MacGregor DCT2000 Premium Golf Package Set Review


There is virtually no limit to the amount of beginner golf club sets for men out there. And if you are just starting out with the game, you probably aren’t too concerned about premium features. But just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you want to look like a beginner.

Or at least, maybe you just don’t want to make it so obvious. If you are looking for the perfect golf club set that will help improve your game as a beginner and one that sports a striking design, you are in luck. Today we will be highlighting a set that is ideal for beginners that don’t necessarily want to look the part.

Plus, the set we are reviewing today is packed with features that will flatten the learning curve for you as a new player. Let’s take a look.

Playing the MacGregor DCT2000 Premium Golf Package

We have decades of collective experience with the game of golf and have tested countless clubs in our days and the consensus here is that this may very well be the most premium-feeling set of golf clubs that we have ever tested at this price point.

The MacGregor DCT2000 set is a lightweight, forgiving golf club set. From the driver to the putter, the clubs feel good in the hands and feature advanced design mechanics that are typically reserved for more expensive clubs.

Our initial rounds with these clubs sent the clear message that this was a no-nonsense set that was designed to help beginners improve their game. And to show you what we mean, let’s take a look at each club individually.


Any beginner should start off with a 460CC driver and that’s exactly what you get with the MacGregor DCT2000. It features a graphite shaft to help keep weight down and keep a typically unwieldy club wieldy. Plus it has a high MOI (moment of inertia) face to reduce twisting and enhance accuracy.

The driver is set to 10.5 degrees of loft which is right in the apex height area you want to be when you first tee off.


You get a #3 fairway wood in the MacGregor DCT2000 composed of stainless steel. What we really loved about this fairway wood was that it gives great audio feedback. When you whack the ball just right, you will know it by sound.


You get a #5 and #6 hybrid in this set. We were very impressed with the design of the hybrids overall. Like the driver, they feature high MOI faces which are crucial for your initial forays on the fairway. They allow for maximum accuracy on off-center shots and forgiveness on less than perfect swing mechanics.

The #5 hybrid is set to 21 degrees of loft and the #6 hybrid is set to 24 degrees. These are great replacement hybrids that will help you transition into using the longer irons.


And speaking of the irons, the MacGregor DCT2000 set comes with irons 5-PW so you aren’t missing out on any practice or experience with the longer irons. They all feature 431 grade stainless steel heads with perimeter weighting that helps build good swing mechanics and increases accuracy.


The MacGregor DCT2000 comes with both a pitching and a sand wedge. They sport the same stainless steel, perimeter weighting as the irons so you get plenty of forgiveness from them. But the wedges feature oversized heads and undercut faces to help with difficult lies.


Lastly, the MacGregor DCT2000 features a semi-mallet style putter that we all agreed was a breeze to putt with. The alignment markers are clear and easy to use and the high MOI face makes this putter the smoothest we have ever tested at this price point.

Club Composition

In the set that we tested, the driver, wood and hybrids all featured graphite shafts – keeping the weight down for some of the most notoriously heavy and cumbersome clubs.

The driver head is composed of high-performance titanium and as mentioned earlier, the #3 wood head is composed of stainless steel.

The irons, wedges and putter all feature steel shafts which help give feedback on the clubs where it matters the most.

Club Options

At the time of this writing the MacGregor DCT2000 is only available in right-hand orientation and in men’s regular flex. You get a premium cart bag in a standard black with blue color accent scheme.

Club Length

The length of the clubs that we tested were men’s standard so they should be good for any male player between 5’6” and 6’1”.

Pros & Cons Of The MacGregors


  • The visual design of these clubs is superb
  • The #3 wood sounds great
  • High MOI faces
  • Comes with a very well-made cart bag
  • Lightweight set overall
  • Truly designed for game improvement


  • This set is hard to find right now
  • Only comes in right-handed orientation
  • Only one color option
  • Doesn’t come with any head covers

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Wilson SGI Men’s Complete Set

The irons really steal the show in this set. They all feature deep faces with perimeter weighting and low centers of gravity for increased accuracy and greater ease of use.

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Cobra Men’s XL Speed Complete Set

If your game is more advanced, this is a great set at a bargain. It features both a 3 and 5 wood and comes in either graphite or a graphite/steel shaft combination option.

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Final Assessment

After numerous full rounds and practice sessions with the MacGregor DCT2000’s, we have come to the conclusion that it is an overachieving set. At this price point, you wouldn’t expect the performance it gives.

The most striking thing about this set is the ease of use. Beginners will thrill at how accurately and powerfully they are able to use the driver through the putter. If you are a beginner looking for the perfect set of clubs in terms of looks and playability, check this set out immediately.

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