Swing Caddie SC300 vs Rapsodo MLM – Which One Should I Buy?

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Sure, you can spend two or even twenty thousand on a top-flight golf launch monitor with all the bells and whistles. Launch monitors that cost thousands of dollars all claim that they are the most accurate. But the fact is that golf monitors in any price range make that same claim.

So who’s telling the truth? That was what we wanted to get to the bottom of in today’s review. We are not going to be going over the most expensive launch monitors on the market though. Instead, we tested and reviewed a couple products in the price range that the everyday golfer can afford.

We wanted to see if these mid-range price launch monitors delivered on accuracy and provided helpful metrics to improve our game – or if we would have to shell out thousands of dollars to get the help and accuracy we need.

So if you are looking for a launch monitor that won’t break the bank and may have what you need to step up your game, read on to see what we found out about two of the most popular launch monitors in the $500 price range.


The Voice Caddie SC300

If what you value in a launch monitor is the “ready to go right out of the box” factor then the SC300 is right up your alley. The first thing that we liked about this device was that it didn’t need to work in conjunction with any other hardware or device to show off its full range of functions.

The SC300 is ready to go when you are. All you have to do is turn it on, choose the mode you want to use, set it up a few feet behind you and you can start swinging away. The SC300 goes in depth with metrics as well.

It can detect smash factor, launch angle, swing speed, shot apex, ball speed, carry and of course distance. And one of the best features of the SC300 is that it has a speech function which gives you the distance of each shot without even having to look at the screen.

The LCD screen does display the more detailed metrics and is pretty easy to read on and off the course. It comes with a remote control so you can switch modes without having to bend down and use the buttons.

The SC300 relies on Doppler radar to measure shots which, among other things, means you can use it indoors and outdoors.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with a mobile app that gives even more shot information
  • It measure shot data very quickly
  • Speech function
  • Now compatible with both iPhone and Android systems
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • If you bought yours before June 2020, it is only compatible with iOS
  • The ball speed readouts seem suspect
  • Less accurate on longer shots (above 250-ish yards)
  • Tends to overheat

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The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

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The Rapsodo MLM is a very intriguing device because it basically relies on the functions of your phone. The unit itself is more like a charging dock for your phone. You open the Rapsodo app on your phone, connect it to the device, set it on the Rapsodo MLM and that’s it.

The Rapsodo MLM uses your phone’s camera to record video of your swings which we though was pretty helpful because it allowed us to see what our forms looked like and if there were any hitches in our swing.

Shot tracking overlay technology can be applied to this video function so you can see flight path and other metrics superimposed onto the video of your shot.

Another cool thing about the way the Rapsodo MLM integrates your phone’s features into its own functionality is the GPS feature. Using your phone’s GPS, the Rapsodo MLM will actually show you where your shot landed on the course or driving range.

The Rapsodo MLM doesn’t have a screen. All the data you get is seen from your phone. It does call out shot distances like the SC300 however. You get the essential metrics like ball speed, club speed, smash factor, shot type and distance with the Rapsodo MLM.

This device relies on a combination of radar and your phone’s camera to gather shot metrics and has a measuring range of 10-370 yards.


  • Very cool app with lots of fun features
  • Automatically records your shot
  • Keeps an archive of your shot data
  • You can actually see where your ball lands on the course or range
  • Measures shot direction as well
  • Shot tracer technology


  • Only works outdoors
  • Currently only compatible with iOS
  • Battery life is only about 4 hours
  • Not as accurate if you have a faster swing speed


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Performance Comparison


Again, accuracy and helpfulness were the key factors of this review. Both units were surprisingly accurate but the Rapsodo MLM was a bit more accurate with longer shots. They both performed the same with chip shots and long iron shots.

But when it came to drives and hybrid shots, we could tell that the Rapsodo MLM was a few yards more accurate than the SC300. The SC300 was also giving us ball speeds that couldn’t have been accurate. With the Rapsodo MLM, we didn’t have that problem.

However, you can’t us the Rapsodo MLM indoors with a net so that was a drawback for us. Plus, the battery life of the device itself is lacking and the Rapsodo App is also very draining on your phone’s battery.

As far as metrics that help improve swing, both of these devices offer helpful information no matter stage of the game you are in.


Which Should you Buy

This one was really hard because the Rapsodo MLM was more accurate but we liked the battery of the SC300 and the fact that it is a self-contained unit. And in terms of helpful metrics, they are pretty much tied.

But the crux of this review was accuracy and helpfulness and the Rapsodo MLM delivers on both despite the battery life. We give it our seal of approval so check it out!



Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

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