Is The Taylormade M Gloire Driver Still Good – Forgiving For High Handicappers?

Taylormade is a brand loved by golfers, both those who take the game pretty seriously, as well as weekend warriors who probably don’t play as much as they’d like to.

Today, we look at a driver that Taylormade released back in 2012, specifically aimed at the Asian market, but particularly Japan.

The M Gloire Driver is now just over a decade old but remains a popular pick as the go-to choice at the tee box.

Brand new, these aren’t that cheap, but you can pick them up pre-owned for a reasonable price in most cases.

Are they worth your consideration?

Well, we took one to the range, as well as out on our local course, and put it through its paces.

Here’s what we found.

Is The Taylormade M Gloire Driver Still Good?

There’s no denying that Taylormade’s popularity is based on the fact that they produce quality equipment.

In that regard, the M Gloire Driver is certainly one that would benefit many casual golfers for several reasons.

For those of us looking for a straight shooter, the M Gloire Driver certainly fits the bill.

This is a driver that’s going to provide you with the length off the tee you are looking for, and the accuracy to go with it.

Another area where it excels is in helping to get the ball in the air as quickly as possible after launch.

It’s a problem that many casual golfers suffer from, and one that the M Gloire Driver can help solve.

So yes, this is a driver that’s going to suit many golfers who are looking for an upgrade.

Is The Taylormade M Gloire Driver Forgiving for High Handicappers?

High handicappers look for clubs that won’t punish them if they don’t make the best contact with the ball.

The M Gloire Drive is forgiving in that regard, so if you don’t have the most consistent of swings, the M Gloire Driver doesn’t punish you as others might.

Another thing a more casual golfer might like about this driver is that it’s pretty simple to use.

There’s no need to worry about different shaft options or adjusting weights to change the loft of your ball.

The head is optimised for speed too, so that benefits those golfers who have a slightly slower swing speed than they would like.

This means that the design of this driver aids in speeding up your swing, which has the knock-on effect of helping to improve ball contact.

If you tend to fade the ball when you drive, the M Gloire Driver will help counteract that as well.

All of these benefits will help a high handicapper improve their driving game.

Taylormade M Gloire Driver First Impressions

This is one good-looking driver, but looks don’t improve your golf game.

That said, out on the range, we were immediately impressed with how the M Gloire Driver performed.

Those with lower handicaps who tried it were hitting straight, true, and fairly long from the outset.

For the higher handicappers, especially those who have a slower swing speed, the M Gloire Driver delivered on all of its promises.

We like the fact that this driver has an extremely low centre of gravity, thanks to the weight distribution of 28 grammes nearer the heel and 22 grammes in the low back-end of the head.

This also produces a more natural draw bias, which does add to the length off the tee thanks to what Taylormade has called “Twist Face Technology”.

This works in conjunction with Taylormade’s “Hammerhead” technology, which adds to the overall forgiveness of the driver by lightening the face, and that means fewer shots flying off-centre.

Taylormade M Gloire Driver Selling Points

  • Head volume of 460 cc
  • Precise CG control thanks to multi-material construction
  • Lightweight head thanks to its carbon fibre construction
  • Short bonded hosel aids with excellent CG characteristics

Taylormade M Gloire Driver Key Features

Twist Face Technology

Delivers a more natural draw bias to drives

Hammerhead technology

This technology lightens the face of the club and makes the M Gloire Driver more forgiving thanks to

Three loft options

9.5 / 10.5 / 11.5 degrees

Speeder Evolution ™ shaft

Comes standard

What Handicap Is It For?

Thanks to its overall features and design, as well as the fact that it benefits players with a lower swing speed, this driver is aimed at medium to high-handicap players.

That said, the low handicappers as well as the scratch testers in our group found it a dream to play with as well.

Who Should Buy a Taylormade M Gloire Driver?

Brand new, this isn’t a cheap driver.

There are many options available on the market that will come in well under the price of the Taylormade M Gloire Driver.

Even if you buy a pre-owned one, it’s going to be more expensive compared to other excellent second-hand options.

There are golfers, however, that this driver will benefit immensely.

For casual players who struggle to generate swing speed and lack distance off the tee as a result, the M Gloire Driver can make a difference.

Everything about its design, but most notably how the CG is set out, is there to ensure excellent swing speed is generated off the tee.

This also aids in other areas, like ensuring you make better contact with the ball, all of which will generate extra distance for those looking to add to their driving game.

It’s forgiving too, which is something every high handicapper wants from their driver, especially if they don’t make consistent contact as often as they would like.

Distance: 95/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Feel & Control: 98/100

Value: 94/100

Overall Score: 96.5/100

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