Arccos Caddie vs Golf Game Pro Comparison & Review

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Have you been playing golf for years or even decades but have sort of plateaued as far as performance goes? It’s easy to get your handicap down after spending a year or so as a beginner. But it’s when you reach the upper echelons of your game that it gets so difficult to improve.

To this end, gadgets like smart sensors can be useful. They can be used to fine-tune various aspects of your game like club IQ, shot selection and course reading. So today, we are going to be going over two of the most popular smart sensors on the market to help you decide which is best for your game.

Who Are The Smart Sensors for?

Arccos Smart Systems

Smart sensors are quickly emerging as the go-to choice for advanced shot analytics. They are for any casual or tournament player looking to improve their game and lower their handicap. They are extremely useful for practice and can provide insight you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Arccos Smart Sensor Features

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The Arccos Smart sensors stick into the rubber grip of 14 of your clubs. You can choose which clubs to use them on; but you can switch them up at any time as well. You pair each club you attached a sensor to using the Arccos caddie app and your smartphone’s camera.

Once you have all your clubs paired, the sensors will automatically detect the last swing you took at each hole. The GPS function on your phone will then judge the distance of your shot based on how far you had to travel to get to it.

Arccos Smart Sensors also allow you to see the total distance you got from each club for each round. You can also see individual shot distances. The Caddie app also functions as a rangefinder, taking into account wind and elevation to give you an accurate plays like distance.

The Caddie app also incorporates AI to help you determine not only which club to use on certain shots, but shot strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

Game Golf Pro Features

Game Golf Pro

The Game Golf Pro sensors also attach to the end of your clubs but you register them in a different way. There is a sensor that you clip to your belt and before every shot, you touch the sensors on your clubs to the one on your belt to register the club.

The sensors will give you data on shots you take with each respective club. You will get distances of each shot, each club, as well as suggestions for course strategy. The Game Golf Pro works with both iOS and Android smartphones, on which you can see all your club and shot data.

There is also a digital scorecard feature that keeps track of all your qualifying swings and tallies them up for you. The Game Golf Pro also functions as a golf rangefinder, giving distances to the green and landing zones via GPS.

And finally the Game Golf Pro app allows you to enter performance challenges where your data is stacked up against other Game Golf Pro users and you get the opportunity to win prizes.

Initial Impressions of Each

Game Golf Pro 2

Our initial impression of the Arccos Smart Sensors was that they were a lot smaller than other sensors we’ve seen. Each one has a head of about ¾ inches. They fit onto our clubs pretty well but pairing took some time.

We really liked that the Game Golf Pro app automatically detected which golf course you were on via GPS. It was a bit off-putting at first to have a sensor clipped to our belts but at least there was no pairing sequence to go through.

Performance Comparison

The Arccos Smart Sensors felt better once they were paired. There was no touching the tops of our clubs to our belt for club registry but the pairing process was sort of time consuming. As far as shot tracking it was very accurate but would not track some of our actual, non-practice shots.

The Game Golf Pro was easier to set up but more annoying to use throughout the course.  It was easy for us to forget to touch the club sensor to the belt sensor so some shots were lost. If you waited more than a minute after touching sensors to take your shot, it would forget which club you were using.

Price Comparison

The Game Golf Pro will cost you a bit more at just around $300 for the full set. Keep in mind though that this is the price for the Game Golf Pro, not the Game Golf Live which is an earlier, cheaper version.

The full Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor set will run you about $200 at most retailers.

Arccos Smart Sensors Pros & Cons

Arccos Caddy Smart Sensors


  • Easy to use after pairing
  • The mobile app looks cleaner and is more detailed
  • The batteries last up to 5 years
  • You don’t have to use any tapping motion to register clubs
  • The batteries are manufacturer guaranteed for 2 years
  • You can see your distance to any point on the course


  • Misses some shots
  • You need to keep your phone very close for certain features to work (uses audio to help detect shot distances)
  • The pairing process is time-consuming
  • The app eats up a lot of phone battery (in GPS mode)

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Game Golf Pro Pros & Cons

Game Golf Pro 3


  • Very small sensors
  • Good customer service
  • No time-consuming pairing process
  • Bluetooth pairing is quick
  • Gives suggestions for practice focus
  • Shows where and how you can improve in putting, drives, approaches and short game shots


  • The belt sensor gets caught on things
  • More expensive
  • You have to manually input putts through the app
  • It is easy to forget to tap the club sensors to the belt sensor and miss shots

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Our Recommendation

The Game Golf Pro sensors have been around for a longer time but we think that Arccos has nearly perfected golf sensors. Once you get past the time it takes to pair each club with the App, you essentially don’t have to bother with the sensors again.

We found that they were more accurate with shot distancing as well. And without an annoying belt clip, they were more convenient too.

They cost a bit more but we think they are well worth the investment as they provide all the same statistical data, AI features and shot tracking features as the Game Golf Pro – but  with more convenient and intuitive operation. The Arccos Smart Sensors are our pick so be sure to check them out!



Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

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