Founders Club Premium Golf Cart Bag Review

Father’s Day may have come and gone but it’s never too late to get the golfing man in your life a truly special gift that he will treasure. And if you are in the market for a premium men’s golf cart bag for yourself, then you are in luck with this one.

Today we will be looking at one of the best golf club bags that are available today. A lot of golfers overlook the importance of their bag. But lugging an uncomfortable and unwieldy bag around the course can be physically taxing which can in turn, affect your swing and your game.

You shouldn’t skimp on a golf bag because a good one can make the game more enjoyable and lower your score overall. But you shouldn’t overpay for one that has a lot of superfluous and impractical features. Today we will be reviewing the Founder’s Club Premium Cart bag to help you decide if it’s the right bag for you.


First Impressions Of The Bag

Even if you don’t consider your club bag to be an essential part of your performance, you most likely still don’t want to be carrying around an ugly or uncomfortable bag. The Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag comes in black/black, black/orange, black/blue, black/red and black/charcoal.

In our opinion the black/black and the black/charcoal are the best looking color schemes. In any case, you get an immediate sense of clean style and modern design from the Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag. When we unboxed it, we could feel the premium material and see the care in design right away.


How Many Pockets?

Let’s start with club slots. The Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag features a 14-way club organizer that is made of molded rubber. Each slot is designated for woods, irons, putter, driver and wedges which make it very convenient.

The putter slot even has a wider bottom for accepting thicker grips that are typical of putters. The rubber molded design kept all our clubs securely in place and they didn’t clang against each other as we carried the bag.

And then you get a total of 11 pockets: 9 zippered and 2 mesh. One of the pockets is a cooler pouch with insulated lining that actually drains liquid like melted ice and keeps your beverages or snacks cool. The 2 large pockets on either side of the bag are great for storing apparel and devices like rangefinders.

And there are plenty of smaller front pockets for tees, scorecards, keys, wallets, cell phones, balls or whatever knickknacks you may have on the course.


Is it Good for Organization?

The marked club slots make it very easy to immediately tell which clubs are which and if any are missing. And there is plenty of storage pockets so yes, the Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag is great if you like to keep things separate and organized in their designated places.

It features a reinforced round base so it can actually stand up on its own if it is balanced properly. We found that this feature made it easier for us to find the items that we needed.


Weight Review

The Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag weighs just under 9 pounds on its own. So it is a bit heavier than your standard golf bag but a lot of that weight comes from the molded rubber top divider which we think is one of the best features of this cart bag.

When you are carrying the bag full of clubs and accessories, the weight feels very evenly distributed. There is a large, padded main carrying strap on the back which feels very secure when you are carrying the bag yourself.

There is also a thoughtful strap channel that makes for easy attachment to your golf cart. There are also two side-mounted handle straps which make it easy to lift the bag from any position it may be in. We found that these 2 side straps were very helpful when we were unloading the bag from the trunk.


Is It Waterproof?

The wettest conditions we were able to test the Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag in was a light drizzle early in the morning and it held up very well. Not only does the material seem to bead water pretty well, but there is an umbrella holder on the bag itself so you can protect it from heavier downpours.


Pros & Cons Of The Founder Bag


  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Innovative rubber top club divider
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes with a cooler pouch
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty


  • The D clip for rangefinders and other clippable accessories feels flimsy
  • The smaller pockets are a bit shallow
  • It is a bit tall
  • Does not feature 2-way zippers on the pockets

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Other Cart Bags to Consider


Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

This Taylormade bag also features a 14-way top divider for your clubs as well as a couple of oversized pockets for larger items. There are also velour-lined pockets to store your valuable items in.

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Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag

At just $100, this 14-way top club divider bag with 8 pockets and tee holder is a great bargain. It also comes in a variety of colors and is made of durable nylon.

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Which Bag is the Best?

Despite the weight and the fact that some of the smaller pockets are a bit too shallow, we think the Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag is definitely worth the money. The molded rubber top divider is the real selling point of this bag as it increases overall performance and functionality.

Plus, we can get over the shallow pockets in light of the fact that there are plenty of pockets to divvy up your belongings in. So in the end, that really isn’t much of an issue. The Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag typically retails for about $180 so as far as premium bags go, it’s a bargain.

If you are looking for a long-lasting convenient bag for yourself or the male golfer in your life, then definitely check out the Founder’s Club Premium Cart Bag.

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