Precision Pro Nx9 Slope Vs Precision Nx7 Slope Vs Bushnell V4 Shift

It’s getting to that time of year again when you take stock of what’s in your golf bag. What new items should you add to your bag to make it better? What will give you the biggest bang for your buck?
One of the best things you can add to your bag in terms of value for money is a good rangefinder. Knowing exactly how far you are from the flag and from trouble is information that all we golfers need. So what are the best options out there? We’ve tried and compared a few for you.

Precision Pro Nx9 Slope

Let’s start with the looks. The black and white contrast with the bright green flash looks incredible. This rangefinder stands out and will have people asking you about it.
One of the first things that will strike you about the Precision Pro Nx9 Slope rangefinder is how good the scope is. Look through the viewfinder and you have a wide-view 7x zoom look at the course in front of you. The incredible HD optics of the Nx9 really set it apart from anything else on the market.
This makes it great for picking out extra details such as flag position. Also, thanks to a great feature you will see and feel (it vibrates when locked-on to the flag) when you are locked-on to the flag.
This way you can be confident in the yardage it gives you and that you’re not accidentally getting a yardage for those trees behind the green. Accurate yardages are key to a good round and the slope compensation on this piece of kit will give you that.
Finally, if you push a cart or enjoy a buggy rather than walking, the magnetic mount on the Nx9 is great. Your scope is always at hand rather than having to rifle through your bag before every shot, just grab it from the cart. It’s like having a caddy.

Precision Pro Nx7 Slope

Like the Nx9, the Precision Pro Nx7 Slope is accurate to one yard and waterproof. The latter being important to someone like me who plays golf in Scotland. It also looks great with the black and shocking green flash design.
The Nx7 features many of the benefits of the Nx9, mentioned above. They are very similar in many ways and are both top-notch rangefinders. One of the best features on both of them is the way it locks-on to the target.
This feature means that even on the windiest day, you can be sure that the readings you are taking are of the flag. The Precision Pro Nx7 Slope is easily one of the best value rangefinders on the market. Precision Pro pride themselves on unbeatable customer service and so this is a solid investment for your golf game.
For way less than the price of a new driver, you can be sure that you are pulling out the right club every time. You can ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chance on every shot. No new club can ensure that.

Bushnell Shift v4

For some time now, Bushnell have been the company to beat when it comes to rangefinders. Having started their life in the world of hunting rifles, they know a thing or two about optics and measuring target distances. These are found in the bags of most of the top players in the world.
The first thing you will notice about this is just how quickly it finds the pin. When the flag is in your field of view it locks on quick and gets you the distance reading you are after. You know this has happened to because the ‘JOLT’ technology means the rangefinder vibrates when you’re locked-on.
Another great benefit of the Bushnell Shift v4 is on long par fives and working out your lay-up distance. With a ridiculous 1000 yard range, you can find the pin from way back and make sure you leave the perfect club in for your approach to the green.
You can also quickly focus the lens on the viewfinder to make sure the view is sharp and you’re not missing any hidden danger at the green. The slope compensation helps you gain the true yardage thanks to elevation change and this can be switched on and off so you can use it in tournaments.
There is a reason that this is the rangefinder used by the best players in the world. It is just fantastic.

Any Negatives?

It is hard to pick negatives on any of these rangefinders, they are excellent. The Bushnell doesn’t have optics as good as the Precision Pro Nx9. However, the range of the Bushnell is more than double that of the Precision Pro scopes.
It may seem a bit shallow but the Bushnell name carries real weight and one negative of the Precision Pro scopes is that they don’t carry that badge of honour status. Golfers keep their Bushnell cases on the outside of their bag so everyone knows they carry one. This may not sound like much but it does mean something to some people, myself included.
As you can see this is all nit-picking. Buying any of the three products reviewed here will be a good move and you will not be disappointed.

Which one to buy?

Well, the Precision Pro Nx7 and Nx9 are fantastic rangefinders. These products are unbeatable value and do all of the right things. Of the two the Nx9 is incredible and has market-leading optics.
If you want the best value product of the three then the Precision Pro Nx9 takes that crown. The Nx7 is good but it lacks on some of the excellent features of its big brother.
However, that said, the Bushnell Shift v4 is the winner here. This is the rangefinder that beats them all. It looks great, it’s light and it is the most powerful around. It is the most expensive here but I believe it is worth the extra money.
The ability to find the pin from 1000 yards is amazing and will be so valuable if you use it properly. It is also a fact that if you don’t get this one then you’ll have to say, “I know the Bushnell is great but…”.
You also can’t get away from how quickly it finds the flag and gives you a yardage. It is faster than the Precision Pro and that can be helpful when the pressure is on.


Most of us have budget constraints and having a rangefinder is definitely better than not having one at all. The products by Precision Pro are excellent and rightly making big waves in this part of the market. The Bushnell is the premier brand of rangefinders though and for good reason.
These guys specialise in making rifle scopes for sharpshooters, rangefinders for golfers is therefore a walk in the park for them. By buying one of these you are purchasing a piece of technology that has been developed for decades.
Bushnell will continue to drive the innovation in this market for some time and that’s why they are a brand you should purchase from.