Do Golf Finding Glasses Really Work? How To Find & Not Lose Balls

Golf Finding Glasses 2

As a golfer, there are few things more annoying than losing a ball. Yeah, it usually happens when you’ve just brought a new one out of the wrapper. It’s not just the lost ball though, it’s the lost strokes that go along with it.

Helplessly watching the ball sail toward a hazard is a moment that every golfer has been through. The joy of finding the ball is rare, but how can we increase our chance of that moment? Today we are going to look at some tech that claims to help you.


What Are Golf Ball Finding Glasses And How Do They Work?

Golf Finding Glasses

It depends what you want them to do, if you want to get a slagging from your friends then yes, they work really well. These glasses are huge blue lenses, something like what Bono or Will.I.Am would wear on the course.

The theory is that the blue lenses block out the green colours form the grass and help make the ball a more vivid white. That way, the ball becomes much easier to see in the longer grass. Well, that’s the theory anyway.


Do They Actually Work To Find Your Ball?

Well…no, they really don’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these will not stop you leaving Pro V1s on the course. I imagine that these would be useful for finding golf balls that are fairly prominent and sitting out of the grass a little.

They rely on the white of the ball being more prominent to your eye, therefore a ball that is deep in trouble is probably going to stay there. No glasses are going to save the ball from being consigned to history. There are ways of maximising your chances of finding your ball, these glasses aren’t one of those.


What Situations Do They Work Best In?

These work best for the guy in your office who thinks he’s a player and you know a gift like this will annoy him. They are a novelty item so they are perfect for the office Secret Santa at Christmas time. These are more of a joke gift than something for serious golfers.

You could use them to wind up one of your mates on the course. Get them out and tell him how great they work and wind him up when he can’t find any balls. To answer the question, these work best when the ball is barely in the rough and you would almost certainly have found it anyway.


Are They Worth Buying?

I would hope that from what is written above, you already know the answer here. No, they aren’t, unless you want to wind someone up. Every Christmas, we golfers dread the novelty golf gifts from people who don’t play. This is one of those gifts at its finest.

Save yourself the money and start to get strict when you hit a bad shot. Don’t turn away in disgust, watch with full concentration to see where the ball lands and if it bounces up. If you can get a good spot on the ball as it lands in danger then you massively increase your chances of finding it.


How Can I Get My Ball Out Of The Water – Retriever?

Golf Retriever In Action

Most courses provide ball retrievers for those errant shots that have come to a watery landing. However, if you know you are going to a course that doesn’t, or if your home course doesn’t, it is worth getting one. Few things are more infuriating than hitting a ball into the water, being able to see it but not being able to reach it.

Golf ball retrievers are fairly inexpensive and, if you think about it, by being able to retrieve a few balls you will make your money back. They don’t take up much room in your bag either so it’s a bit of a no-brainer.


How Can I Hit The Ball Straight?

This is the age old question and the answer is simple, deliver the clubface square at impact, but in reality that’s not easy. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get a series of lessons from a PGA professional and practice hard after them. This takes time but will be worth it in the end.

If you really need a quick fix, the best thing to do is to slow your swing down and make sure your tempo is spot-on. Often, slices and hooks are caused by swinging too hard at the ball. Swing within yourself, go for around 80% and just watch your balls flying straighter.


The Way To Improve Properly – Lessons

People spend so much money on new kit these days expecting the new driver to be the quick fix to sort their game. This is money that could be far better spent getting some tuition from your local pro. These girls and guys will revolutionise your game by helping you understand where things go wrong.

They can empower you to be a more knowledgeable and consistent golfer. The £500 that new driver was going to set you back can pretty much pay for an entire season of lessons. This will give you a skills upgrade through your entire bag, why would you not do that? Put in the hard work and find yourself a coach that will take your game to the next level. It is the best thing you can ever do for your golf game.


Getting The Most From Your Lessons – Practice – Course And Range

Driving Range Balls

Lessons from a PGA pro don’t just unlock some secret potential in your game, you need to earn the improvements under the instruction of your coach. This means that you need to take the improvements from those lessons and work on them at the range and on the course. The range is for mechanics and the course is for everything else.

When you are practicing, always try to put a bit more pressure on yourself to make it more real. Make side-bets with yourself like, “I can’t leave until I …” and really stick to them. I have been on the chipping green until dark before because I hadn’t holed my tenth chip of the session and that was the bet. So what gadgets are out there to help you get the most from your practice time?


The Swing Jacket

Swing Jacket

You often hear of top golfers struggling to keep their arms and body together during the swing. When you get detachment, you also get inconsistency as you add another set of moving parts to the swing. The Swing Jacket is one way of trying to combat this. The jacket restricts how much your arms can move in one plane and so allows you to swing only as long as your body is doing what it should be doing.


When you first put this on it will feel horrible and you’ll barely be able to hit the ball. Stay with it, it will help you. If you want to see the benefit of this kind of gadget before investing, put a towel under your arms during the swing. The towel should stay put until you hit that classic golf pose at the end of your swing.


SKLZ Gold Golf Trainer

Sklz trainer

Remember I said that tempo and rhythm are key factors in hitting the ball straight? Well the SKLZ Gold Golf Trainer is a great tool to help you work on that and more. This weird looking object is heavier and whippier than a golf club, this means that you have to have your tempo perfect to get it to work, you really feel it.

The weighted-ball at the end of the shaft also helps you feel proper weight transfer. This is one of those great gadgets that doubles as a warm-up aid. A great way to work on feel for your full swing and get you ready for the round ahead.


Golf Speed Trap Trainer

Speed Trap Trainer

You hear about swing plane and club path a lot these days. I have been in the situation where this has gone wrong for me and the loss in performance is really scary, it pays to ensure you are swinging on path and plane. The Golf Speed Trap Trainer is a great tool to help you with that.

It is daunting at first, however, as you start to strike the ball well through the trap it all starts to make sense. This is a great tool as you can picture it in your head when you’re on the course and you still try to fit the club through the trap. A great piece of kit to take your ball-striking to the next level.



Golf is hard and losing golf balls is frustrating. Don’t compound the annoyance of losing a shiny new ball by wearing ridiculous glasses to help you find them though. Learn from it and try to avoid making the same mistakes.

Golf is a journey of self-improvement and by working on your game you will see yourself avoiding hazards that seemed so attractive to your ball before. Get yourself a coach you trust, pick up some of these gadgets and work your tail off. It takes time, it can take a long time, but trust me, it is absolutely worth the investment.