Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Club Set Review

Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Club SetWhen you’re looking for a set of golf clubs, you want a brand that you recognize trust, am I right? It’s like when you go shopping to cure your headaches? Do you want Advil or do you want some generic brand you’ve heard nothing about?

The first thing that makes the Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Club Set reputable is its brand. Wilson is a great company and known as putting out stellar products for golfers. Golfers have been trusting them for years, and that should be an indication that you should, too.

So now that we established it’s a good brand, what makes these clubs stand out? Why should you use some of your week’s salary on this particular set?
Well, to sum it all up in one word: Power.

That’s the first thing I noticed when testing out these clubs is the distance I got compared to my Warrior set. Yes, I confess, I had one of those generic brand clubs and was desperate to get rid of them. The Wilson’s have made golf fun again for me.
That being said, let’s break down the clubs in the bag:

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You will feel like Dustin Johnson out there with this thing. This 460cc titanium driver has a massive head that just breathes power inside of it. The best part about having a big head is having a big sweet spot. In other words, if you miss the center of the head, you still can hit that sweet spot and get maximum distance.

Also, this driver is forgiving. It minimizes your slices and hooks, although I can’t promise you you’re going to hit it in the fairway every time. This isn’t a robot after all. Pros have these kinds of drivers and still hit only half their fairways. But it will improve your driving. Be patient with it, though. Drivers with head sizes this big take some time getting used to, especially if you were using a much smaller head size before.

Once you get used to it, though, you’re going to be pounding it farther than you ever dreamed. And hitting the sweet spot not only sounds great, it feels great. Just like a potato chip, you won’t be able to stop.

Fairway wood/4-hybrid

Okay, so these are the clubs that I, personally, have the hardest time with and it takes some time getting used to. In particular, the 3-wood. To me, it’s the hardest club to hit off the ground. I always struggle to get loft, and when I do, I slice it or never get the maximum distance. It’s always been a rough club for me, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people reading this who are smiling and raising their hands right now saying, “Me too.” Hybrids have been a little bit better for me because they do have loft, but they’ve still been tricky

Wilson has a fairway wood and a hybrid that try to add loft and make it easier to get the ball off the ground. Since I’ve used this 3-wood, my loft has improved dramatically. It allows you to get the ball off the ground much easier. I still struggle with my slice, but it’s not the club, it’s my swing. But I will say my slice isn’t as bad because this 3-wood does try to minimize your mistakes.

The hybrid is actually my favorite club in the whole bag next to the driver. It’s basically a rescue club. It bails me out of jail. Almost like it has a magic sweet spot on it. No matter how bad of shape I’m in, I’ll get good contact on it and hit it where I want. The hybrid will get you solid distance and solid trajectory for your shot. You will love it. It has a great sweet spot feel.

Irons 5-PW

The irons are steel shaft which tend to be more forgiving off the face, keeping it more straight than what you’re probably used to. They also have perimeter waiting, which is going to make your clubs feel a lot more comfortable when using them.

Like the woods and hybrid, you are able to get a nice grip with these so you shouldn’t have any issues losing control of the club or being out of your comfort zone. With high precision for your shots and a large sweet spot, it will make you fall in love with these irons. I’ll mishit shots and they will still go the distance I want them, too, and they stay straighter than my old irons.

The pitching wedge is 48-degrees, which gives you a solid amount of loft on your shots and is good from 100 yards in. No sand wedge, however, which is a bummer. It might be something you want to invest in on your own as sand wedges help with bunker shots and flop shots around the green.


The Wilson set offers you a heel-toe putter which is pretty light in your hands, but is steady as you send the ball to the hole. It lines up well and is I didn’t have any problems with it.

That being said, every golfer is different with what kind of putter you want. Some like the light feel while others prefer a weighted end. If you struggle with light putters, look at investing in a bigger and heavier head.


The Wilson golf bag is modern and one of the highlights of the set. There’s really not a lot of negatives here. It comes with an easy to set up and fold up stand to rest your clubs and has a padded dual strap for your walking pleasure around the course. The bag is very durable and comes with a rain hood and head covers for your wood as well.

The bag also has lots of pockets for you to store your golf accessories and other items, such as water, food, and clothing.

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Overall thoughts

This is an excellent set of clubs that will make you enjoy golf and improve your game, especially if you’re like me who had a set of Warrior clubs before. You’ll hit it a lot further with every club and the driver’s big head and wide sweet spot will give you length and accuracy like you’ve never dreamed of. Your fairway wood and hybrid have some loft to them, more than a lot of woods and hybrids, so you should be able to get some trajectory on those.

The high precision steel shaft irons will keep your balls straighter and the large sweet spot will prevent more of those fat, chunk shots. The lightweight heel-toe putter will provide you a steady stroke, although it takes some time getting used to.

All in all, an A for me. I love these clubs for their comfort and outcome. You won’t go wrong with these clubs if you buy them. The price is worth it, especially if you’re into lowering your score.


  • Driver gives you excellent distance
  • Steel shaft irons with high accuracy
  • Durable bag that is easy to carry
  • Woods/hybrids have better than normal trajectory


  • No sand wedge in the bag
  • Putter is very light, which for some may be a turn off
  • Driver’s big head will take time getting used to

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