Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat Review

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This Putting Mat has been on our radar for a long time now and we are excited to share with you all what we found. Right out of the box, it did not disappoint. We were excited to set it up in the office, play all the games it comes with and see how it really performs.

Have you been looking for a practice mat that could really help improve your short game? If so the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat might be the one.

All the accessories that it comes with and all the markings on it can make it a little overwhelming but that’s also why we wanted to get our hands on it so badly. So without further ado, let’s check out the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat.

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Key Features

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While we’re on the topic of markings, the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat has printed on it a backstroke and acceleration guide. The circles and lines in front and behind them allow you to see how far you are going on your backstroke and how much you are accelerating through the ball upon impact.

Of course, there are also distance markers and alignment guides all along this 9.7’ mat that are helpful for gaging repeatable putter distances and seeing how straight or arced your shots are. Then there is the fabric swiper which serves 2 purposes.

First, it changes the stimp speed of the green between 8 and 12.5. Secondly, the swiper is used to erase all the trace lines that are created by each shot you take on this green. Yes, the fibers of the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat are specially designed to leave an imprint of the path of your putt.

The Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat also comes with 6 foam wedges for break simulation, a large slope simulator, a small slope simulator, a ball basket goal, 2 foam bumpers that attach to either end of the mat to keep your balls from rolling away and a book featuring various training games.


The Profinnity ProAdvanced Putting Mat Pros And Cons:

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  • Offers many ways to train and improve your game
  • Mimics 4 stimp speeds
  • Allows you to see the path of your shots
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Sturdy “green” material
  • Comes with a silicone hole


  • The hole it comes with is sloped to steeply
  • The ball tracing becomes less effective over time
  • The narrow (1.6’ wide) rectangular shape only allows for straight shot practice
  • The corners curl up after a while

Pro Advanced Putting Mat 3

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How it Stacks Up

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When comparing this mat with more expensive ones, we found that as far as features go, it stacks up pretty well. The only area in which it really doesn’t hold its own against premium mats is durability.

We used the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat for 3 weeks and felt that it wouldn’t last for more than 1, 2 years tops. The underside of the mat needs to be made of hardier material and the edges could use some type of reinforcing to prevent corner curling.


Accuracy and Realism

At first sight, it’s pretty obvious that this mat was not made to simulate the look of a real green as it is marked from Timbuktu and back. But it does feel like a variety of real green as you can adjust the grain with the swiper. And that’s more important we think.

It takes some time and practice to use the swiper to get just the stimp speed you want, but once you dial it in, it’s really fun and accurate.


Other Putting Mats to Consider

Of course, the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat is not the only mat in the $80-$90 range. Here are some others worth a look:

  • Exputt Indoor Putting Green – A 10’ x 1.6’ mat with a TPR no-slip backing and convenient carrying case.
  • FORB Home Putting Mat – This mat comes in either 10 or 12 foot versions with a backend that slopes up gently to 3 separate holes.
  • SkyLife Golf Putting Green Mat – With 10mm turf on the green surrounded by a barrier of 35mm turf, a 10mm rubber base, 2 steel cups and 2 flags, this mat offers an immersive practice experience.


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Really, we only have 2 gripes about the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat. The first being that it doesn’t seem very durable. The second being that it has no ball return system. But both of these shortcomings are negatable in light of the fact that it offers much opportunity for precision practice.

The various training exercises and distance, acceleration and backstroke markings make it really helpful for fine-tuning your short game. We were excited about the Proadvanced Proinfinity Putting Mat and for the most part, it did not disappoint. We recommend checking it out.

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