Best Golf Training Aids For Improving At Home 2020

Improving at golf it’s a priority for every semi serious and pro golfer in the world. There are so many different aspects to the game and everybody has their weak points. The training aid market for golf is one that grows every year and you have innovative new solutions hitting the club shops all the time.

Putting will account for almost half of your strokes and this is one of the best areas we can look to improve. Driving is the sexiest area, everybody wants to have a longer drive off the tee, iron shots and chipping can also be enjoyable areas to practice at and improve.

In this list we will account for all areas of the game to whatever you want to improve as an all-around player. We feature hitting nets and chipping nets on the list and if you have these a lot of the other training aids will become more useful as well.

1. VariSpeed Indoor Putting Mat

Varispeed Golf Putting Green 6

The Varispeed is the most popular indoor mat that we see on the market at the moment. It offers more features than any other putting mat and we feel it’s the best training aid for improving at putting.

The mat has special fibres that you can simply brush back and forward and will give a different speed for the ball. There’s a total of 4 speeds and it gives a lot of more variation than most other mats on the market.

The lining on the mat allows you to play various games with ease that you can aim to stop the ball in any grid on the mat whereas most mats just come unmarked. There’s also a straight line through the middle that allows you to line up your putts and the ball leaves a groove on the mat, so you can see exactly what path it took.

The mat comes with a custom wedge break that will lift the mat up on one side to give you a slope and this adds another dynamic element to the mat.

The Mat is 10 feet by 20 inches wide and it rolls up easily for storage when you’re done.

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2. GALILEO Golf Practice Net

Galileo Hitting Net Image 2

If you want to get better at golf at home it makes sense to have a hitting net as it allows you to practice your drives and iron shots without needing too much space. It also opens up a world of possibilities like getting a golf simulator and using other training aids more effectively.

The Galileo golf practice net is the best that we have seen and allows you to have a driving range in your house if you couple it with a launch monitor.

You’ve got various sizes to choose from. There is the 10 ft by 8 ft and also the 7-ft by 7-ft and we would always recommend to go with the larger one if you can.

It is made with durable piping, 16 mm fibreglass net, which will stand the test of time and it can be easily broken down and put into the storage bag when not in use.

Having a hitting net is one of the keys to improving at golf at home.

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3. Players Choice – Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Pop Up Chipping Net

If you have a bit of space in your garden, a chipping net will allow you to improve your accuracy with your wedges and irons.

The players choice net is 25 inches by 25 inches by 20-in and it has three holes that you can aim for.

If you can chip it close then you can putt it in one. It is made from strong material that’s hand stitched to make it 10 times stronger then competitors and this can be a fun game to play with family and friends.

When you’re done you can just break it down and put it into it’s carrying case.

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4. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

Sklz Golf Trainer

The Sklz Gold is a swing tempo aid that’s perfect for warming up before a round or even before the driving range. It has a weighted ball at the end and a flexible shaft that allows you to improve swing tempo and the range of motion through your strike.

These type of tempo aids have become very popular in the past number of years and if you struggle with your tempe and swing plane this one is perfect for helping you to improve.

Use this before your workout on your Galileo golf hitting net at home.

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5. SuperSpeed Golf – Training System

Super Speed Set

Increasing swing speed is something almost all golfers want to do and this simple tool is incredibly effective at improving the swing speed of all golfers.

The set consists of three golf clubs with weighted heads. Two of the clubs are lighter than your driver and one of them is heavier.

You practice on these for 10-minutes a day, swinging the lightest club as fast as you can for 10-minutes and then working your way up to the heaviest club over a period of 30 days.

What the tool essentially does is it tricks your brain into getting used to swinging the club faster and it allows you to swing faster with correct technique.

By the time you get up to the club that’s heavier than your driver you should be swinging at least 2 to 3 miles per hour faster and over the 30 days pictures of the five to seven mph.

It might not seem like much but this can add 10 to 15 yards onto your drive within a month.

The product is very well reviewed and anyone I know that used it, has had success. The few people I know who kept it up for a full year have all added 20 and 30 yards onto their drive.

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6. ProActive Sports Contact Bag Golf Swing Impact Trainer

Contact Bag'

One of the biggest reasons that you won’t be able to hit the ball straight is that your club will either be open or closed at the point of impact and I will cause a hook or a slice.

There are plenty of smash impact bags on the market and the benefit of these is that it forces you to hit the bag square on.

If you open and close the club at impact it will feel awkward and this will teach you to have the club directly centred at the moment of impact and you can hit the ball straight.

It also works with a driver and irons so you can really work to improve your game overall with this.

This is the best one we found from pro impact.

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7. GoSports BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

Battle Chip

The Go sports battleship backyard golf game is more for fun and improvement for all the family than a serious toll for pro golfers.

The game comes with 2 simple mats and a chipping net with three different holes. Each hole has a different score. You line two of these up in the garden and compete against each other to see who can score better.

This also comes with golf balls but you can also use your own. This is perfect for getting your kids to improve and also working on the accuracy of your own chips.

Chip it closer and you can putt it in one

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8. Eye Line Speed Trap

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap

The eyeline speed trap is another great tool for hitting the ball far and straight. There is two elements to the design which really help us.

The ball sits at the end of the plastic shell and if you bring the club down too quickly, you will hit the solid plastic and it will let you know that it wasn’t a smooth swing. If you hit it just right, you get the perfect loft, avoid hitting the trap and play a perfect shot.

The second element is the alignment sticks that come out at either end. If you swing straight through, you won’t touch the sides and the ball should fly straight down the fairway.

If you’re coming in from an incorrect angle you’ll hit the guidance sticks and you know the reason why the ball wasn’t going to fly straight on that swing.

As you develop patterns on the training aid you’ll quickly be able to correct them, hitting further and straighter drives and iron shots

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9. Sharper Golf Premium Guide Rails Putting Mirror

Putting mirrors are another excellent way to make sure your body is aligned correctly with the ball for your putts, that your stroke is smooth and straight and that you are aiming correctly to sink the putt every time.

The system is made from a mirror and if you don’t line your eyes up up correctly, control your balance off and you won’t be able to see the ball properly.

You place two tees at either side and if your swing is in straight you will hit the tees, various widths available to make it more tight each time.

You can adjust the alignment after each putt until you get it right and you can get into the rhythm of hitting it straight from the correct posture into the hole every time.

While it won’t work miracles it can help you to improve considerably if you practice consistently.

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10: Callaway Swing-Easy, Full Swing Training Aid

This is a rather simple elasticity design that fits around both your hands just above the elbow and it reinforces a solid swing. A lot of the time your arms will get out of sync when you swing and this can lead to the club being open and closed on Impact.

Using this will allow you to hit the ball straight every time. You can also use this in conjunction with the skills tempo trainer to get an even more effective workout.

Overall this one comes very well recommended.

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