Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Pushcart Review

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Golf is a Good Walk, Spoiled?’

Well, I often shared the sentiment when lugging my bag around the golf course. This was until I read an interesting study done by a certain Dr. Wolkodoff.

In this study, the doctor found that carrying a bag consumes enough energy to increase your score by up to 2+ strokes per round.

If you are looking for a premium Golf Push Cart, The Motocaddy Cube 3 is going to tick all the boxes. It’s big, sturdy and robust with all the bells and whistles to make it one fo the leading carts in the world today. The soft grip, large console, umbrella holder and unique design make for a superior performance on the course.

Now I am not the greatest golfer ever and any way to shave some shots off my score is welcome. Buying a pushcart was not optional any longer, it was a must-have.


Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Lightweight Compact Two-Step Folding Golf Cart

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Excellent Options
Premium Feel



SereneLife 3-wheel golf pushcart

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Sun Mountain Golf- Pathfinder 4 Cart

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 Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Review

Selecting a pushcart is a rather simple task once you have clarified your requirements. The Motocaddy Cube 3-wheel gold pushcart is a compact and lightweight, yet sturdy cart that will carry any golf bag comfortably and safely around the golf course.

First impressions

The first impression you get is its compact cube-like appearance measuring 21-inch long, 13-inch wide, and 17-inch high when folded using the straightforward two-step folding process.
Its solid yet visually pleasing black and red appearance will attract your attention.

Key features

A secure folding lock keeps the cart in place when folded into the cube.

Not only does it fold into a compact size for easy storage, but it weighs in at a competitive 15 pounds making it easy to load into your vehicle or store in an overhead space in your garage.

Unfolding the pushcart from its humble beginnings is quite easy that only really requires a couple of button clicks and movements. The process is extremely intuitive and quick.

Placing a bag of any size on the Motocaddy Cube 3-wheel gold pushcart is effortless and it can be secured to the trolley using the adjustable bag supports at the top and bottom. There is no way a bag is falling of this trolley. The Easilock compatible mechanism will store your Motocaddy bag safely.

Storing liquid refreshments, your scorecard, tees, and spare golf balls are taken care of via the accessory console and under-handle storage net. Furthermore, it makes provision for those awkward rainy days with a removable umbrella holder attached to the center console.

The large non-inflatable, friction-free, oversize rubber wheels make pushing the pushcart over the most uneven terrain a breeze. Unfortunately, the front wheel does not swivel.
Pushing the cart with its height-adjustable handlebar protects your back from straining by keeping you in the best posture.

On undulating golf courses, the cart can be kept in place by using the easily accessible footbrake.


The Motocaddy Cube 3-wheel push trolley is competitively priced at $259.99.


  • Compact and light while folded, simple to unfold, easy to push even on hilly courses, and provides ample storage
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Detachable umbrella holder
  • Adjustable height
  • The accessory console can hold scorecard and drinks
  • Quick release folds the cart down very quickly and easily


  • The front-wheel does not swivel
  • Lightweight design means you have to be a little careful on side slopes
  • Only available in one color combination (black and gray)

Overall Rating: 95/100

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Other Carts To Consider

SereneLife 3-Wheel Golf Pushcart

The SereneLife 3-wheel golf pushcart is a lightweight folding golf pushcart with a sturdy frame constructed from aluminum.

It weighs in at a respectable 19.62 pounds with a load capacity of up to 33 pounds to carry any bag for even the most demanding amateur golfer.

Your bag is stored safely using the upper and lower brackets.

There is ample storage space for a scorecard, liquid refreshments, and a removable umbrella holder on the top part of the handlebar.

A padded handle is height-adjustable for multiple pushing positions and height.

Ultra-smooth movement in a variety of terrains is provided via 2 non-inflatable Eagle V2 black core rear wheels. The 11 ½ inch clip-on wheels are supported by quadruple ball bearings.

An easy-to-use quick braking system secures the cart from rolling away on undulating golf courses.

Loading the SereneLife 3-wheel golf pushcart into your vehicle is uncomplicated as it folds into a compact size measuring 23.2 inches long, 7.3 inches wide, and 27.8 inches high.

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Sun Mountain Golf- Pathfinder 4 Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Pathfinder 4 cart is a lightweight pushcart weighing in at a mere 17 pounds on a sturdy base of 4 wheels. It folds into a compact size measuring 26 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 14 inches high.

Bland this cart is definitely not. There are a variety of 8 color combinations to satisfy even the most flamboyant golfer.

There is sufficient space on the accessory console for your cell phone, scorecard, golf balls, and tees. Valuables can be stored in the velour-lined pocket at the rear of the accessory console with additional storage in a mesh basket below the console. To the dismay of many golfers, there is even a charging plug available to charge your cellphone if urgently required.

Provision is made for a detachable umbrella holder on the handlebar.

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The Motocaddy Cube 3-wheel push trolley is well-constructed with loads of storage space for all your accessories and valuables, even a drink or two.

Your bag is secured and extremely unlikely to make contact with the turf unless it meets some unfortunate circumstances.

The padded, height-adjustable handlebar and large wheels make this one of the easiest golf pushcarts to traverse the golf course with.

The compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to load and put into long-term storage during the winter months.

I will highly recommend the Motocaddy Cube 3-wheel push trolley to anyone that still walks around the golf course.

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Overall Rating: 95/100

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