Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set Review

Getting the most out of a beginner’s set of ladies golf clubs is a challenge. Manufacturers seem to think that just because a woman is starting out with the game, that they won’t need a golf club set that can grow with them and help advance their skills.

It’s an unfortunate trend in the golf industry but there are some manufacturers who are looking to turn the tide so to speak. You may have heard of Aspire already – we were certainly hearing a lot of buzz around this club manufacturer ourselves.

We heard good things from friends and colleagues and soon enough, we got tired of just hearing about these clubs and wanted to actually lay our hands on them. Have you been looking for a quality beginner set of ladies golf clubs? If so then read on to find out if this Aspire set is what you have been after.

Playing the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set

Our initial reaction to these clubs was that they weren’t reinventing the wheel. They come with the same clubs that most beginner sets do. But the difference is in the way they play. This was as effortless a set of ladies golf clubs as we have ever tested.

What we mean is that we were able to get easy distance with the woods, better accuracy with the irons and ample performance on all lies.

The price tag says “bargain set” but we’d be willing to wager dollars to donuts that experienced players wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these clubs and pricier ones.



Kicking off the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set is an oversized 460CC titanium head driver. We know that sounds like a heavy club just from that short description but it is surprisingly lightweight. It is set to 13 degrees of loft and its broad sweet spot allows for accuracy on off-center shots.

Overall, we were able to get consistent repeatable distances out of this driver both on the range and at our local course.


The #3 fairway wood is set to a generous 16 degrees of loft and is rear/bottom weighted to help impart smart swing mechanics to newbie players. You get great momentum out of the shaft/head weighting which also allows for smoother swings and follow through.


The Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set comes with a #4/5 hybrid. The head of this hybrid has been aerodynamically designed for smoother follow through and better ball speed.

The face has also been widened to expand the sweet spot so even if your accuracy isn’t quite up to par yet, this hybrid will help you get down the fairway quicker than your standard irons and probably even fairway woods.


You get irons 6-9 with the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set which is a good range to start with as a beginner. The hybrid takes the place of the 4 and 5 irons which can be extremely difficult to learn to hit with as a beginner.

But the irons have a very generous undercut design which will make it easier to get under the ball when you need to. The iron heads have also been aerodynamically designed to help get your swing speed where it should be.


The Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set comes with a pitching wedge which was built for easy approaches. It’s set to a very generous loft and we were able to get excellent apex height out of it. But more importantly, even beginners should be able to rescue their lies with this easy to use wedge.


The putter features easy to read alignment marks and a smooth face insert that almost lets you feel the dimples of the ball as you kiss it off the head. Overall, the putter provides excellent feedback and is heavy enough for longer putts, but light enough to promote fluid strokes.

Club Composition

The driver in the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set is made with a titanium head and a high modulus graphite shaft. The #3 wood also features a graphite shaft but a stainless steel head. The irons and putter all have stainless steel heads and steel shafts.

Club Options

The Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set sports a clean, understated chrome/pink color scheme and is available in ladies flex. You also get a premium stand bag with rain hood and shoulder strap.

Club Length

The clubs run in ladies petite. They are ideal for women between the heights of 5’1” and 5’8”.

Pros & Cons Of The X1 Ladies


  • Titanium driver head
  • Excellent course coverage
  • The bag comes with a rain hood
  • The bag also has legs so it can stand on its own
  • Durable
  • Very wieldy from driver to putter


  • They are currently hard to find
  • Only come in right-hand orientation
  • You don’t get to practice the longer irons in this set
  • The grips feel a bit cheap

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Final Assessment

We are pleased to say that everything we heard about the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set was true. We found that this is an improvement club set that can actually extend its usefulness to the player who already has a few years under her belt.

And while you don’t get the longer iron practice with this set, that’s a problem easily solved with a single purchase of a #4 or #5 iron. We highly recommend this set for beginners so check it out soon.

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