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Who Is The Garmin S62 For?

This watch isn’t for everybody with a $500 price tag but if you have the budget and you want to get the absolute best gps watch that will make your friends jealous and provide equal value on and off the course, this is certainly the watch for you. Let’s dive straight into the key features

What’s New About The Garmin S62

Garmin S62

Larger Design With On Screen Buttons

The S62 is 17% larger that it’s predecessor, the S60 and they have managed to fit two on screen buttons to this watch that is so useful on the course, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

The watch face is 1.8” of full colour display so you can easily see the whole course and get the distance to any point on it with the touch of a button.

The display also has the tougher gorilla glass of the S60 Premium which is handy if you do live an active lifestyle where it may be prone to getting scratched.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is one of the big misses of the S60. Sure you could get new bands installed with a heart monitor but that took away from the design of the watch.

This watch comes with heart rate monitors as standard with functionality for Running, Swimming and Cycling coming as standard with the watch.

The heart rate monitor is one of the biggest, but the biggest win for the S62

Virtual Caddie

The S62 now comes with a virtual caddie that will analyse you position on the course and make a suggestion on the club you should play for your next shot and even if you can’t see the green, the S62 will show you the distance and direction to the green at all times with the compass feature.

The virtual caddie will even tell you where to aim your shot and Garmin have really pushed the boundaries with this one.

Wind Direction And Speed

No Caddie would be complete without taking the wind into consideration and you S62 virtual caddie will do just that. The S62 now comes with he functionality to show you the wind speed and direction at the touch of a button and we think the caddie taking this metric into consideration is one of the coolest things about this amazing watch

Garmin S62 4

The Battery Life

One of our biggest gripes about the S60 was that you couldn’t fully rely on it to do 2 full rounds in GPS mode so you had to charge it after every round.

The S62 comes with a lithium polymer battery that allows this watch to last up to 20 hours in GPS mode and virtually forever when not in GPS mode. This allows you to play at least three rounds without a charge. There is nothing worse than forking out $300 for a watch and having it go dead on the 15th hole, so we are really happy with this new feature as well.

Garmin had addressed this issue with the S40 but the S62 takes it to the next level again.

Customizable Watch Faces

Another pitfall of the s60 was that it had the same watch face that you couldn’t change and having the same look and feel of you watch was something we could live with but weren’t overly happy about.

The S40 addressed this problem but the S40 is not as good as the S60 performance wise.

The s62 has fully downloadable custom watch faces that can give you a different look and feel every time you play or every time you feel like it. If you show up to a round with your friends with the S62, they will be very jealous.

Quick Change Watch Bands

S62 The Best

Another feature omitted from the S60 but included in the S40 is the quick change bands.

You can buy new watch bands for the S62 that are simple and easy to install and coupled with the downloadable watch faces, you can literally have a completely different looking watch every time you walk out of the house.

While we don’t change around the style too much, it always good to know that the feature exists and this will be a deal breaker for some golfers if being at the pinnacle of golf technology is not enough.

Scroll Through Hazards

The S62 has two on screen buttons that now allow you to scroll easily through all the hazards that exist on the course if you cannot already see them on the high definition colour touch screen.

Garmin Quick Pay

You can now also pay directly through your watch with Garmin Pay Contactless Payments, just hook your bank card with the app and you are good to go. While it is not a golf feature it is seriously handy for paying in the clubhouse and anywhere for that matter.

Garmin S62 5

Existing Winning Features That Made The S60 The Best

The S60 for a long time has been the best Golf Watch on the market. It would be foolish not to keep some of these winning features and the S62 has plenty

41,000 Courses That Load & Update Automatically

The S62 will pick up the course you are at as soon as you arrive and with the press of the course on the touch screen it will load up without any fuss

Digital Scorecard & AutoShot

As you start the round the S62 will ask you if you want to keep your score on the digital scorecard with the Autoshot feature tracking all of your strokes giving your score against the course par listings every time.

The Autoshot feature is improved on the S62 but if it misses any shots, you can input them manually to get a fully accurate score recorded on the Garmin golf app and this data builds up over time giving you plenty of ideas of where you need to improve your game. Couple your S62’s autoshot with Garmin CT10 sensors for the fullest possible golf performance tracking on the market today with little effort.

Manual Pin Selection

If you are a perfectionist like me, you want all the yardages to be perfect and if the pin is in the wrong position it can throw me off a bit.

This was one of my favourite features of the S60 and it something that has thankfully carried over to the S62. You can manually move the pin position to where it actually is on the day to give you a perfectly accurate reading every time.

Garmin S62 3

Plays Like Feature Accounts For Slope

The Playslike feature is another extremely handy one that has survived the S60 and it accounts for slope and now also wind speed and direction.

Most good rangefinders will account for slope but the S60 and the S62 are one of the only golf watches that will. If you are hitting down or uphill or there is a strong wind, the S62 will tell you the actual distance but also the how the shot would actually play in optimal conditions.

This will allow you to make adjustments and move up or down a club as necessary.

Pin Pointer Allows You To Pinpoint Any Position On the Course

The S62 will give you various layup shot distances as standard as well as distances to the front, middle and back of the green. allowing to easily plan your strategy for the hole and you can also manually select any position on the course and get the distance to that point, giving you complete control of your strategy and tactics for the round.

Would We Recommend Buying The Watch?

The watch is expensive but it is without a doubt the best watch in terms of technology and design on the market. Garmin is a leader in GPS equipment across the board for a reason and there is no other watch on the market that can come anywhere near to competing with the functionality, accuracy and features of The S62. It is a watch you can wear at all times, not just on the course and if you have the budget of $500 and want to have your best ever summer of golf, this is the watch for you and we highly recommend giving it a try.

The S62

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