Ram SGS Golf Clubs Review VS Alternatives

When searching for a complete set of beginner’s golf clubs, it helps to explore all of your options – not just the ones shown to you on the Golf Channel. That’s because sometimes it’s the lesser-known brands that hold the most value for you.

To that end, we will be taking a look at the Ram SGS golf club set – an affordable set for beginners that may be perfect for your needs. Let’s take a look at the details and also what you should keep an eye out for…


What to Look for in Beginner’s Clubs

For new players, you will want a set that first and foremost, keeps you interested in the game. Some things that will help with that are:

Accuracy and Forgiveness

Staying on the fairway will go a long way toward keeping you excited about playing.

For beginners, we really like clubs (especially irons) that are perimeter weighted. It’s a common feature and it really helps keep your launch straight.

Low CG Drivers and Woods

A low CG (Center of Gravity) will help get the ball airborne. When you have high launch, you typically get good carry distance.

Shaft Material

The shaft material is important to match with your swing speed. For beginners, we would recommend lighter shafts made of graphite or carbon fiber.

Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft will also determine how effective your swings are. In general, new players will want to opt for regular flex.


Ram SGS Quick Facts






Stand bag



Shaft Flex






Overall Score



First Impressions


The first thing anyone will notice about the Ram SGS golf club set is that it does not include a driver.

Instead, it comes with a 15 degree #3 wood. This is a disadvantage right away but as we started playing through the set, we noted that it still has something of tremendous value to beginner players: forgiveness.


Who is the Set for?

The Ram SGS set will be best for players who are just starting out.

It will also work well if you already have a driver or you intend to add one to your set as the Ram SGS set does not include a driver. The irons in this set are very forgiving so they would be perfect for players struggling with accuracy and distance on the fairway.


The Ram SGS Driver

Once again, there is no driver to speak of in this set.

While the #3 wood is viable from the tee for players with faster swing speeds, it’s likely that as a beginner you will not have the swing speed you need to get good distance from the tee with the #3 wood. This is certainly something to consider before buying the Ram SGS set but not necessarily a deal-breaker if you already have a driver or intend to get another driver to add to this set.


The Ram SGS 3 Wood

The Ram SGS golf club set includes a #3 wood set to 15 degrees.

Since the Ram SGS set does not include a driver, we were glad to see that at least the #3 wood is forgiving and long. It has a large footprint and board sweet spot. Launch is right where it should be and it produces very good carry distance.


The Ram SGS Irons

The Ram SGS golf club set includes iron 5, 7, 9 and a sand wedge.

This is a very interesting configuration because for some reason, it skips over a 6 iron. You should also note that the Ram SGS golf club set does not include a hybrid. That coupled with a missing 6 iron will probably create some gapping issues for new players.

Still though, we really liked these cavity back irons. They have moderate soles and offset as well so they look good at address for beginners. They promote straight ball flight, launch high and the large footprint means that they are very easy to hit with.


The Ram SGS Sand Wedge

 We were a little disappointed with the spin rates on the sand wedge.

However, it did make up for it in terms of launch. It allows for the steep angles of descent that you will need to stay on fast greens.


The Ram SGS Putter

We would call this a blade-style putter that really wants to be a mallet-style putter.

At first glance, it has a blade shape but the back of the head juts out a bit. This little extra bit of space allows for more rear weighting which is very helpful for stabilizing your stroke.


Ram SGS Pros & Cons


  • It’s affordable
  • Includes stand bag
  • Forgiving irons
  • Well-balanced putter
  • HIgh-launching fairway wood
  • Great for beginners



  • No driver
  • Low-spinning wedge
  • No 6-iron
  • Gapping issues


Overall Score: 91/100

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There are other beginner’s sets to consider if you are not sold on the Ram SGS. Sets such as:


Callaway Strata

The Callaway Strata set includes strong-lofted irons that will help increase your carry distances and help you stick more greens. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons 6-PW and a mallet putter.


Overall Rating: 94/100

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Wilson Platinum

Wilson Platinum Set

The Wilson Platinum set includes a driver, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, irons 6-SW and a putter. This is the most complete set on our list and it is also the longest. Almost every club in this set produced better distance than the Strata, Edge and Ram SGS sets.


Overall Rating: 95/100

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Callaway Edge

The Callaway Edge set distinguishes itself with a very nice-feeling titanium driver. Other clubs include a 3-wood, 5-hybrid, irons 6-SW and an Odyssey White Hot putter. Great distance and excellent short-game performance are the hallmarks of this set.


Overall Rating: 96/100

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Despite the missing clubs, the Ram SGS golf club set still has some value.

It will be best for players seeking maximum forgiveness. It’s affordable and will help you learn the ins and outs of the game. Most importantly though, it will keep you interested in golf.