ES16 vs Skytrak – Whats The Better Buy In 2020?

Planning on dropping some serious money on a launch monitor/golf simulator? Then you need all the facts. Premium Personal or Professional launch monitors and simulators are ridiculously expensive, so to help you avoid buyer’s remorse, we have put together a comparison review of 2 of the most popular devices.

It is important to know which features you want/need because some devices operate more like a golf launch monitor while others are more representative of golf simulators. And then there are those devices that marry the two functions almost seamlessly.

Today we will be looking at 2 golf launch monitors/golf simulators to see which category they fall into. Be aware that the better buy for you will depend on your needs and desires as a golfer so as always in the game of golf, it definitely pays to be self-aware.

Skytrak – Track Stats

ES16 – Track Stats

Ball Speed Distance
Spin Carry Distance
Side Spin Ball Speed
Launch Angle Horizontal Launch Angle
Gap Information Vertical Launch Angle
Shot Dispersion Spin Rate
Angle Tendencies Spin Axis
Shot Shape Tendencies Apex Height
Carry Hang Time
Height Shot Dispersion
Descent Descent
Distance Clubhead Speed
Back Spin Smash Factor
Apex Height Angle of Attack
Smash Factor Spin Loft
Clubhead Speed Club Path
Face Angle
Face to Path Ratio
Dynamic Loft

The ES16

The Ernest Sports ES16 is a compact little device that tracks a dizzying selection of shot and swing data. The entire thing is just 10 inches tall and 7.8 inches wide. The good thing about the compactness of this device is that Ernest Sports has combined photometric technology with Doppler radar.

That means that you can easily take this compact device out to the driving range and it will give you accurate distances in an outdoor setting. And of course, you can use the ES16 indoors with your practice setup.

The ES16 features 4 Doppler radar sensors (the most of any Ernest Sports launch monitor) and 2 photometric cameras. The result is a wealth of shot and swing data that is a must for any golfer that is serious about fine-tuning every aspect of their game.

The ES16 is the successor to the ES14 and as of this writing, is the latest and greatest model ever put forth by Ernest Sports. It allows you to create different player profiles so your data will never be mixed with anyone else who uses your device.


  • Saves data from practice sessions
  • Stores club data so you can see individual averages
  • Compatible with multiple simulator software
  • Accurate outdoor readings
  • Very compact
  • More affordable than the Skytrak


  • Graphics are a little cheap
  • It isn’t weather resistant
  • Readings are a bit slow
  • No customizable graphics

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The Skytrak

The Skytrak has been one of the flagship golf launch monitor for fitting professionals, tour pros and serious golfers of all kinds for many years. While it is not quite the Trackman, it does give a wealth of shot and swing information and it can be used both indoors and out.

A lot of radar launch monitors don’t actually perform that well indoors because radar typically needs a lot of room to be accurate. But the Skytrak doesn’t rely on radar sensors at all. Instead, it uses high-speed, photometric technology to track the ball and your club accurately.

The Skytrak is a bit larger than the ES16 but that’s because it has more onboard cameras. You can connect your Skytrak to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly and get all the shot information you could ever need almost instantaneously.

And as far as golf simulators go, Skytrak is still one of the best. You can connect it to your projector or TV for a very rich simulation experience. This is a great golf launch monitor for serious golfers who also want to have fun while practicing indoors.


  • Compatible with more 3rd party software than the ES16
  • Great for indoor use
  • Advanced high-speed cameras
  • Not hard to set up
  • Rich computer graphics
  • Comes from the leading golf simulator/launch monitor manufacturer


  • More expensive than the ES16
  • Heavier and larger
  • Not as accurate outdoors
  • You need to buy the case separately

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Measurements and Accuracy

In terms of accuracy, these two devices are kind of a wash. While the ES16 is more accurate with range and outdoor use because of the Doppler sensors, the Skytrak is more accurate with indoor use. But we do like the fact that the Skytrak gives faster readings on almost all shots.

But again, the ES16 actually has pretty accurate readings on putts and even a putting simulator. Most launch monitors cannot even pick up and measure putts so that is definitely a plus for the ES16. Take a look at what measurements you get with each:

Software and Courses

The Skytrak is compatible with a host of third-party software suites including but not limited to TruGolf and World Golf Tour. With the ES16 you can load up The Golf Club, E6 and Perfect Parallel.

And while you get more software options with the Skytrak, the ES16 still offers over 100,000 simulated courses between the 3 software suites it is compatible with.

Both devices can be loaded up with software that features custom courses and some of the most prestigious real-life courses like Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach.

Performance Comparison

As we alluded to earlier, if you intend to use your launch monitor more outdoors then the ES16 will work better for you. It performed more accurately outdoors while the Skytrak was more accurate with indoor use.

The ES16 has pretty good battery life too. You can use it for about 17 hours before you have to charge it again. The Skytrak lasted for about 10 hours on a full charge. You also have to take some extra time to level the Skytrak with the case in order for it to give accurate readings.

And as for putting, the ES16 was more precise. It has a specific putting mode which we felt was more accurate than the Skytrak’s.

Which is Better Overall?

In terms of straight up price and value, we think the ES16 is the better device. The Skytrak is more expensive but it does perform better indoors so keep that in mind. The ES16 offers more robust data overall as well but it is lacking in terms of software options.

So if you intend to practice mostly indoors, don’t care about paying more and want a wealth of software options the Skytrak will be better for you. But if you are on a budget, intend to practice mostly outdoors and want more shot metrics then check out the ES16.

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