Ping G430 Vs Cobra Aerojet Driver

“In the current era of golf club manufacturing, there are a lot of features that you see being shared between different companies.”

The similar (and in some cases identical) features and technologies can make it difficult to determine which club is right for you.

A good example of this is homogenization can be seen in the Cobra Aerojet and Ping G430 drivers – the latest offerings from each company. It should be noted that each driver line comes in three different flavors which we will discuss shortly. The basic features are all the same though.

In order to help you navigate these features and figure out which driver is best for your game, we tested them side-by-side and recorded our findings in the following comparison review.

Ping G430 Overview

“The Ping G430 drivers come in MAX, SFT and LST versions.”

The MAX and SFT versions are both 460cc head drivers while the LST is the only 440cc driver in the lineup. The LST version is also the only one that has a carbon composite crown. All three models have adjustable rear weights.

As you may have been able to guess, the LST version is the one that better players (those with faster swing speeds) will gravitate towards. The spin rates are the lowest and it is the most workable driver in the lineup. The SFT version is very similar to the MAX version except that it has a 22 gram tungsten adjustable weight as opposed to the 25 gram weight in the MAX offering.

Cobra Aerojet Overview

“With the Cobra Aerojet driver lineup, you get a standard version, a MAX version and an LS version.”

The standard version does not have an adjustable weight but the MAX version does. If you want better shot shaping capability or need to correct a slice, the MAX version will be better for your needs. Every driver in the new Aerojet lineup is designed to spin low – after all, this is Cobra we’re talking about.

But the LS version takes low spin to new heights, so to speak. It is the lowest spinning and lowest launching driver in the Aerojet series and will certainly be preferred by better players with faster swing speeds.

Overview Conclusion

As you can see, there are striking parallels between both new driver lines.

There are even more similarities when you start getting into the basic features which we will do in a minute.

For the moment though, the reader should note that we noticed lower spin rates across the board with the Cobra Aerojet drivers. This didn’t really come as a surprise but it’s worth mentioning because for most players, lower spin rates means better accuracy and better distance – such was the case when we tested the Cobra Aerojet and Ping G430 drivers.

Ping G430 Key Technology

“Be aware that all three of the new Ping  G430 drivers feature forged titanium face inserts and adjustable weights.”

This makes them very versatile. Ping was really trying to appeal to as many kinds of players as possible with this line. The Ping G430 drivers have also been tweaked in terms of shape. The curvature of the crown and sole as well as a redesign ribbing structure is supposed to improve the sound.

Lastly, every model in the Ping G4300 series features an adjustable loft sleeve that when coupled with the adjustable weights, allows for a high degree of horizontal and vertical shot shaping.

Cobra Aerojet Key Technology

“Cobra utilized their PWR BRIDGE weighting system for the new Aerojet driver lineup.”

Instead of a front weight that rests on the bottom of the head, the weight is actually suspended and joined with the head at the heel and toe. The Cobra Aerojet drivers also feature carbon fiber soles and crowns to reduce the weight of the head as much as possible.

The head shape has also been refined to reduce drag on your downswing. The skirt has been lifted and the head is symmetric.

Ping G430 Pros & Cons


  • Three versions to choose from
  • All models have an adjustable weight
  • The face feels nice
  • Very versatile
  • Great shot shaping capability


  • Not as long as the Cobra Aerojet
  • A bit heavier than the Cobra Aerojet

Cobra Aerojet Pros & Cons


  • Great club head speed
  • Very low spin compared to Ping G430
  • Piercing launch trajectory
  • Great for fast swing speed players
  • Lighter than the Ping G430 drivers


  • Not all of the models come with adjustable weights
  • They’re not very different from recent Cobra driver models

Who Should Buy the Ping G430 Driver?

“The Ping G430 drivers would be a good choice for almost any kind of player.”

That’s because they all have adjustable loft sleeves and weights. So when you go in for a fitting, most players will be able to dial in the CG and face angle they need for optimal drives. In general though, it seems that the entire G430 line was designed with mid and high handicap players in mind. While the LST version is certainly workable and a better option for mid handicap players than the MAX and SFT drivers, it still produces more spin than any of the Cobra Aerojet drivers.

Distance: 94/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Workability: 96/100

Overall Performance: 95/100

Value: 95/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Should Buy the Cobra Aerojet Driver?

“By and large, players with faster swing speeds will love the naturally low launch and low spin of any driver in the new Cobra Aerojet lineup.”

Even the Cobra Aerojet MAX version delivered surprisingly low launch. Faster swing speed players will also appreciate the fact that the Cobra Aerojet drivers are lighter than the Ping G430 drivers; but then again, higher handicap players can appreciate this design detail as well. The Cobra Aerojet drivers weren’t as forgiving as the Ping G430 drivers though.

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Workability: 95/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 95/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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