Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set Review


Wilson makes some of the best women’s golf club sets in the industry. We say this because we have personally tested a number of them and one thing always stands out: they are versatile. Somehow, they always seem to be a huge benefit for both beginners and intermediate lady golfers.

In today’s review, we wanted to shed light on one Wilson golf club set that particularly stands out in terms of versatility. There are a ton of beginner ladies golf club sets out there but very few of them are built to grow with you as you hone your skills quite like the set we will be detailing today.

So if you are tired of wasting money on beginner sets that render themselves useless after just a year or two of playing, pay close attention to the following review of the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set.

Playing the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set

Right out of the packaging, these clubs are gorgeous. They sport a clean and elegant design that any man or woman would want to show off. But once you tee off with them they take on a whole new meaning.

These clubs are forgiving enough for beginners but have advanced features that more skilled players will be able to get a lot of use from. Our female testers run the gamut from beginner to seasoned veterans and each one had something positive to report about this set.

Let’s break down their feedback from playing the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set by looking at each club.

The Driver

All of our testers were able to get consistent range from the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set which is set to 10.5 degrees of loft. They told us that the driver was made to launch the ball high and with the 460CC head size, it also produces rapid ball speed.

The Fairway Wood

The Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set comes with a #5 fairway wood so it naturally has a high degree of loft. But the most consistent remark we heard from our testers had to do with the weighting of this wood.

The low center of gravity of the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set fairway wood had our testers raving that this was one of the most effortless fairway woods they have ever played. It produced great distance for our veterans and imparted confidence in the newbie testers.

The Hybrid

When we asked our testers about the #5 hybrid we quickly surmised that this was a beginner golfer’s dream club. We heard that the 26 degree hybrid was super easy to hit with and that the head design and loft were perfect for when maximum apex height was needed.


The best insight into the composition and performance of the irons came from our more experienced testers. They noted that the polar perimeter weighting effectively expanded the sweet spot on all the irons in this set (6-9).

This, as they recounted, allowed them to stretch the limits of the longer irons on the fairway and made approaches that much easier.


Perhaps the strongest endorsement for the sand wedge that comes with this women’s golf club set came from our less experienced testers who noted that it was very comfortable and easy to hit with. The sole of the sand wedge has been widened and the weight has been emphasized in the seat.


The Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set comes with a mallet-style putter that all of our testers were very happy with. It also features polar weighting which helps expand the face and provide more forgiveness on hitched strokes.

Club Composition

All of the clubs in the Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set save for the putter come with lightweight graphite shafts. The driver head is made of forged composite titanium while the wood and the irons feature stainless steel heads. (431 grade stainless steel heads on the irons).

Plus, you get Wilson’s premium all-weather grips perfectly sized for women on each of the clubs in this set.

Club Options

The Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set is available in left or right handed versions and comes in women’s regular flex.

Club Length

While these clubs are available in ladies standard length, be aware that many of our testers remarked that they run a bit long. It would seem that the comfortable height range for these clubs would be between about 5’2” and 5’9”.

Pros & Cons Of The Wilson Luxe


  • Great for beginners and intermediate players
  • Very stylish design
  • Deep undercut on the irons
  • Low center of gravity on irons and wedges
  • Great ball flight from the woods
  • Graphite shafts


  • No graphite shaft on the putter
  • The clubs are a little long
  • The bag isn’t weatherproof
  • They can be a bit expensive

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Alternatives To The Luxe

Strata Ladies Golf Set

Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set

This complete set with both PW and SW, 6-9 irons and graphite shafts is another great choice for intermediate players.

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Wilson Ladies Golf SGI

With perimeter weighted irons and a driver whose sweet spot has been jumbo-sized; this is another Wilson set that would be perfect for beginners and intermediate level players.

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Cobra Golf Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

One of the best features of this premium golf club set for women is the offset head design that makes it much easier to get perfectly square off the tee and even in the rough.

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Final Assessment

Wilson continues to amaze with their premium clubs for women. The Wilson Luxe Ladies Golf Club Set is an extremely versatile set of clubs that men would even get use out of.

Our testers of all skill levels loved the deep undercuts of the irons which made them easier to hit with, the high loft of the wedge which made approaches a dream and the premium composite titanium driver head that allowed for maximum range and ball speed.

All in all, this is a set that you can’t go wrong with. We strongly suggest neophytes and experienced players to check these clubs out.

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