The Callaway Org 15 Golf Cart Bag Review

A good solid golf cart bag can be a great investment, especially when you go with a tried and tested brand like Callaway. I like to keep a couple of different golf bags depending on whether I want to use a push cart, carry around my bag when the weather gets bad or if we will have the luxury of using a drive on golf cart.

From giving the Callaway 15 Org Cart Bag a good test run over the last few months, I have been very impressed with the quality and performance. It feels like Callaway have really kept quality, toughness and durability in mind when they developed the latest version of the org 15 and it is also lightweight. We found ample space for our gear, refreshments and rangefinder in the 15 different pockets and the 15 way organizer on the 10.5″ top ensures you are always fully in command. It connectes to our push cart with an easy lip system that keeps it steady and we have found the bag a pleasure to use so far.

We all know that when it comes to golf, there are a million different bags you can use and they come in all different shapes and sizes and suit the various different styles of players. What I think about when looking for a golf cart bag, is storage, ease of use, quality and value and we are getting plenty with the Org 15.

First Impressions & Key Features Of The Org 15 Golf Bag

In This review, we are going to be looking at the Callaway Org 15 Golf Cart Bag to discuss whether it lives up to the high standards of the brand on all fronts or whether it is a let down. We will be looking at it compared to some of it’s stiff competition for your hard earned dollars and making an overall recommendation on whether you should consider buying or not.

Our first impressions on receiving the item were that of a good quality product. It is always worthwhile to avoid buying a cheap bag as I have done in the past or using an old bag you find lying around your house that is 30 years past its sell by date as I have also done.

A good quality bag may not be the sole reason for improving your score but a unsatisfactory bag can really upset your enjoyment of the game.

Callaway Org 15

Callaway Org 14

Sun Montain C130

Club Slots 15 14 14
Pockets 15 12 13
Weight 7.6 Lbs 6.6 Lbs 8 lbs
Colors Black Multiple Multiple
Carry Strap Single With Handle Single With 2 Handles Single With 3 Handles
Price $200 $170 $236

The 15 Way Org Design

We have space for 15 clubs a separate putter well and an umbrella slot (For the UK fans) which is ample space for us to get around. In the modern age of hybrid clubs, driving irons and everything in between, it’s good to have plenty of space to keep your clubs protected and organized.

The holder material was is sturdy and good quality and it has the added advantage of letting you know very quickly if you have misplaced a club as happened to me when I nearly lost my 9 iron after chipping into the green.

Another thing we really liked about the top design is the putter well that offers solid protection for the shaft of your putter. The 10.5” top now has a non stadium design that allows your wedges to sit flush which eliminates club and you clubs clunking around as you move with the bag. With this, everything stays in place and it is a quiet and reliable bag.

Weight And Carry Strap

When I’m thinking about a Golf Cart Bag, I want to be able to know that I can carry it around as well if I absolutely have to and the Callaway 15 Org weighs in at 7 pounds and comes with a carry strap making it quite manageable to lug around once it’s not loaded to the brim with all your gear.

There is also a durable handle which makes it easier for short lifts and placing it on the cart, where it has a smart easy lip system to sit steadily on the cart.

The base does allow it to stand but I wouldn’t be relying on it too much as it is quite likely to fall at least once on your round.

Overall this is what I am seeing with a lot of the modern bags, they are light weight yet strong and durable.

The Pockets

The pockets can be make or break for a lot of people and we get plenty of storage with the org 15, which also has 15 pockets in total. It has got a large cooler pocket which held my water bottles and chocolate bars with a ton of space left over.

It has a dedicated magnetic Rangefinder pocket for easy access which can save you time whenever you need to bring out the binoculars.

There are plenty of other pockets for your balls, tees, rain gear and even an Iphone pocket if you don’t want to keep it in your jeans. It also encompasses a fully waterproof pocket, again useful for our UK fans belongings!

Overall, storage is not going to be a problem with the Callaway 15 Org.

Colors And Designs

If you are someone how likes a ton of different designs, you are out of luck on this one, The Callaway Org 15 is only coming in a plain black color which suits us down to the ground and we think it is a relatively attractive design.

If you are looking for something more bold and colorful there are tons of other golf cart bags to suit your needs, just don’t cheap out too much and end with something that doesn’t perform and isn’t durable.

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The Org 15 vs 14

These are two highly popular bags from Callaway and there is not much difference between them.

The Org 14 is the lighter bag coming in at 5.6 pounds compared to 7 pounds with the Org 15.

The Org 14 also comes with a array of colors to match your tastes and is probably the more stylish and manageable bag out of the two.

The only other difference is that the Org 14 has 12 pockets which is going to be enough for almost any golfer and it is also $30 cheaper.

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The Org 15 vs The Sun Mountain C130

The Sun Mountain C130 is like a mix between the Org 15 and Org 14. For a start it come in 16 different colors from reserved black to American flag colours that you can wear loud and proud.

It has 14 openings with an integrated putter well in the 10.5” top where it has thre handles for easy lifting.

It has a smart strap system for attaching to your cart to ensure it doesn’t twist around and spin too much.

The C130 has a single carry shoulder strap, an umbrella holder and 13 front facing pockets, 3 velour lined and one waterproof. It has two apparel pockets like the Org 15 and a cooler pocket for your refreshments.

The C130 is also the heaviest bag at 8 pounds and the most expensive but certainly worth considering.

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For us, the Org 15 is only going to be worth the money if you plan on bringing all 15 clubs on your rounds or you need more than 12 pockets.

Other than that the competition for us would be between the Org 14 and The C130. Both of these bags come in a host of different colors and have similar storage capacity.

You decision is going to come down to whether you prefer the lightweight and lower price of the Org 14 or the Bigger, more robust and more expensive C130, for us the C130  is the perfect choice.


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