Is The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Still Good – Forgiving For High Handicappers?

Nike’s SQ Machspeed Driver, with its noticeable square-shaped head, was released back in 2010.

Square-shaped drivers aren’t new to Nike; in fact, they pioneered them.

But as golfing technology has moved on over the past decade, just how does the SQ Machspeed driver handle today?

Would it be something you might consider adding to your bag, and will it improve your game off the tee, ultimately leading to lower scores?

Well, we decided to put the Machspeed through its paces out on the course as well as the range to see just what it can offer.

Is The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Still Good?

To start, if you’ve never used a square-head driver before, for some golfers, it might take a bit of getting used to, but don’t let that hold you back.

While it’s over a decade old now, we still found the SQ Machspeed Driver to be an excellent driver with lots to like about it.

In terms of the head shape, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, and it’s moved on from being totally square, like early drivers of this type, to a more trapezoidal design, which Nike says aids aerodynamics.

How that plays out on the tee sees the Machspeed driver sold as one that will improve the distance of drives, help accuracy, and still be pretty forgiving when you don’t make the best of contact.

And that’s exactly what we experienced during our time with the SQ Machspeed.

It has some nifty features too, including the STR8-Fit system, which allows you to adjust the head angle, but we will discuss that more later.

Is The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Forgiving For High Handicappers?

Consistent, forgiving, and adds length off the tee.

That’s perhaps the best way to sum up the SQ Machspeed.

With its design, Nike has taken an overall approach when it comes to a golfer’s swing, so this driver isn’t about just generating speed on a downswing.

In fact, it’s optimised in every aspect of a swing to ensure that speed is maintained, which is further aided by the toe-side’s power bow design as well as the tapered heel geometry found in the club.

This aids in the quicker acceleration of the club head because of overall smoother airflow.

Another excellent feature is the STR8-Fit system, which allows golfers to shape their shots thanks to the eight different face angles available.

So if you are struggling with accuracy off the tee due to a fade or a slice, you can dial the driver in to help you improve that.

With all of this in mind, yes, the SQ Machspeed is a driver that’s forgiving enough for high handicappers, and while some might take time to get used to it, give it a proper chance, and it will improve their driving game.

Nike SQ Machspeed Driver First Impressions

When we talk about first impressions when it comes to the SQ Machspeed, it’s the looks that will get everyone talking.

For many, it’s a love-hate affair.

Square-headed drivers just have that effect on people.

Out on the course, it was a 50/50 split in terms of loving the design or not.

Personally, I don’t care what a driver looks like as long as it performs.

Made from titanium, the SQ Machspeed is pretty light and feels good in your hands, but it’s never going to be as light as a modern composite driver.

Ultimately, that shouldn’t be a problem because this is a club you are going to use off the tee only.

Let’s move on to performance.

For a casual golfer, there is no doubt that the SQ Machspeed will add extra distance to your drives; that’s its primary feature.

Once dialled in, all our high handicap testers were certainly hitting the ball further than they did with their regular drivers.

The results varied, but any extra length to your drives is always welcomed out on the course.

It was also noticeable that drives with the SQ Machspeed produced high ball flight, which is a positive for those golfers who struggle to get the ball up while driving.

This didn’t have any noticeable impact on shorter driving distances, however.

The adjustable face angles were a welcomed addition as well, and once some of our testers got the hang of setting this up correctly, they could compensate for fades or slices off the tee.

In doing so, they improved their accuracy significantly.

Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Selling Points

  • Adjustable face angles
  • Deep centre of gravity
  • Lightweight
  • Titanium construction
  • Stiff or regular graphite shaft
  • Affordable on the second-hand market

Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Key Features

STR8-FIT technology

Shape the flight of the ball by adjusting the head angle on the club (eight different angles available).

Four RH loft options

8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5°

Two LF Loft options

9.5° and 10.5°

Shaft flex

Stiff or regular

Total Swing Aerodynamic Design

Ensures optimised speed in each part of a golfer’s swing

PowerBow and sole diffuser

Aids quick acceleration of the club head to improve distance off the tee.

What Handicap Is It For?

This driver is aimed at those with a mid-to-high handicap.

That’s thanks to its overall forgiveness, extra distance of the tee, and ability to adjust the head face for accuracy.

Who Should Buy The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver?

Yes, this is a driver that’s now well over 10 years old, but for a casual golfer who is looking to improve their handicap despite not playing as often as they would like, it can be a game changer.

The biggest advantage this driver brings to the table is the fact that it’s going to add length to your drives.

On the whole, that can go a long way towards helping to bring your scores down.

But it offers so much more as well, as we’ve covered in great detail.

Also, the fact that it is an older driver means that if you find one for sale, it’s going to be available at a steal.

Distance: 98/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Value: 98/100

Overall Score: 96.5/100

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