NovaCaddy X9RD Electric Golf Trolley Review

Scoring a good electric caddie for a decent price is tricky. If you’re range is somewhere around $1,000 you have a lot of options but many of them aren’t very good. Unfortunately there are a lot of pitfalls with electric golf caddies in the $1000 price range.

But today we are going to be highlighting one $1000 electric golf caddie that is definitely worth your time and money. As you can tell from all the god reviews, the X9RD is hitting the spot for almost everybody and that is the first good sign we saw about it.

As we go over the details of the NovaCaddy X9RD, know that we judged this cart and assigned it an overall ranking based on stability, ease of operation and battery life.


Quick Overview

For those of you who can’t wait to see what sets the NovaCaddy X9RD apart from other electric golf caddies in the $1000 price range, here is a quick overview of the three most important features:


Timed Advance Function


This setting allows you to program an amount of time after which the caddie will automatically move forward on its own. So depending on how long you typically spend on a swing, you can have the cart advance on its own without even having to press a button.


Twin 200 Watt Motors

The twin motors provide a total of 400 watts of power. This is good for a max speed of 5mph. The motors are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.


Aluminum Framing 

The NovaCaddy X9RD also features a very durable aluminum frame. This design detail adds to the overall stability of the cart as well as the longevity.


First Impressions

The problem with most electric golf carts is that they are heavy. The motor, the battery and the usually heavy frames make them cumbersome and also drain the battery quickly.

So when we got the NovaCaddy X9RD, we thought we would have the same problem – especially since we knew it featured an aluminum frame.

But we were pleasantly surprised when we took it out of the box, handled it and realized that it weighed only a little bit more than typical push carts. At 37 pounds, this is one of the lightest electric caddies we have ever tested.


Key Features

Carrying on from our last section, another thing we really liked about the NovaCaddy X9RD right off the bat is that it actually folds down.

Folds Away Nicely

Simply unlock the joints and the NovaCaddy X9RD can be folded down to half it’s size with just a couple of motions.

Remote Control With 100 Yard Distance

The NovaCaddy X9RD can be operated via remote. With the remote, you can choose from 7 speeds – 5mph being the fastest. You can also control direction and switch from manual mode, remote control mode and the timed advance mode that we described earlier.

The remote can be used up to 100 yards away with no problem. There is also a small anti-tipping wheel at the back that catches the trolley if it starts to tip backwards on inclines. Speaking of inclines, you can use the NovaCaddy X9RD on inclines of up to 25 degrees.

Extra Power On Hills

There is also a rheostat on the handle that helps propel the cart on inclines. It basically increases speed a bit when you are going up a hill so you don’t have to push so hard when you are in manual mode.

Flexible Handles

The handles are ambidextrous and the wheels pop off to make the NovaCaddy X9RD a bit more compact. You also get accessories like an umbrella holder, drink holder, scorecard holder and an optional stool.


How Does It Perform

Overall, you can get about 12 miles on a single charge. So as far as battery life goes, the NovaCaddy X9RD performs very well. The battery is very small and lightweight too so it doesn’t make the cart bulky or cumbersome.

On the course, it keeps up very well. The Auto advance feature can be buggy and is a little gimmicky to begin with but we can see how some golfers would like it. It’s easy to control via remote and we like the fact that the twin motors don’t make a lot of noise.

The NovaCaddy X9RD can hold bags up to about 80 pounds without slowing it down. The bungee cord system is a little archaic, but it’s still able to hold down a variety of bags with no problem.


How Much does it Cost?

Perhaps the sweetest thing about the NovaCaddy X9RD is that you can score one for just under $1,000.


Pros & Cons Of The Novacaddy


  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Battery lasts for about 2 full rounds
  • Stainless steel gearbox housing
  • Folded dimensions are 30 x 19 x 10 inches
  • USB charging port on the handle
  • Rear anti-tip wheel



  • Wheels don’t lock when stationary
  • Nowhere to secure devices when charging on the USB port
  • Stool sold separately
  • Distance control is inconsistent


Overall Rating: 93/100

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Honorable Mentions


Rider Electric Golf Trolley

The Rider Electric Golf Trolley features a single 200 watt electric motor and a pivoting front wheel.

This cart is very easy to steer and will keep up with you as you traverse the course.

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Cart-Tek GRI 1500li V2

Another electric golf caddie that sports a 4-wheel design for superior stability even on hilly courses.

The lithium ion battery can last for up to 2 full rounds of golf with no degradation in speed or controlability.

Plus the drive train and motor housing are made of aluminum so you can still play with this cart when it’s raining.

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Final Assessment

At the top of our review we mentioned that we would be basing our assessment on battery life, stability and ease of use. The NovaCaddy X9RD performed well in all these arenas.

The battery lasts for more than 2 rounds, it holds large bags very securely and the remote required basically no learning curve.

We would like to see a more advanced bag securing system but the bungee cords still worked fine. Overall, we would recommend the NovaCaddy X9RD to anyone in the market for an electric caddie so check it out for yourself soon.

Overall Rating: 93/100

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