Raythor 6X Golf Rangefinder Review

There are a ton of golf rangefinders on the market. But not all of them come from household names. Some golfers feel that the best golf rangefinders on the market are coming from manufacturers that would be considered the “little guy” in the golf gear arena.

But we have never been the types to take people at their word. Social proof is a little too rampant these days in our humble opinion. We prefer hands-on experience. We heard a bit about the rangefinder that is the subject of today’s review before we tested it out.

We wanted to see if lesser-known manufacturers were really making worthwhile golf rangefinders. So we took the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder out to the range for a practice session and for one full round of golf. Take a look at what we found…


Key Features of the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder

The Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder is a compact sized handheld rangefinder that features three modes. The first two we will get into shortly. But right away, we knew this device was unique because it has a speed mode. The speed mode allows the device to measure the speed of moving object within its sight.

So what does that practically mean for the consumer? It means that the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder can be used as a basic hunting rangefinder as well as a golf rangefinder.

And while we had no use for this mode and did not get to test it in depth, we did test all of the other golf-related features of the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder.


Slope – Turn Off for Tournaments?

As mentioned in the previous section the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder has a total of 3 modes. The first mode allows you to see the straight distance to the target you are aiming the laser at. In this mode, you can also pan over the terrain or “scan” it to see the distances of multiple targets in the LCD display.

The second mode allows you to see the distance calculated for slope. If the terrain drops down or climbs upward, mode 2 will help you choose your club based on a slope-adjusted distance. Mode 2 also allows you to lock onto the flag or pin. Once the device locks onto the flag or pin, it gives off a light vibration.

And in case you haven’t assumed by now, the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder is tournament legal. So long as you have it in mode 1 where it cannot give true distances adjusted for slope, it can be used for tournament play.


Speed of Use and Accuracy

For this metric, we will break down how long it took for the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder to give us distance readouts in the different modes. Then, we will share how accurate these readings were.

  • Mode 1 – Again, mode 1 included just the straight distance to a target. For these measurements, it took an average of 3 seconds. The scan measurement of mode 1 (where you see distance to multiple targets) usually took about 4-5 seconds.
  • Mode 2 – For the slope calculation feature, the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder would take about 5 seconds to display the adjusted distance on the LCD display. Then, for the pin/flag locking feature to do its thing, it took anywhere from 5-8 seconds.

Now let’s talk about how accurate the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder was. For straight distances and slope distance, we found that the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder was as accurate as advertised: no readout was more than one and a half yards off the actual distance.

The pin/flag locking accuracy was even better. It was accurate to within a yard of the actual distance to the goal. We tested the scan mode on the driving range with the distance markers and found that this was probably the least accurate mode; it would give readings that were sometimes 5 yards off.


Weight and Feel

We didn’t put the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder on a scale or anything but we are certain that it doesn’t weigh any more than 7 ounces. While you don’t get any flashy chrome appointments, the weight is kept down with the mostly plastic casing.

It feels pretty comfortable in the hand. The buttons are raised a good amount so it’s easy to feel them without seeing them. Overall it sports a basic yet comfortable design.


Battery Life

The Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged using any micro USB cable. Off of a full charge, we were able to get through a 2 hour session at the range and about half of a full round at our local course.


Pros & Cons Of The Raythor Rangefinder


  • Warranty can be extended to 24 months
  • Lifetime technical support from Raythor
  • Includes a speed measuring mode
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Picks up both the pin and flags
  • Can measure distance to targets between 5 and 1000 yards


  • No diopter adjustability
  • The design could be contoured for the hand a bit more
  • Battery life is a bit lacking
  • Scan mode could be more accurate

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Alternatives To The Raythor

Callaway Tour S

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder

This Callaway rangefinder also features slope calculation technology in a compact and lightweight package. It measures up to 1,300 with pinpoint accuracy, has a fast and accurate scan mode and you switch slope off with visible indicator to make it full tournament legal.

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Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

This is a tournament legal device that also features a speed measuring mode and an additional vertical target distance mode. This comes highly rated with 6x magnification to boot and is a quality mid level device.

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Is it Worth your Money?

So, are little guys like Raythor making quality golf rangefinders? Based on the performance of the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder we are inclined to say yes. The Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder has all the features you need from a rangefinder with accuracy that holds up against more expensive devices.

While they can work on the design and the accuracy of the scan mode, we can easily overlook these transgressions – especially when the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder is so affordable. At a paltry $122, you can’t go wrong with the Raythor 6x Golf Rangefinder so check it out today!

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