CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover Review

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2

When it comes to traveling, there are some things we take extra care of and then there are other things we don’t care as much about. And then there’s golf bags which require the most tender of care. Anybody who travels regularly with a golf bag to the airport knows that if it’s not covered properly, bad things can happen.
The CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Bag is not only amazing in the name itself, but I have found that it also does an amazing job in keeping your clubs secure when transporting them to different destinations.

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Winning Features

The first thing you will notice about this cover is it’s strength. It is padded very well and has the ability to take a beating from baggage employees who throw bags around like they’re worth nothing. This padding will protect the clubs so they’re in tip top shape when you arrive. It’s covered in 1800d nylon fabric, which equates to one heck of a sturdy travel bag. It has ¾” thick padding all the way around.

Even more protection is provided for the clubs with the clamps this thing comes with. These adjustable clamps will help avoid any damages when being moved around and packed.

This bag also has a lot of storage. You can store clothes in and all types of different accessories in the zippers. Some of the pockets and zippers are very big and has a lot of room in it, one of the more spacious bags I’ve seen out there.

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Easy To Use

Carrying this bag around through the airport or where ever you are traveling to is simple. These in-line skate wheels are extremely sturdy and make it easy to pull. It doesn’t have the four or six wheels, however, like some bags, but then again, you are also paying less for this bag than others. If two wheels with this move the bag just as well as with four, then you might as well take the better bargain.

Light Weight

CaddyDaddy 2

Weight-wise, it’s less than 50 pounds which is the most important since most airlines charge you over 50. Depending on how many clubs you have, it can vary between 30-40 pounds. That doesn’t make it the lightest travel bag out there, but it still is better than 50 pounds that some weigh. Plus, with the sturdy wheels, it rolls easily. Overall, for a travel bag, it’s on the lighter end of the scale.

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When you’re not rolling it, you’re carrying it. It has a total of four total handles; one on top, two in the middle and one even on the bottom. Two of the handles are rubber that make it easy to pick up and carry. One handle is padded nylon. The nylon throughout the bag is what helps make this bag as strong as it is.

One thing I would have liked to have seen more with this bag is the ability to stand on its own. This where bags with four or six wheels come in handy as well a bit more.


Design-wise, I like all black. To me, it’s a classy look. But some like different colors and fancy looks to their bag. If you’re into more fanciness, this falls short of that. However, what are you traveling for? Design or protection?

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Another thing to really love is the price; it’s fairly cheap for a great bag. Most places you go to have this priced just over $100, and for its high quality, it’s one of the better bangs for your buck you will find in a travel bag.

The bag has two restraining straps with buckles to help provide extra support for your clubs, one around the center and one around the club heads.


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Overall, if you’re looking to spend around $100 and get a really great travel bag in return, you’re not going to find many better, if any better, options out there. I highly recommend buying this bag; you’ll thank me later when you go from point A to point B with your clubs still in tip-top shape and low stress on the carry.


  • Very thick padding all the way around adds to protection
  • Lightweight for carrying
  • Lots of storage space with the pockets
  • Four total handles on the bag
  • Great value with the price and quality
  • Adjustable clamps to keep your bag secure
  • Easy to cart around


  • Not many colors and designs to the bag
  • Some may want a travel bag with more wheels
  • Can show some wear and tear after some travel
  • Durability around the zipper is a question mark

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