PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set Review

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94%Total Score

The Prosimmon X9 V2 Golf Club Set is perfect for beginners. The clubs have a large sweet spot which allow you to hit the ball far and straight even as you improve your swing. The set is competitively priced which is perfect for those wanting to get into golf at around $200.

The clubs are also suitable for the taller player. The Prosimmon set has everything you need to get around the course with ease. If you are a beginner, this set is perfect for improving your game and knocking shots off your score. The more you play with the clubs the more they will grow to suit your game. These clubs have overwhelmingly positive feedback on Amazon. Check them out yourself today.


There are a lot of golfers out there looking to purchase a quality set of clubs for a lower price but that will still deliver results top results and improve their game. They don’t necessarily have to have the big brand name label on it, but they do need to make the game enjoyable.

The PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Club Set fits the description above. It’s not a Callaway or a Nike set, but it can still produce what you’re looking for and improve your score. You’re getting a great bang for your buck here and get a golf bag to go with it.

So what makes the PROSiMMON set worth the money? Well, all the clubs have one thing in common. A nice and large sweet spot that allows you to still get great results even when you’re not hitting the center of the club, which unless you’re a pro, probably happens a lot.

Let’s break down the clubs in the bag:


Prosimmon Driver

What I love about a lot of the new sets out there, including this one, is the driver that it comes with. The Titanium Matrix 460cc driver has a massive head and delivers unbelievable power once you get used to it. It has perimeter weighting and a steel shaft to it. It also comes with a huge sweet spot on the face which allows you to miss the center and still get maximum distance.

What was most impressive about this driver is it helped straighten out my slice. It keeps the ball straighter on wild shots which is a big added bonus to the fact it provides massive distance. It is one of the best drivers I’ve used and whenever I got to the driving range, I don’t want to put it away. I’m outdriving everyone next to me. I feel like Tiger out there, just a little bit.

Fairway Wood/Hybrids

Prosimmon Fairway Wood

This beginner set comes with a 15-degree 3-wood and a 3 and 4-hybrid. To me, three woods are the trickiest club out there to hit. For one, it has a smaller, and off the tee, it feels funny compared to the driver. The head on this is still pretty big compared to the average 3-wood, but it takes some time getting used to after you’ve been bombing drivers out there. Any 3-wood is also hard to get off the ground. I’ve got a major slice problem as well as the tendency to chunk 3-woods or hit ground balls. I know a lot of you out there are the same way.

However, I will say compared to most other 3-woods I’ve used, this one is easier to get trajectory on. A lot of that has to do with a large sweet spot on the face. It also has a lot of distance on it when I do get a hold of one.

The hybrids also take some time getting used to. Once you do get used to them, though, you’ll want to use them in place of your longer irons a lot. They also have a big sweet spot and can get you out of trouble from the fairway. They feel funny using them off the tee because of the smaller head, but with some practice will come precision and accuracy.

All these clubs have perimeter weighting and steel shafts to them and the ability to control your ball better, which is a big plus.


Prosimmon Iron

You’ll get a 5,6,7,8 and 9 iron with this set as well as a pitching wedge. Unfortunately, no sand wedge, but you can work around that with the other clubs in the bag.

The irons are stainless steel with a cavity back to them, and like the trend, have big sweet spots enhancing your distance. They have a great balance feel to them and have perimeter weighting just like the woods.

The feel of the irons are one of the better sets out there. Not only is the grip perfect, but they’re a set where you feel like you got control. There’s a lot of sets out there where you feel the club controls you, but not this set.


Prosimmon Putter

The putter it comes with is overall very smooth. It is a mallet with an oversized head and markings on it to help with lining up putts. It includes precision balance to help improve the control and feel.

The putter is 35” long, which is a little bigger than a lot of the putters out there, and includes a steel shaft. The big head on the bottom gives it a little more weight which may be uncomfortable for some, but personally, I like a big head with some weight on the bottom as it helps me give a smoother stroke.


PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set

The golf bag comes with seven dividers which should help with organizing your clubs the way you want. Also, it comes with dual padded straps which makes carrying around the course very easy and comfortable.

The bag also includes a stand with auto pop legs that are easy to set up and fold up. It’s lightweight and durable which should last you a long time.

You get a lot of storage space with plenty of pockets to put accessories in as well as food and water while you play. It has a rain cover and also comes with head covers for the woods and the hybrids.


I’m always sceptical of going with a new set on a brand that I know nothing about, and I’ve honestly never heard of PROSiMMON before trying out these clubs. However, I’m getting better results out of these than I did my old King Cobra set and the feel of these clubs is much better. They’re hard to put down on the range.

If you want to hit the ball longer and also straighter, this is a great set to purchase. They are overall very forgiving clubs that will make you love the game. Not to mention for the price of these, you need to definitely give them a try. I highly recommend it and guarantee that if you use them right, your game will improve.



  • Irons are comfortable and have high precision
  • Bag is lightweight, durable, easy to carry and has lots of storage
  • Hybrids have solid trajectory and get you out of trouble
  • Putter is comfortable and easy to line putts with
  • Driver gives you maximum distance


  • Driver is difficult to use if you have a slower swing speed. It’s more suited for those with faster swings.
  • Three-wood takes some time getting used to
  • No sand wedge included

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