AGX Golf Clubs Review – Are They Any Good, Who Makes Them?

American Golfing Exchange (AGX) golf clubs have been on the market for a few decades now and offer new golfers the chance to get a full range of clubs at a very affordable price.

Let’s find out a little more about what AGX clubs are all about.

Intro To The Story And Selling Points Of AGX Golf Clubs

Golf’s soaring popularity has necessitated the need for clubs that help beginners improve their game.

Sure, we probably all started with borrowed clubs when we played our first round, but the more you play, the better you want to get, and that’s where entry-level clubs like those offered by AGX come in.

They aren’t going to cost top dollar like the clubs a pro will use, and while they definitely aren’t as technologically advanced, they can help casual golfers shoot lower scores, that’s for sure.

History Of AGX Golf Clubs 

According to their website, AGX has been around since 1998, mostly offering an online portal where golfers from around the United States can order a range of golfing equipment.

Initially, however, the company wasn’t known as AGX but as GolfBallX.

The AGX brand appeared from around 2008 onward, so it isn’t some fly-by-night operation.

Who Makes AGX Golf Clubs, Where Are They Made And Who Is The Owner?

AGX golf clubs are made by the AGX company.

There’s no overseas manufacturer involved, as with many other cheaper golf brands.

While AGX sells their equipment mostly online, they do have a physical store in Milford, Michigan, which is also where the company offices are located.

AGX golfing equipment is manufactured in Howell, Michigan, 22 miles from the company headquarters.

The company is owned by Bob Proven.

Good Clubs? Good Brand? What Handicap Range? 

So if you are a beginner golfer or one who doesn’t play that regularly but would like to improve your game, would AGX clubs be a good choice?

For sure, they are well made, easily available in the United States, and offer all the clubs you need to fill your bag.

These aren’t world-beaters, but they are steady clubs that would be a worthy choice as a first set of full clubs for any casual golfer.

The important thing here is that AGX has been around for a while now, so you can do your research into what they offer, what other casual golfers think about them and make your decisions from there.

As for handicap range, these clubs are aimed at high-handicap golfers who are looking to improve their game by buying equipment that’s better than the old hand-me-downs they might have or ancient clubs they bought in a yard sale.

Quick Facts Table

  • The AGX brand has been around since 2008
  • They are sold only at one store location but mostly online through the AGX website as well as other resellers, like Amazon
  • AGX clubs include sets, perfect for those new to the game
  • AGX equipment is manufactured to extremely high standards

AGX GOLF Men’s Magnum Golf Club Set

Selling points

  • While not a full set, this includes a range of clubs that will get you around the golf course
  • Well made and offers excellent value for money
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available in cadet regular and tall length

The AXG Golf Men’s Magnum Golf Club Set comes with a driver, fairway wood, utility iron, 4,6, and 8 irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

While it’s not a full set, it certainly provides a range of clubs that are often used out on the course.

Each club is extremely well made from stainless steel and is available in two lengths: regular or tall.

The driver has a 460cc head with an extremely large sweet spot and proved to be fairly forgiving, even with less consistent contact.

Its length off the tee was impressive too.

The utility iron is perfect for thick rough, and tight lies, while the irons, like the driver, are extremely forgiving as well as accurate.

Overall, for their price range, the feel and quality of these clubs are extremely impressive.


  • An excellent choice of clubs, despite this not being a full set
  • The 460 cc driver will add some length off the tee
  • The hybrid iron can be used in a range of tricky situations
  • Tall sets are available
  • Set includes a golf stand bag
  • Extremely affordable


  • Golf bag is very basic and dividers do not reach to the bottom

Rating: 88/100

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AGXGOLF Senior Men’s XLT Graphite Golf Club Set

 Selling points

  • A set of clubs built with senior players in mind
  • 10 clubs in total
  • Lightweight design with graphite shafts

These clubs include a driver, a three-wood, a hybrid, 5,6,7,8 and 9 irons, as well as a pitching wedge and putter.

Overall, the construction of these alloy steel clubs is excellent, while the addition of graphite shafts further adds to their lightweight design, which is perfect for older players.

The irons include a cavity back design and are extremely accurate, even for those who have a less-than-consistent swing, thanks to their large sweet spot.

Perimeter weighting also allows for maximum length when using longer irons.

These clubs are aimed at seniors who have recently taken up the game of golf and who want to buy their first set of clubs or even those who are returning to the game after many years and want a more modern set than they currently own.


  • Lightweight, well-constructed set of golf clubs
  • Irons include cavity backs
  • Tall sets are available
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not available for left-handed players

Rating: 90/100

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AGXGOLF Men’s Same Length Irons Set

Selling points

  • Available in regular or stiff shafts
  • Iron set with pitching wedge and sand wedge
  • Available in regular, cadet, tall, 2x tall and extra tall lengths
  • Oversized heads with cavity backs improve consistency and accuracy
  • Wide sole, perimeter-weighted design
  • True Temper SCORE LT Series stainless steel shafts
  • A range of tall sets are available

Modern iron design sees most sets these days being single length, and that was the core design idea behind this set available from AGX Golf.

Usually, these single length irons are expensive, but that’s not the case with this set. As with everything AGX Golf offers, affordability is key.

Again, these are aimed at medium to high handicap golfers looking to lower their scores, and thanks to their cavity back design, large stainless steel heads, and bigger sweet spot, they certainly will help.

In the set, you will find 4–9 irons, a pitch wedge, and a sand wedge, each with a wide sole design.

Perimeter weighted design provides excellent balance and feel, while “Speed Sole Technology” promotes high launch characteristics.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Excellent quality


  • Not available for left-handed players

Rating: 92/100

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AGX Ladies LT Golf Club Set

Selling points

  • Available for left and right-handed players
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent starter set

Golf is certainly a pastime that’s popular with women across the world, but finding the correct set of clubs to help improve your game, especially if you are new to the sport.

The AGX Ladies LT Golf Club Set provides you with all the clubs you need, and it’s well worth your consideration if you are a casual golfer looking for their first set of affordable clubs.

This set includes a driver, three-wood, hybrid, irons (6-9), pitching wedge, and putter.

From a performance perspective, these clubs will help you improve your golf game if you are someone who plays casually.

Their excellent construction and durability make them a set of clubs you will use for an extended period too.


  • Made from titanium with graphite shafts to reduce weight
  • Looks good in the bag, but it’s durable too
  • Petite, regular and tall lengths are available
  • Includes a well-made golf bag


  • Only one wedge type

Rating: 90/100

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As they’ve been in the golf game under various guises over the last 30 years, AGX is a name that provides modern, durable, affordable, and excellent-performing golf clubs for a wide range of casual players.

They are certainly worth considering.