Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart Review Guide

Oftentimes, casual golfers have to compromise when it comes to push carts. They usually have to make the choice between a push cart that is easy to fold up and store, or one that runs smoothly on the course.

The reason that such compromises are so prevalent is that manufacturers haven’t quite figured out how to combine easy fold-down and smooth operation into a single, affordable push cart. Well, most manufacturers at least.

We think we have finally found a push cart that delivers the best of both worlds. So if you are in the market for a smooth golf push cart that won’t be a chore to fold up and down, pay close attention to today’s review.

First Impressions of the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart

The Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart came to us nearly completely assembled. All we had to do out of the box was attach the wheels. And that was really easy. There was a clear “Push” button near the axle receiver that indicated where the wheels inserted into the frame.

And there was a clear “click” sound when they were locked into place. The front wheel was easily inserted into the frame as well. The Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart comes folded down and when we got the wheels attached, we were impressed with how compact it was.

Key Features of the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart

Obviously, the key marketing point of this push cart is it’s smooth operation. After all “EZ-Walk” is part of the name. It’s touted as a smooth cart and features a 3-wheel design. The wheels are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or EVA. EVA is essentially a hard plastic.

So there is no need to inflate or reinflate the wheels. The other major feature is the two-step folding process. And we can concur that this process really is a simple two-step maneuver. You literally need to do 2 things:

Release the folding latch that is located at the joint where all 3 wheel axles meet, and then you push the handle forward towards the front wheel and you’re done.

The Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart also features a deep scorecard holder, 2 ball holders, slots for 5 tees, a center storage console for small items and a bungee cord bag securing system (one near the handles and one near the front wheel).

How did it Perform?

So one of the major selling points is that it rides smooth, right? Well, ride smooth it did. The Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart was super easy to push and pull. The larger 13” rear wheels produce an offset that shifts the leverage forwards so it feels light as a feather to push.

The frame is sturdy but lightweight. So even with our fully loaded golf bags, the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart did not burden us with undue heft.

The Important Specs

The Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart features a lightweight aluminum frame. All in all, once the wheels are attached, this push cart weighs just 18 pounds. Of course, that’s without any bags or accessories loaded onto it.

When the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart is folded down, it’s dimensions are 18” x 17” 23” so it can easily fit into the trunk of smaller sedans and stores easily inside a closet, shed or any other small space. 

How Much does the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart Cost?

We alluded to the fact that the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart was affordable at the top of this review. You can score a brand new Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart for about $210 at most retailers.

Pros & Cons


  • Exceptionally easy to fold up and down
  • You can adjust the alignment of the front wheel easily too
  • The bag saddles can accommodate large cart bags
  • Includes a foot brake function
  • Soft handle grip
  • Easy to assemble out of the box


  • The front wheel is locked and can’t swivel independently
  • Some colors cost more money for some reason
  • There’s no umbrella holder slot
  • The bungee cord bag securing system feels a bit flimsy at times

Other Carts to Consider

If you aren’t interested in the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart but still need a quality push cart, consider these quality models:

BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart – It doesn’t get much easier than this. This BagBoy cart folds up and down with a nitro propulsion system.


  • Ultra easy
  • Moves well
  • Nice accessories


  • Expensive
  • Handle is a weird height

ClicGear 3.5 Push Cart – The ClicGear 3.5 comes with an umbrella holder slot, a silicone strap bag securing system an adjustable upper bag saddle in a 3-wheel push cart design.


  • Sits the bag low
  • Tilts back a decent amount for added bag stability
  • Includes scorecard and pencil holder


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3-Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart – This is another exceptionally easy push cart to fold up and down. The aircraft grade aluminum design also makes it very lightweight.


  • Features no-maintenance wheels
  • The front wheel swivels
  • The foot brake is sturdy


  • This one is also a bit pricey
  • The lower bag straps hang kind of sloppy over the chassis

Our Final Assessment

While it’s true that the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart doesn’t include some of the fancy accessories that more expensive push carts have, we think it has value where it counts the most. The lack of accessories helps keep the weight down.

So it’s very easy to push even if you have a large bag. And other than nitro-infused folding systems, the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart’s fold up/down procedure is about the easiest you will come across.

Overall the Bag Boy Golf EZ-Walk Push Cart delivered in ease of use and performance so we definitely recommend giving it a try.