KVV Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Review Vs Alternatives

These days, golf club manufacturers copy each other so much that it seems like they all produce the same kinds of clubs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though if you are in the market for a beginner’s set of clubs.

That’s because smaller manufacturers are also borrowing the same kinds of technology as the giants like Callaway and Taylormade. This means more affordable clubs that may be just as useful for your game. Today we will be taking a look at an affordable set from KVV. Will it be right for you? Find out in the following review!


What to Look for in Beginner’s Clubs

The KVV Men’s Complete Golf Club set is certainly for beginners, and mid handicappers. That’s because it has the features these players need the most. Features like:

Accuracy and Forgiveness

You can’t expect to compete at a high level if you are always playing from the rough.

Larger, evenly-weighted clubs will make it easier to produce straight shots. This KVV set features very well-balanced clubs that will cover up your fade or draw.

Low CG Drivers and Woods

Larger club heads allow for more weight to be placed low and in the back.

This is helpful for beginners because it will add distance to your drives even if your swing speed is still low.

Shaft Material

The type of shaft material your club uses will determine how accurate/long they are. The KVV set includes graphite-shafted woods and steel-shafted irons.

Shaft Flex

Regular flex is ideal for beginners because they bend or “give” more than stiff or extra-stiff flex.


KVV Quick Facts






Stand Bag



Shaft Flex



460CC forged



Overall Score



First Impressions


The first thing we noticed about this set was the size of the club heads. Almost all the clubs in this set have large footprints.

Right off the bat, this inspired a lot of confidence in our high handicap testers. And once we started swinging the KVV clubs, we were very satisfied with the level of forgiveness they provided.


Who is the Set for?

The KVV complete golf club set is for high handicappers who are willing to invest in the future of their game.

That’s because these KVV clubs will still perform the way you will need them to when your game improves. The irons are surprisingly accurate and the wedge spins like a dream.


The KVV Driver

The KVV golf club set is kicked off with an amazing 460CC forged driver.

The oversized head will provide forgiveness while the forged body offers incredible feel and consistency. Launch is a little low but it’s also lightweight so it may help increase your swing speed.

The KVV #3 Wood

The 3-wood in this set is also very lightweight.

The most important thing about this club is that it was very wieldy and easy to use for our high handicappers. Turf interaction wasn’t the greatest but it is viable off the tee.

The KVV #5 Hybrid

The hybrid in this set has a low profile and offers plenty of side-to-side forgiveness.

It is a bit strange that this is a #5 hybrid when the KVV set also includes a #5 iron. Gapping may be a bit of an issue but at least this hybrid is very forgiving and will help keep your shot straight even if you hit out towards the toe.

The KVV Irons

The cavity-back, stainless steel irons have a nice rear undercut which helps with launch.

Spin rates are surprisingly high with these irons and launch is adequate. This combo makes for irons that are surprisingly good at landing dead on the green.

The KVV Wedges

The KVV wedges have deep and wide grooves.

We really liked the spin and launch we were getting from the wedges. They performed excellently on short bump-and-run shots.

The KVV Putter

The set is completed with a mallet-type putter.

The perimeter weighting of this putter will help increase accuracy even if the face isn’t square with the ball at impact.


KVV Pros & Cons


  • Accurate irons
  • Good spin rates
  • Steep landing angles
  • Forgiving putter
  • Rain hood included
  • Great for beginners


  • Relatively expensive
  • Possible gapping issues
  • Driver dents easily
  • Poor turf interaction from the fairway wood


Overall Rating: 94/100

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Not sold on the KVV Men’s Complete Golf Club set? Not a problem. Here are some other beginner’s sets to consider:


Wilson Platinum

Wilson Platinum Set

The Wilson Platinum golf club set is a bit more expensive than the KVV set; but the clubs play longer and are more accurate. The woods also sport a black PVD finish which gives them the look of a premium set of clubs.

The entire set includes a driver, 5-wood, #5 hybrid, irons 6-SW and a putter. The woods in this set have graphite shafts but the irons have steel shafts which is an ideal combination for distance and accuracy.

Overall Rating: 95/100

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Callaway Edge

The Callaway Edge set includes a titanium driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid, irons 6-SW and an Odyssey White Hot putter. This set is more expensive than the KVV and the Wilson set but the clubs are much more durable and accurate.

The putter alone is a steal. The White Hot face insert begins the true roll of the ball almost immediately – very little hop or skip.

Overall Rating: 96/100

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Callaway Strata

The Callaway Strata is strictly a beginner’s set and it includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons 6-PW and a mallet putter. The best thing about this set is that every club feels lightweight.

Overall Rating: 93/100

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The KVV Complete Golf Club set will be best for players who are serious about getting better.

It provides a good balance of distance and accuracy. Around the green, the scoring irons perform very well. Turf interaction is a bit of an issue with almost all the clubs in this set but that’s forgivable in light of how affordable/forgiving they are.