Galileo Golf Hitting Net Review

Galileo Golf Net

So one day I am practicing my golf swing in my driveway with my practice net. I drive and the ball flies through the netting and produces a hefty dent in my drywall. When it came time to get another practice net, I was determined to not make the same mistake again.

I wanted a durable, heavy-duty net that could take years of abuse. I came upon the Galileo Golf Net and was immediately impressed with the design but the proof is in the pudding, right? So this is my review of how the Galileo Golf Net has worked for me thus far and how it stacks up to other comparable nets.

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A Superior Design

Galileo Hitting Net Image

I want to practice my golf swing but I don’t want to have to worry about damage to my or my neighbor’s property so right away, let me say that the Galileo practice net is perfect for golfers who want to practice at home.

That is because its design is very sturdy and stable. I opted for the 7’ height, 12’ length and 6’ depth version with the polyester net. The one I was using before (the one that failed in the aforementioned anecdote) sported a nylon net.

Assured Performance

No matter how hard I hit balls into it the Galileo practice net holds up. The target piece actually protects most of the balls from hitting the net but if you shank one, the netting is so fine that it wouldn’t let a ball through.

It is designed so that the user can practice a wide range of shots too. The 12 foot width and 7 foot clearance is perfect for practicing long drives and you can step a few feet away from it to practice your chipping as well.

The parts seem to be pretty high quality so far. The poles, of which there are 8, are collapsible and made of fiberglass so they should hold up for a long time. The target piece is made of velvet and is great for being able to track where your ball is hitting.

Something that I wasn’t expecting about the design of the net is the fact that it actually masks a lot of the sound of the ball smacking against the target.

It is kind of amphitheater shaped so the sound bounces right back toward the swinger and smothers it from going any other direction which is a great design for me so I don’t disturb my neighbors when I am teeing off.

Galileo Golf Nets

Rest Assured

The Galileo net also comes with a lifetime warranty on all the parts which puts me at ease. If for some reason the net needs to be replaced, I know that the warranty is good for a lifetime.

In fact I called Galileo personally just to confirm that the warranty covered all parts including the net. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable so kudos to Galileo for that.

Galileo Golf Nets2


  • This is a very nice looking golf practice net
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty on parts
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Muffles sound
  • Is capable of handling high velocity impact with no damage
  • Comes with a helpful target sheet


  • The ball return system leaves a bit to be desired
  • Set up is a bit complex
  • Does not come with a teeing mat
  • May not fit in tightly enclosed areas (features a 12 foot width and a 6 foot depth)

My Opinion on this Product

Galileo Hitting Net Image 2

For practicing at home the Galileo Hitting Net is perfect. I believe it to be one of the more durable and resilient practice nets on the market having seen firsthand how well designed it is.

I like the fact that it can stand up to balls that I hit with my driver and that most of the balls don’t even make contact with the net. The set up can be a bit of a head scratcher but once you get the hang of putting it together it becomes as easy as folding a blanket.

I would definitely recommend the Galileo Hitting Net to any golfer who wants to invest in a durable practice net that will last a long time. Definitely give this net a look for yourself.

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