Are Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Still Good – Forgiving For High Handicappers?

First launched way back in 2006, today we take an in-depth look at Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole Irons.

While it’s now been close to 20 years since their debut, you will still find these irons rattling in the bags of casual golfers the world over.

So let’s see how they can improve the game of a casual golfer, what they offer, and whether you should buy them if you come across a set.

Here’s what we found when taking a set of Callaway Fusion Wide Soles Irons out for a round at our local course.

Are Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Still Good?

While they are not the newest iron model on the market, there’s no denying that a set of Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons can certainly improve the game of a casual golfer or someone with a high handicap.

The greatest plus point that these irons provide to you out on the course is that they are forgiving and won’t punish you when you don’t make the best of connections.

Consistency is something that most high handicappers suffer with; it’s probably one of the main reasons why you struggle to get your numbers down.

So a set of clubs that don’t penalise you for a less-than-stellar connection thanks to a minor swing flaw is something that a casual golfer should be looking for.

Out on the course, there’s something else that we also noticed.

These clubs hit nice and long, which is something that every golfer wants, right?

So yes, thanks to their fusion technology that helps with excellent weight distribution, these oversized irons are excellent.

Are Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Forgiving For High Handicappers?

The simple answer here is YES!

Most high handicappers will struggle to produce a consistent swing time after time, and ultimately, that’s going to affect ball striking throughout a round.

Thanks to their bigger head, the Fusion Wide Sole Irons compensate for this, which means that even if you aren’t hitting the ball as consistently as you would like, their overall forgiveness factor ensures that you won’t be severely punished.

On the whole, that means that once you’ve used the irons and gotten used to them, you should see your scores start to drop, along with your handicap.

This is especially true if iron play isn’t the strongest area of your game.

Another plus point for high handicappers is the overall feel of the Fusion Wide Sole Irons, which is enhanced thanks to a thermoplastic-urethane insert in each club.

Lastly, the lower centre of gravity of these irons, which is a result of the “tunite” sole, helps ensure that the ball gets up pretty quickly from the point of being struck.

That’s another thing that we immediately noticed out on the course when using the Fusion Wide Sole Irons.

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons First Impressions

When you first get a look at Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole Irons, you’ll immediately notice the large head on each club.

This is particularly visible when compared to the original Fusion Irons.

Out on the course, everyone who tried these irons was drawn to the fact that they feel excellent right through your swing.

And yes, the promise that these irons are pretty forgiving didn’t fall through at all.

Even when we tried to mishit the ball as best we could, the results weren’t half as bad as they should have been.

While some irons that are forgiving generally play shorter than others, that wasn’t a problem with the Fusion Wide Sole Irons.

Everyone who tried it out was impressed with the length they were able to get out on the course.

The biggest impression, however, was their consistency.

Ultimately, that’s going to help build your confidence, and with that, you’ll start to shoot lower scores regularly, which will help decrease your handicap.

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Selling Points

  • Combines Callaway’s fusion and innovative weight distribution technology (77% of the weight is in the perimeter of the clubhead) to produce an iron that’s forgiving and hits longer than most too
  • A third lighter than most stainless-steel frame irons thanks to its titanium body
  • Compared to a regular Fusion iron, the head of the Wide Sole is 25% bigger
  • Each club has a thermoplastic-urethane insert, which helps to improve overall feel

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Key Technology

Fusion technology

Callaway has included this technology in their Fusion Wide Sole irons. It allows for excellent weight distribution.


Thanks to their titanium bodies, these irons are around 35% lighter than conventional stainless-steel irons.

Thermoplastic-urethane insert

Provides excellent feel for each shot

Wide sole design

Not only do these have a bigger sweet spot, but they also allow the club to not catch or dig in on shots that are mishit.

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Loft and Lie

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees)
2 18 59.2
3 21 59.9
4 23.5 60.6
5 26 61.3
6 29 62.0
7 33 62.5
8 37 63.5
9 41 64.5

Who Should Buy Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons?

Even though they’ve been around for close to 20 years, there’s still lots to like about Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole Irons.

For anyone who is a high handicapper or who doesn’t play that regularly, the major plus point of these irons is their forgiving nature.

The great thing about these older clubs is that they won’t cost that much but can still help you improve your game significantly.

So if you’re looking to shoot lower scores, they’d certainly be worth your consideration, that’s for sure.

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Workability: 92/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 96/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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