Orlimar ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Set with Bag Right and Left Hand Review

As parents and golf enthusiasts, we all want our kids to grow up to be the next Tiger or Mickelson. So a lot of us are itching to get our kids out on the links as soon as we can. But you can really derail your kid’s golf career before it even leaves the station with the wrong set of junior clubs.

For most golf club manufacturers, junior sets are an afterthought. They throw a junior club set together just so they can make a few extra bucks off parents who want to get their kids into golf. As a result, you get a lot of junior golf club sets that are just toys.

And even young beginners can tell the difference between toys and the real thing. So if you hand your kid a set of toys, they’re going to think it’s play time and not take the game seriously. But there is at least one company out there that’s making quality junior golf clubs that are the real deal.

If you want to get your kid seriously interested in the game of golf, you need a serious junior set. And today, we have just that.

Key Features of the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set

The Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set is perfect for your 9 to twelve year old. These clubs have many of the same features that your clubs have like graphite shafts and high lofts. These are golf clubs for parents and kids who are serious about the game.

What the Set Includes

The evidence that the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set is not a toy is in the composition of the set itself. It has every club that a young player should learn how to use – and more importantly, every club they will need to actually advance from the tee to the green. Here is what comes with the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set:

Driver – The Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set features a 360cc driver is set to a high degree of loft so young players will be encouraged when they see that their balls are launching high off the tee. The driver is not too heavy either. Most 9-12 year olds shouldn’t have any problem wielding it deftly.
Hybrid – Your kid will also get a #5 hybrid to take the place of some of the more difficult long irons. This club is essential flatten the learning curve of the game for your child and keep them encouraged and engaged.
Iron – The sole iron that the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set comes with is a #7 which is a good starting point for young players since it’s not too long or difficult to get the hang of.
Wedge – The Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set also comes with a wedge that is perimeter weighted – a coveted feature in adult sets. The wedge is well-balanced and the perimeter weighting makes it very user-friendly.
Putter – Lastly, the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set includes a mallet style putter with a face insert. This is a great putter to start teaching your kid the fundamentals of the short game.

Club Composition


  • Great set for kids
  • Suitable for kids between 4’4” and 5’
  • Lightweight Graphite shafts
  • Set includes 2 head covers
  • Comes with a nice stand bag with comfortable straps
  • Also comes in sizings for 3-8 year-olds


  • The trim of the grips fray easily
  • Stand legs are hard to release
  • Limited color options
  • Your kid will probably grow out of them fast

Overall Rating: 96/100

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Honorable Mentions

Tour Edge H-L Junior – This is another set for 9-12 year-olds that features a 360cc high moment of inertia driver and a low profile wood with a widened sweet spot. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid wood, #3 iron, putter, a stand bag and 2 head covers.

Confidence Golf Junior Clubs – This set is ideal for kids between about 4’ and 4’6” tall. It includes a driver set to 15 degrees of loft with a graphite shaft. You also get 2 irons – a #7 and #9. There is also a mallet putter and stand bag included.

Final Thoughts

The Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set is a great set to get your kid started with the game. It’s basic enough not to overwhelm a youngster but complete enough so that they can actually make noticeable progress.

It would be nice if the grips were higher quality, but we can forgive that in light of the balance and light weight of the clubs. If your kid wants to get started with golf, definitely give the Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Set a look.