Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat Review

On the surface, putting mats are pretty simple accessories. After all, most of them are just a strip of green felt that you would lay on a floor just like a rug. But not all putting mats are made equal and there are some technological aspects that can distinguish one from another.

For example, the material that the fibers are made of can be the difference between a realistic practice experience and one that will be useless once you are on a real green. In short, finding a good putting practice mat can be more difficult than you may imagine.

So today we are going to be looking at an interesting putting mat that promises a realistic and helpful experience. Let’s see if it can deliver.

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Key Features

The Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat comes in at just under 8 feet long. It is short enough that it doesn’t take up real estate in your indoor areas but long enough to allow for effective putting practice. The backing is made of heavy rubber which allows it to roll out flat on the ground every time.

We even used this mat on carpeted floors and it lay out sturdy and even. There are 7 distance markers that run the length of the rectangular, 1.6 foot wide practice green. There are also gate markings that allow you to gage the arc and path of the ball as it rolls along the fiber.

These gate and distance markers also work in tandem with the 5 practice drills that are to be used with the putting mat which include a 25 putt drill, a long-distance drill, a pace drill, an alignment drill and a “Perfect Putt” drill that requires a an apparatus that is sold separately.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, the Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat has a stimp speed of 10 which means that it mimics medium to fast green speeds.

Puttout Pro Pros And Cons


  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Rolls out flat right out of the packaging
  • Can be used with “flat” golf practice holes
  • Lasts a long time
  • Comes in either grey or green
  • The rubber backing makes for good grip on any surface


  • Does not feature a hole
  • Really only allows for medium speed green practice
  • Can’t use all 5 of the drills unless you buy a separate accessory
  • Narrow width

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How Does it Stack Up

As usual, we tested the Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat against more expensive putting mats and found that it is sturdier than many other mats in the same price range. The heavy rubber backing inspires confidence that it will last a long time and stand up to regular wear and tear.

It lacks some advanced features like different green speeds and break variability. We also wish it had a legit hole instead of an outline of a hole but as far as sturdiness goes, it matches up as well as any mat for the same price.


Accuracy and Realism

If you are looking to improve your stroke on medium stimp greens, this mat plays accurately. The ball remains true on the turf and the distance and gate markers give you important visual cues on the arc and path of your shot.

You won’t for a minute forget that you aren’t on a real course but as far as standard practice goes, the Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat is adequately accurate.


Other Putting Mats to Consider

Here are some other putting mats in the same price range as the Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat to consider as well:

  • The SharperGolf Premium Indoor Putting Mat – This is a 10’ x’20” practice mat with a no-slip back and putting mirror.
  • VariSpeed Putting System – With 4 stimp speeds and variable break ramps, this mat offers an authentic and versatile practice experience.
  • Abco Tech Indoor Putting Green – Abco tech has made a putting green with 2 different size holes, a ball return system and one that can conveniently hold a putter and 3 balls.


All in All

If you are looking for a mat that will last you a long time and you have basic practice needs, we definitely recommend the Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat. It mimics medium speed greens well enough to actually make tangible improvements to your short game.

We wish it had an actual hole and that it was a bit wider, but at its price point, it’s a good investment since it’s likely to last a long time. But be sure to check out some of the other mats we mentioned if you want a mat that you can use as your game advances.

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