Cobra Aerojet Vs Cobra LTDx Driver

“For 2023, Cobra has rolled out the new Aerojet driver.”

The Cobra Aerojet has many upgraded versions of the same features as a previous Cobra driver: the Cobra LTDx. Is there enough of a difference and improvement to justify an upgrade?

For as long as we have been testing Cobra golf clubs, they have always struck us as a company that believes in a few basic golf tenets. For one thing, it seems that Cobra has always strived to make clubs that helped the player improve club head speed. For another, low spin has also seemed to be a basic precept for this company.

These principles are on full display in both the Cobra Aerojet and the LTDx driver. But which one is better overall? We took both drivers to the range to find out.

Cobra Aerojet Overview

“The new Cobra Aerojet driver – like most modern Cobra drivers – comes in three versions: the standard version, the MAX version and the LS version.”

All three models have the same basic features but the MAX version has adjustable weights so you can shift the CG from side to side. The LS version is the lowest launching and lowest spinning version while the standard version is sort of the middle ground between the LS and the MAX.

Like any good Cobra driver, the Cobra Aerojet emphasizes forward weighting for lowered spin. In this case, it’s a suspended forward weight that braces the heel and toe areas. The Cobra Aerojet drivers also feature carbon fiber crowns and soles to help push weight low and forward in the head. Then there is the PWRSHELL face which is essentially a variable thickness face to increase forgiveness.

Cobra LTDx Overview

“The Cobra LTDx driver also comes in a standard, MAX and LS version.”

The differences are the same: MAX offers the most forgiveness while the LS is better for players who want low launch and low spin. All of the models feature carbon fiber in the crowns and soles and the CNC milled infinity face. There are also 19 grams of weight positioned forward in the head.

The Cobra LTDx drivers were meant to play fast by helping average players increase swing speed. The lightweight design and low launch (pretty much across all models) will help with distance by reducing drag.

Overview Conclusion

When we tested these drivers side by side, we noticed very quickly that they performed, felt and launched very similarly.

The LTDx was actually a bit more forgiving on shots made low or high on the face though.

The Cobra Aerojet has an updated profile though – a higher skirt and symmetrical shaping. This helped increase club head speed by a hair for most of our testers. This also led to slightly longer drives than the LTDx.

Cobra Aerojet Key Technology

The biggest design change came in the shaping of the head and more carbon used for the body.”

The updated shape gives a slight edge in terms of drag. So club head speeds got a bit of a boost with this driver. The design of the internal weight is apparently different as well. The weight is now suspended and joined at the heel and crown to increase ball speed while at the same time improving head stiffness.

Then there is the adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to move the loft up or down by 1.5°.

Cobra LTDx Key Technology

“One of the things that made the LTDx more forgiving for our testers was the inclusion of a rear weight.”

There is the front weight which helps mute spin and there is an additional rear weight to keep the MOI high. This allowed for more accurate strikes and along with the CNC Infinity milled face, kept ball speed up on mis-hits.

The Cobra LTDx also features carbon fiber in the chassis and sole; just not as much as the Cobra Aerojet drivers.

Cobra Aerojet Pros & Cons


  • Additional titanium chassis support
  • Resists twisting pretty well
  • Shots are kept straight
  • Nice lightweight design
  • Spin rates were lower than with the LTDx


  • Not much change from the LTDx
  • More expensive

Cobra LTDx Pros & Cons


  • It’s cheaper than the Cobra Aerojet in 2023
  • The MOI is nice and high
  • CG is low
  • Spin rates are low
  • More forgiving than the Cobra Aerojet driver


  • A bit heavier than the Cobra Aerojet driver
  • Less carbon fiber in the body

Who Should Buy the Cobra Aerojet Driver?

“Players who really want to push distance limits through muted spin should try the Cobra Aerojet drivers.”

Spin rate is probably the biggest difference between the Cobra Aerojet and the Cobra LTDx drivers; but that’s not saying much because the difference was slight. While the Cobra Aerojet kept within the 2200-2300 RPM range, the LTDx hovered in the 2300-2400 RPM range. MOI was almost equal even though the Cobra Aerojet doesn’t have a rear weight. It makes up for the lack of a rear weight by adding torsional strength with the new floating front weight design. So if you are willing to push the boundaries of distance through reduced spin, the Cobra Aerojet drivers will certainly be able to help.

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Workability: 95/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 96/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy the Cobra LTDx Drivers?

“If you are looking for the more forgiving driver, the Cobra LTDx driver is for you.”

We’re not sure why Cobra did away with the CNC milled face for the Aerojet driver because our testers really liked it on the LTDx driver. It won’t punish you harshly on high or low-face strikes. Keep in mind though that the Cobra LTDx is slightly heavier and spins a bit more than the Cobra Aerojet driver. Apart from that though, it is a great choice for mid to high handicappers.

Distance: 95/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Workability: 94/100

Overall Performance: 95/100

Value: 96/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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