Junior Golf Club Sets Buying Guide & Tips

Junior Golf Club Set

So your child has decided they would like to learn the game of golf. For some parents, this is a long-awaited statement. For others, this will be a new and scary road to head down. Like any other purchase when it comes to kids, you need to try and figure out if this is going to be a short-lived endeavor or a long term passion.

Your child’s commitment level can be challenging to narrow down. The good news is that golf manufacturers knew that. Junior sets in today’s golf world come in several different options and configurations. There are beginner type sets and then more involved and higher quality player options as well. If you are looking for something low priced and affordable there are options out there.

In this guide, we will break down everything you could ever want to know about junior golf club sets. After reading this, you will be able to make an informed decision.


Things To Look For In A First Set For Kids

Years ago, people would chop an old seven iron in half and give it to their kid to swing. This was the equivalent of giving a beginner with extremely slow swing speed an extra extra stiff club. It made the game challenging and frustrating and quickly made kids lose attention.

A lot has changed since then. Golf manufacturers have done a tremendous amount of research on swing speed and ball speed. They have learned how to make clubs lighter and lighter without losing the distance and accuracy they will need to produce.

Important things to consider in a first set of clubs for your kid include proper weight, proper height, and adequate set makeup.

Height: Most junior golf sets will come with an ideal height range. Make sure your child fits into this range even if they are growing fast. Having the proper club height at the time is essential.

Weight: This refers to the weight of the club more than the weight of your child. Most parents or guardians have a pretty good understanding as to if their child is strong. If you have a powerful athletic child, they may need a slightly heavier club. The heavier clubs are usually geared towards the marginally better player.

Set Makeup: Do not worry about getting your child fourteen golf clubs. This is entirely unnecessary. Kids that are just beginning will need a putter, a wedge, an iron, and a driver if the set comes with a fairway wood and a hybrid that is wonderful, but those are not imperative in the beginning. Getting to try all aspects of the game is all that matters at this level.


How Do You Know When To Buy Your Kids Golf Clubs

Junior Golfer Swinging

The best time your kids golf clubs is when they want them. If your child expresses an interest in golf, then it is the perfect time to set them up with their own set. If your child has never played the game of golf, bring them to the driving range. Most local ranges will have a few junior clubs available to try.

If your child makes contact with the majority of golf balls they hit, they are ready.

If they can take a little (please not a lot!) of direction about where to put feet and hands when setting up, that is even better news. Showing a desire to learn the game and get better is extremely important. Just don’t overload your eager golfer with information, give them the basics and let them start to figure it all out.


What’s The Right Age To Buy Kids Their First Set Of Clubs?

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It’s hard to narrow down the exact age that kids should get golf clubs because all children grow and learn differently. Some four-year-olds are interested, engaged, and ready to learn and others that are not ready until they are ten.

Generally speaking, with today’s junior club, technology right around eight years old is a perfect time for kids to pick up the game. An eight-year-old has the athletic ability and hand-eye coordination to make solid contact with the golf ball and get some positive results. As we all know, golf can be a very frustrating game, and if kids do not see positive results, they will start to give up.


How Many Clubs Do They Need And Which Ones?

Kids Golf

The most important clubs to have in a juniors bag are a putter, a wedge, an iron and a wood. If the wood is a three wood and not a driver, that is completely fine and will work well in the beginning. Basically, you want them to have access to all of the different swings and shots they will need as they grow.


How Do I Know The Right Size?

A great way to determine what size golf clubs your kids need is to use the US Kids height fitting chart. The chart will give you an idea of the range your child is in and if the clubs you are thinking of purchasing make sense. If your child measures a quarter inch short of the next size up, you are going to want to move up to that set.

The ranges make this decision quite a bit easier than it was in the past to determine the best size clubs for your child.


Should I Buy Them 1 Size Too Big?

Use the height ranges to determine. If your child is very close to the next size up, it is perfectly acceptable to get them that set. If, however, they are an inch or two short, they will struggle with those clubs for quite some time.


How To Know If The Clubs Are Too Long?

Golf kidddy

If a golf club is too long for a junior, they will be struggling to make solid contact. You will see them hitting behind the ball and struggling to swing it back on the correct line. It is almost more natural for a child to hit a club that is too short than one that is too long.


Should I Get A Fitting For A Junior Golfer?

If the junior golfer is playing in tournaments, working on scoring, and starting to develop their game, then a fitting makes sense. If, however, the junior golfer has never played before, all you will need is their height. A complete fitting and custom club would be unnecessary, and with the way that kids can change their minds, this will likely not be money well spent.


Best Junior Clubs 5 – 8

precise junior golf sets

Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids – 3 Age Groups: The Precise M7 is an excellent option for a beginner junior, available in three different height options. The set includes five clubs, and those five clubs will change based on the age of the child.

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Best Junior Clubs 9 – 12

Wilson Junior Golf Set

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/Golf Bag: When it comes to complete golf sets, Wilson makes a great product. Many adults that are looking to get into the game do very well with a Wilson complete option. This set comes with a Driver, Hybrid, long iron, short iron, wedge, putter, bag & 2 headcovers. Great set to teach a slightly older, more responsible child the game of golf.

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Best Junior Clubs -13-15

Tour Edge Junior Golf Set

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w/ Bag: This Tour Edge set is available for all ages and height ranges. Tour Edge makes great golf clubs at a very fair value. Make sure to check the height of a 13-15-year-old. If they are 5’6” or more, they should be able to use standard length golf clubs.

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Are Boys And Girls Junior Clubs The Same?

Sometimes there can be differences between boys and girls junior golf clubs, but it usually does not occur until they get closer to the teenage sets. In the young junior sets, the only difference between the boys and girls is color.

In the teenage sets for golfers over twelve years old, the weighting can be different between the girls and the boys options. The girls sets are built for slightly slower swing speeds to help increase launch and distance. If your child is a teenager and serious about getting into the game, it may be worth testing out some golf clubs at a local retailer before purchasing.


Best Golf Clubs For Experienced Juniors?

Callaway Boys XJ

If your child is showing some talent in the game of golf, it may be worth getting them a higher quality junior golf set. One particular option that is very high performing is the Callaway XJ. The Callaway XJ is available in several different options for different heights; the teen set comes with Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, four irons, two wedges, and a putter.

It is a perfect option for a lower handicap junior looking to start to transition into an adult set. What we like about the XJ series is that your child can work with this set for years to come, and it won’t be a significant upset to their game when they have to transition to the next size up.

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What Are The Advantages Of Getting My Kids Into Golf and How Do I Get Them Interested?

Golf Kids

Golf is a fantastic game for kids. Not only does it get your child away from screens and outside, but it also teaches them so many valuable life lessons. Golf will show you character and honesty and humility. You have to conduct yourself around a golf course in a certain way, and this is important for children to learn.

As Junior golf has grown, there are now team opportunities for kids to get involved in. This will help with social skills and teamwork as well. You would be hard-pressed to find a parent who is disappointed they got their child into golf.

Ask any newly retired man who never learned the game if he wished he had learned to play as a kid. Guaranteed you will find your answer about whether or not to introduce your child to the game.

If you want your child to play, but they don’t seem interested, there are a few great ways to help spark the interest.

Get them into Pro golf, take them to a local PGA tour event this will do the trick for lots of junior golfers

Take them golfing with you; kids love doing what their parents do

Golf For Kids

Make the game accessible, but don’t push. Give them clubs, golf balls, golf books, etc. See what they do on their own, don’t force them to be involved.


Getting Kids Into Golf At A Very Early Age

Lots of golfers can’t wait to get a club in their babies hands. Luckily there are options for that as well. For a very young golfer, this golf training kit can be a lot of fun. The ball will land on the tee and let your young golfer just keep swinging. This keeps the game moving along and also helps those young golfers who do not have the best fine motor skill development just yet.



Golf Clubs For Kids

There is no question that the love of the game of golf is a fantastic gift to give your children. Golf is a sport that your child can learn when they are young and play their entire lives. There are not many sports like this. When choosing a set of golf clubs for a junior golfer, there are some very important things to keep in mind. Make sure your child’s height is carefully measured and be sure to address their commitment level as well.

If your child ends up loving the game, you can always upgrade to a great set when they grow. It is harder to deal with looking at a premium set sitting in the garage that never got any use. Remember to keep things simple, don’t give your child too much information, and never pressure them. Keeping the game fun will keep your child interested and involved in golf for years to come.