Meet Luke Donald’s Wife Diane Antonopoulos – Instagram, Wiki, Pics, Family, Wedding, House, Age, How They Met?

Luke Donald's Wife Diane Antonopoulos

Luke and Diane Donald is well-known on the world’s golf courses, as Luke has been playing professionally for a long time.

The Englishman has even earned his MBE for his services to golf. But who is the stunning dark-haired woman by his side?

We found out who helped Luke achieve the various milestones during his impressive career.

Who is Luke Donald?

Luke Donald isn’t at the top of his game anymore but in 2011 he was the #1 golfer in the world and held the title for a long time.

He grew up in England, turned professional in 2001 and states his official money earned on the PGA alone as over $37 million.

Who is Diane Antonopoulos?

Diane Antonopoulos is the gorgeous wife of Luke Donald, and she started out her adult life as a Psychology student.

Currently she is a mother to three young daughters and when possible she travels with Luke when he is on tour. She shares a lot—about food, charity projects and more—via social media platforms.

Diane Antonopoulos: Quick Facts

Name and Surname Diane Antonopoulos
Born 2 October 1982
Age 40
Gender Female
Net Worth Not confirmed

Luke Donald’s net worth: ~$40 million

Place of Birth USA
Spouse Luke Donald
Children 3: Elle, Sophia, Georgina
College Northwestern University

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts about Diane and her husband:

  • The Donalds are passionate about art, as Luke likes to paint and draw when he has the time. They collect contemporary art.
  • Luke was playing in the BMW PGA Championship in 2014 when his third daughter was born.
  • The couple incorporates interesting décor features in their homes. The Daily Mail noted a pool table with its pink felt as well as a huge Union Jack carpet in one of their homes.

Diane Antonopoulos & Luke Donald – Are They Married?

Luke Donald's Wife Diane Antonopoulos3

Yes, Luke and Diane are married, and the wedding date was 24 June 2007.

The special ceremony took place in Greece, in the stunning Santorini. This is a place that’s special to Diane, as her family is originally from the area.

How Did They Meet?

Luke and Diane met while they were students at Northwestern University in Illinois. mentions that they only started dating in 2001, after graduation.

In 2006 Luke proposed and Diane accepted the ring. The wedding was scheduled for the next year.

Does She Appear on Tour with Luke?

Yes, Diane and the couple’s kids often make it onto the golf course when Luke plays an event.

Their girls turn photo sessions with the trophies into a fun time, as you can see on images shared by

The kids’ antics on the grass next to the trophy make everyone smile.

You will also see Diane hang out with other golfers’ wives, while they cheer their husbands on.

The beautiful wife of a player who had once held the title of ‘best golfer in the world’ for 40 consecutive weeks, always looks stylish, no matter the weather or event.

Where Do They Live?

As mentioned in Wikipedia, the Donalds own various properties.

In the US, their assets are located in Illinois and Florida. Sources also list High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire as one of the places where they live.

In 2019 they sold a property in Northfield, Illinois for $3.9 million. As noted in, it was a 10,000ft² home that had six bedrooms.

Apart from rooms like an entertainment area and wine cellar, it also had a golf simulation room where Luke could practice.

Do They Have Kids?

Luke Donald's Wife Diane Antonopoulos2

There are three children in the Donald household, as confirmed by

They are all girls:

  • Elle Georgina, born on 25 February 2010
  • Sophia Ann Grace, born on 11 November 2011
  • Georgina Campbell, born on 23 May 2014

Diane’s third pregnancy didn’t go as smoothly as the first ones and Georgina was born prematurely. There was some risk of losing the baby during the birth, but luckily today all three kids are healthy.

Diane Antonopoulos Early Life Bio

Diane originally comes from Chicago and her family is Greek.

Players Bio reports her birth date to be 2 October 1982 and she has a sister name Christina who is an attorney in Chicago.

Her mother’s name is Elizabeth and she moved to the US when she was 15. She became an architect.

Because Diane’s father died in 1994, Diane mostly grew up in a single-parent household.

She went to Northwestern University to study Psychology.

What Does She Do for a Living?

Diane is a mother to three young girls and also supports Luke in his career, helping him stay grounded and focused.

Her own interests and endeavors include sharing with the world on the topic of food.

You can see this on her Instagram profile that serves as her personal blog, as she has multiple stories on food topics. She shares recipes for dishes ranging from bread to curries and more.

Diane Antonopoulos: Can She Play Golf?

This committed wife of a world-class golf player is often on the course, but has not taken up the game of golf as a hobby herself.

Diane Antonopoulos: Social Media

For social platforms Diane mostly uses her married name.

On Instagram you can follow Diane and  along with her 10,000+ followers you’ll get the latest on the Donalds’ news.

You’ll find her at dianedonald. And on Facebook, just search for Diane Donald. There isn’t a lot of activity here, but you’ll see causes she’s passionate about and some stunning family and golf-related photos.

You can also try Twitter at @DianeDonald, but she hasn’t been very active on this platform the last few years. Luke’s Twitter profile is much more informative if you want a glimpse of their lifestyle.


Luke Donald's Wife Diane Antonopoulos1

It takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work and even more so with the busy schedule of a pro-golfer.

It seems Luke and Diane have figured out how to get it right.

They’ve been together for well over a decade and still share about their love and appreciation for each other.

No doubt it’s Diane’s commitment to her family over the years that has played a big role in the happiness they experience today.