Will New Golf Clubs Improve My Game – Are They Worth It?

Pro Golfers Use Hybrid Clubs

If you are anything like me, you started off your golf journey with an old set of your dad’s clubs that didn’t fit very well and were past their sell-by date.

Luckily for me, I got a new pair of junior clubs for Christmas and that’s when I really started to improve at golf.

New golf clubs can definitely make a positive improvement in your game but it obviously depends on your current situation and a number of other factors.


For Improvers With A Bad Set

If you are someone that started out recently and has seen good improvement in your game with an old set of clubs, you can definitely make a big improvement by getting clubs that are created for your swing speed and fitted perfectly for you. Even a forgiving set of beginner clubs with oversized heads and large sweet spots will have you hitting the ball straight more often.


For Complete Beginners

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If you are are struggling to hit the ball straight and you have club that are not too bad and fit you reasonably well, it might be a better idea to go for some golf lessons or spend some more time on the Range but still getting a good quality set of clubs suited for your swing Style and speed and properly fitted can make a good difference.

Put simply:

Good golfer + bad clubs = big improvement from new clubs

Bad golfer + good clubs = less improvement from new clubs


What Are The Factors Of New Clubs That Can Help You Improve

The main things that will go into to making one set of golf clubs better than another will be the quality of the materials, the size and shape of the head of the clubs, the shafts and a grips.

There’s a huge discrepancy in price between beginner clubs and the more expensive sets and if you’re a beginner, high handicapper or just an average player buying a high-end set of clubs isn’t going to turn you into Tiger Woods overnight.

If your clubs are not up to scratch, a good beginner or intermediate set will likely do just a good of a job for improving your game as the super expensive sets.


Swing Speed

How fast you swing the club will determine how far you can hit the ball and I will also determine what type of Shaft you need in your club.

Swing speed is good to have for distance but it doesn’t actually translate into straight shots and it can be harder to hit it straight with a faster swing speed sometimes.

If you go for a fitting, go that will be one of the first things they check, probably on a fancy golf simulator like the Trackman or the SkyTrak.


Different Types Of Shaft

Steel Shafts

There are graphite and steel shafts and they come with different flex options like Regular, flex and senior. The choice of clubs that you should go for should depend on the quality, check the reviews, and the shafts is probably the second most important factor.

Graphite shafts come in most Drivers and Fairway Woods these days as they are lighter than steel and allow you to swing the club faster, compress the golf ball and let it rip down the middle.

For your hybrids, irons and wedges, you have a choice between graphite and steel. We would recommend graphite for beginners as it allows for a smoother strike, you can swing it faster, they are lighter and they suit a slower swing speed.

Regular flex will suit those with the highest swing speed and more flexible shafts will suit those with lower swing speeds. There are also senior flex which suits the older players.


Oversized Heads

Beginner clubs will often come with oversized heads that have a larger sweet spot. That means if you don’t hit the ball in exactly the right position it has a better chance of going straight and far then with a regular size sweet spot.

The same is true for fairway woods and hybrids, hybrids can be a lot easier to hit for beginners so going with a set that has Fairway woods and hybrids might be your best option.

Irons come in cavity or muscle back format and the muscle backs allow you to power through and get a cleaner easier strike while the cavity backs are suited for the better players who are more control over their strikes.


More Expensive Clubs Are For Pros And Scratch Golfers

The most expensive clubs can come with movable weights and adjustable club faces that are great for people who play the game almost perfectly. They’re designed in a way so that they give the advanced player more control and a more comfortable swing.

For a beginner, there is nothing like practice at the range on the course or even at home ma with a practice net, chipping net, putting mat or even a golf simulator. You can’t buy your way to a good game of golf it has to be earned on the course that’s good everything else in life, experience is the best teacher.


We Recommend A Fitting

Going for a club fitting at a reputable golf shop is the best way to maximize your improvement from a new set of clubs.

There will usually be a nominal fee for the fitting but you can set off against the set of new clubs if you buy them.

You will get tips on improving your swing, find out how fast you swing and if you choose to, get a set of clubs that is perfectly suited to your individual needs.


Golf Lessons

If you know a good golf pro that’s willing to give you lessons, this can be a very easy way to see improvements in your game quickly once you put the practice in and practice what you’ve learned in your lessons.

Sorting out your swing so that you can hit the ball straight consistently it’s probably your biggest obstacle to a better game of golf and obviously putting as that will be almost half your Strokes, shouldn’t be ignored.

If you are using a pair of clothes that are really not up to standard, you should certainly consider getting a beginner or intermediate set but there is absolutely no need to go for a mega expensive set until you are a scratch golfer or getting close.


Recommended Club Sets


Cobra XL 2020 Speed Complete Golf Set

If you’re in the market for a new set of clubs, this is the one we would recommend. They are a bit more expensive than other dinner sets but they will suit you all the way through until your an intermediate.

The set includes a driver and a three & 5 wood with oversized heads, you also guess a 4 and 5 hybrid which can be easier to hit for most beginners and intermediates, you get the 6 to 9 in irons along with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Also get a simple Blade putter with a visual alignment.

The reason we like to set so much, is not just for the impressive cart bag, you get to choose between graphite and steel in The Irons and you also get to choose regular or senior flex.

Take this for a fitting after you get it and you will have a top of the range beginner or intermediate club set with a perfect amount of clubs.

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Callaway Strata 16 Piece Ultimate Set

Strata Main Image

Callaway Strata is the most famous golf club set for beginners. They have large forgiving oversized heads and they are designed to allow beginners and improvers to hit the ball straight and with good distance.

You get a driver, 3-wood, 4 and 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a beginner friendly putter.

Driver, woods and hybrids have graphite shafts and the Irons have Steel shafts. The 16 piece costs $400 which is great value and if you’re looking for a tried and tested set to improve your game, you can’t go wrong with the strata

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