Varispeed Golf Putting Green System Review

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You have worked hard and put in long hours to perfect your drive, streamline your downswing and master pitch shots. But how’s your short game? If your putt could use some work then you should consider a practice putting green.

Putting greens are a simple yet effective way to improve your short game. The best thing about them is that they can be used anywhere. We have had the pleasure of testing out the Varispeed Golf Putting Green: an innovative practice green that we feel could help anyone improve their short game.

The Varispeed Golf Putting Green is one of the most unique practice greens on the market so let’s get right into its key features.

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Varispeed Golf Putting Green Key Features

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So what makes the Varispeed Golf Putting Green so unique? For starters, you can adjust the speed of the green. The fibers can be brushed to play fast or slow. It comes with a roller that you brush the fibers with in order to make them stand tall or slope more to the floor.

This makes a subtle difference in the way the green plays and mimics several real green conditions. The adjustments are subtle but they really do make a difference and force you to think critically about your club choice and strategy.

The fibers they used to make this practice green are really amazing. Not only can they be adjusted to play slow or fast, but they are imparted with a marking when the ball rolls over them. They allow you to actually see the exact path of every putt you take!

When you are ready for another shot, you can just brush the trace away with the provided roller. Then there are the break wedges. These are little ramps that you can slide under the putting mat to simulate breaks in real greens. You can put them anywhere on the 10 foot long, 20 inch wide practice mat.

It also comes with a pair of foam bumpers that are handy for keeping your balls from rolling off the mat. The mat also features distance markers so you know exactly how far your put has to go.


Varispeed Putting Green Pros And Cons

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  • Adjustable putt breaks
  • Comes with a guidebook with competitive games you can play with friends
  • Very easy to roll up and move anywhere you want
  • You can mimic the green speed of your home course
  • You can place it on hardwood or carpet
  • Rolls out flat


  • The fibers start to form channels over time
  • Doesn’t come with alignment balls
  • You can only set up one hole
  • The break wedges are a little steep

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How Does it Compare?

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We not only tested the Varispeed Golf Putting Green; but we compared it with other highly rated practice greens on the market. A lot of the other practice greens didn’t have custom break wedges that you could put anywhere on the green like the Varispeed Golf Putting Green did.

However, the breaks in other products were actually adjustable which is nice. One of the problems we ran into with the Varispeed Golf Putting Green was that the break wedges were a little steep and there’s no way to change that.

Still, none of the other greens we tested had the speed adjustability that the Varispeed Golf Putting Green had. While we question the durability and lifespan of the fibers of the Varispeed Golf Putting Green, in the here and now they provide realistic green conditions that other products can’t.


Does it Provide an immersive Experience?

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One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a practice green is how accurate it is. Does it accurately mimic an actual course green? Is it realistic to the actual experience of putting on a green?

As far as accuracy goes, the Varispeed Golf Putting Green performs great. The variable speed fibers allow you to accurately mimic almost any kind of green.

While the printed graphics, black borders, black foam bumpers and its shape don’t really make you feel like you’re on a real green, it certainly plays like one. The experience isn’t too immersive, but it performs where it counts: accuracy.


Are Other Greens Better?


While there are some features that we would have liked to see in the Varispeed Golf Putting Green, such as bumpers and borders that mimicked real turf, adjustable break wedges, more hole targets and a ball feedback system, it definitely holds its own against other practice greens.

This is also due in part to its size and its convenience factor. Other greens are more immersive and have more features, but they take a long time to set up. Some are also larger which means you have to carve out more room in your home, garage, yard or office to lay them down.

The Varispeed Golf Putting Green is only ten feet long and 20 inches wide and it rolls up and rolls out in an instant. You can take it and use it pretty much anywhere so we think it is definitely one of the more convenient, if not better overall, practice greens out there.


Other Noteworthy Products

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Final Assessment

Varispeed Golf Putting Green

If you want the ability to practice putting anywhere without having to worry about a lengthy setup, the Varispeed Golf Putting Green is as easy and accurate as it gets. It has all the features you need to improve your short game and more.

This is a great tool for anyone who wants to practice off the course. Be sure to check it out if you are in the market for a practice green!


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