Are The Mizuno MX 100 Irons Still Good – Forgiving For High Handicappers?

Mizuno MX 100 Irons

Mizuno MX 100 irons first hit the market in 2008 and immediately became a firm favourite with mid-to-high handicap golfers.

The MX 100 is still in use by recreational golfers all over the world, despite Mizuno having released a variety of other iron models since then.

So what can you expect from the MX 100 irons if you come across them?

Well, first up, they aren’t going to be that expensive, but how do they play?

We took a set down to the range and put them through their paces.

Here’s what we found.

Are the Mizuno MX 100 Irons Still Good?

There are some design elements to the MX 100s that, still to this day, make them a sought-after set of irons for a casual golfer.

So yes, these irons are still in demand, and that’s primarily due to their overall ease of play as well as their forgiveness when you haven’t struck the ball cleanly.

And that’s something that we immediately noticed out on the range.

The reason for this ease-of-use and forgiveness factor is thanks to the innovative Y-Tune technology of the MX 100 iron set and the ultra pocket cavity design.

This ensures that mishits aren’t much of a problem, as the sweet spot on the club face is extended right towards the toe of each club.

Are The Mizuno MX 100 Irons Forgiving For A High Handicapper?

Thanks to their innovative design, MX 100 irons provide an excellent overall feel, and as a casual golfer playing off a high handicap, that’s something you’d be looking for to help shoot lower scores more consistently.

Another issue that it can help solve is getting the ball to stop on the green when playing an approach shot.

That’s due to the low and deep positioning of the centre of gravity of these irons because of their ultra-pocket cavity design.

Also, thanks to the “Drop Down Crown,” which has been patented by Mizuno, each of the hybrids can be set up to your unique specifications for a custom fit.

As for spin, well, that’s something that the MX 100 Iron set also brings to the party, and it’s an area that many high handicappers struggle with.

We found these irons provide excellent spin characteristics, no matter what lie you might find yourself in.

By improving overall spin control, the MX 100s will help you take shots off your game.

Mizuno MX 100 Irons First Impressions

Mizuno MX 100 Irons1

For clubs released 15 years ago, the Mizuno MX 100 range will still look good in your golf bag, especially if you can find a second-hand pair that’s been well looked after.

It didn’t take long to get into the groove when trying them out for the first time, and the overall feel was excellent.

What we were particularly impressed with was how the MX 100 irons were forgiving, even on severe mishits.

Consistency, however, does come with a downside, as these irons aren’t going to give you any extra distance, but that’s not something that’s a particular concern from our side.

The cavity impact pad also provided a solid overall feel.

While we tried MX 100 irons with the regular lite steel shaft, you can also find stiff shafts if that’s more to your liking.

Mizuno MX 100 Irons Selling Points

  • Y-Tune technology, which includes an ultra pocket cavity design, provides each iron with a huge sweet spot, which aids in overall forgiveness when poor contact is made
  • This is further enhanced by an extremely wide sole
  • Lie and loft adjustability on the #4 and #5 hybrids thanks to Drop Down Crown technology
  • Custom-fit integration
  • No matter the conditions, maximum playability is possible thanks to the ideal spin rate produced by modified U grooves.

Mizuno MX 100 Irons Key Technology

Ultra pocket cavity

This helps ensure that no matter how severe a mishit is, these irons remain extremely forgiving.

Y-tune stability

Provides a large hitting area on the club face.


These have been modified to aid spin and control all around the course.

Cavity impact pad

Gives all MX 100 irons a nice, solid feel when connecting with the ball.

One-piece construction

This helps provide consistent feedback while using the irons.

Mizuno MX 100 Irons Loft And Lie

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees)
3 20 59.5
4 23 60
5 26 60.5
6 29 61.0
7 33 61.5
8 37 62.0
9 41 62.5

Who Should Buy Mizuno MX 100 Irons?

Mizuno MX 100 Irons2

Any golfer’s ultimate aim is to shoot the lowest possible score.

For those of us who don’t play as regularly as we would like, this isn’t always possible.

To give yourself a fighting chance, however, improving the equipment in your bag could make a real difference, even if you only play a few times a month.

There’s no doubt that, while they aren’t the newest irons around, the MX-100s are still an excellent addition to any high-handicap golfer’s bag.

They’ll cost a lot less than a modern set of irons and are the perfect step up that many are looking for to improve their overall game.

That’s thanks mostly to their overall forgiveness as well as the feel and spin control they provide.

So if you are looking for a new set of irons to improve your game and come across a set of MX-100s, you really should consider buying them.

Without a doubt, they will help to bring some consistency to your iron play.

Distance: 90/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Workability: 93/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 98/100

Mizuno MX 100 Irons

Overall Score: 95/100

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