How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Golf Gloves – Ultimate Guide


A golf glove is not a new discovery. The origin of the golf glove can be traced back to the 1800s when they were first designed to help golfers from feeling as though the club was going to slip out of their hands or leave them red raw.

We all know that the golf glove has come a long way. Today you can purchase golf gloves in many different materials, the fitting is much more custom, and they have become a golf accessory that almost eighty-five percent of golfers will use during their next round. The golf glove was not popular on the professional tour until the 1960s, and that is when it took off. Today golfers have routines and traditions around how they wear their glove, when they wear it and what type they must wear depending on the conditions they are playing in.

The one constant that most golfers will agree on is that if they could get their golf glove to last longer, they absolutely would. In this guide, we will tell you how to take care of your golf glove so that you won’t need to buy a new one every weekend!


How To Put On And Take Off Your Glove

Putting on and taking off your golf glove is reasonably self-explanatory; however, there are a few things you should think about before starting this process.

  • If you are going to put sunscreen on, make sure you wash your hands before handling your golf glove. The oils from the sunscreen are not good for your golf club.


  • Also, make sure that you purchase a glove that fits very snugly on your hand. If the glove is moving around, it could affect how you hit the ball.


  • When you take off a golf glove, it is best to pull up on each of the fingers a little and then pull the golf glove straight off. When you pull from the bottom, it will turn the glove inside out as it comes off of your and. Storing the glove inside out is not the best way to keep it for long term care.


Tips For Caring For Your Gloves On The Course

When on the golf course, the biggest mistake that golfers make is using their golf gloves for purposes that they should not use them for.


  • When you see dirt on your golf clubs, the glove is not used to wipe the dirt. Always carry a towel on your golf bag to help take care of any dirt that may end up on you or your clubs.


  • If you are taking your golf glove off to putt, do not throw it on the ground. When you throw the glove on the ground, it will pick up dirt, sand, and wet grass as well. These things will lead to a quicker deterioration of the golf glove.


  • When you drive from hole to hole, you don’t need to keep the glove on. The steering wheel is not the cleanest thing on the golf course, and your glove will get dirty when you use it. It would help if you strapped your glove to your bag or the cart so that it can dry out between uses.


  • When you are finished with your round, try and let your glove dry before you put them in your golf bag.


Tips For Taking Care Of Your Gloves Off The Course – How To Store Them?

Golfers can store their golf glove in their bag after a round of golf; there are just two simple requirements to make sure of before putting your glove away.

  • Make sure the golf is dry; if it is not dry, this is when it will get crusty and hard and be difficult to work with the next time you go out to play.


  • The other requirement is to make sure that the gloves are not stored in a ball. When you crumple the golf glove up into a ball and throw it on the bottom of the bag, you may have a hard time getting it on the next time you go out to play.


How Long Do Golf Gloves Last? How Many Rounds?

How long your golf glove last will depend on how often you play, the type of glove you purchased, and how well you take care of the golf glove. On average, you should get at least fifteen to twenty rounds out of a golf glove. Some gloves will last much longer than this if they are high quality and well taken care of. The Bionic gloves are said to be the longest-lasting golf gloves.


Can You Wash Golf Gloves? How?

Yes, certain types of golf gloves can be washed. The process is not complicated, but sometimes even after washing a golf glove, it may not be back to its original condition, and you may realize that it is time to replace the glove.


Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

To wash a glove, you will need a small brush (with soft bristles), water and mild soap. You can use dish soap to wash golf gloves.


Step 2: Scrub and Wash

Spread the golf glove out flat on a surface. Use the brush to scrub any of the areas where you see dirt has accumulated. Most of this is going to be in the palm of the hand as the fingers of the grip tend to stay a bit cleaner. If you see a hole starting in your glove, it is probably not worth saving. The idea of washing the grip is to help get the grease and oils off of it to hopefully restore it and get a few extra rounds out of it.


Step 3: Dry

The most crucial part of washing your golf glove is making sure you allow it to dry fully. Put your golf glove outside to dry but not in the direct sunlight. Putting it in the sunlight could cause it to crack as it dries. Try to let your golf glove dry out for several hours before putting it back on and using it for a round of golf.


Synthetic Vs. Leather Golf Glove – Which Is Better?

Titleist Golf Glove

Both synthetic and leather golf gloves have their benefits. Most golfers have a specific glove that they get used to wearing, and they stay loyal to that brand and that glove. It is essential to know the differences between the types of golf gloves so that you can get the fit and the performance that you need for your game.


Which Lasts Longer?

Synthetic golf gloves will last longer than leather golf gloves. Some synthetic gloves will last about twice as long as the leather gloves. For golfers that like leather, they say that the fact that they need to replace more often is not a problem.


What’s Easier to Maintain?

The synthetic gloves are easier to maintain. Although they can sometimes get crusty, it is not nearly as bad as how the leather golf gloves can get. Synthetic golf gloves are also a little thicker, so they are tougher and hold up to more abuse than the leather golf gloves.


What’s Easier To Clean?

Both golf gloves are about equal when it comes to cleaning. The only thing to keep in mind is that the leather gloves are not designed to be cleaned often. If you are a stickler about having an entirely white golf glove, you may want to go with the synthetic option.


Which Is More Expensive?

Generally speaking, leather golf gloves are more expensive than synthetic. Since they don’t hole up as long as the synthetic, they are also costly because they need to be replaced more often.


Who Should Play With Synthetic Who Should Use Leather?

The synthetic golf gloves are thicker and will protect your hand a bit more than a leather golf glove. If you like something that is thick and keeps a barrier between your hand and your golf grip, then the synthetic is a great choice.

The leather gloves seem to appeal more towards the better golfer. With the leather golf gloves, you are dealing with a very thin layer between your hands and the golf grip. Since the layer is so thin, you have some better feel and connection to the club than the synthetic can offer.

There are many different options out there for golf gloves, and some of the synthetic gloves have come a long way when it comes to feel. If you have not tried a synthetic glove in a while, you may want to see if it feels different. They are now capable of being made thinner, and they last much longer than before as well.


Why Are Golf Gloves Worn On The Left hand?

If you are new to the game, you may be wondering why it seems like golfers are buying gloves for the wrong hand. A right-handed golfer will wear a glove on their left hand. A left-handed golfer will wear a glove on their right hand.

The reason behind this is that for a right-handed golfer, the left hand should be leading the golf swing. The left hand will carry much of the weight of the club, and the right hand should be along for the ride. Some golfers will even practice drills where they hit shots with just their left hand.

Since the right-hand does not play as dominate of a roll in the golf swing, it does not usually have as much interaction with the club, and therefore a glove is not necessary.

Some people play with gloves on both hands, but this is not the norm. Also, you will notice that rain gloves are put on both hands, but this is to try and maintain a hold on the club in difficult weather conditions.



Best Leather Golf Glove:

Callaway Golf Men’s 100% Premium Leather Golf Glove

The Callaway Golf Dawn Patrol is a great leather golf glove. This glove has a premium fit and feel, and it is also very breathable. If you feel like your hand gets sweaty in your glove, you will be much cooler with the Callaway. This is a thin golf glove that does a great job allowing players to have the feel that they need and the connection to their golf club. Since this is the dawn patrol model, it does a great job of soaking up any extra moisture as well.

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Best Synthetic Golf Glove:

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSoft Golf Gloves


The WeatherSof golf gloves are a very well known glove made by FootJoy. This is a synthetic model that will hold up for a very long time. The WeatherSof has a breathable mesh material around the knuckles that allow both movement and a cooler feel as well. The WeatherSoft gives a very tight and secure fit on your hand and plenty of thickness in the palm as well. If you are new to the game of golf and want a well-known quality golf glove, this is a great choice.

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Are Bionic Golf Gloves legal?

The Bionic glove company makes several different types of gloves. One of their gloves is called the Stable Grip. The USGA has decided that the Stable Grip Bionic Glove is more of a training aid than a golf glove; because of this, they have deemed it to be illegal to play in a competition. If you want to use this glove during a friendly round of golf or to practice on the range, that is certainly acceptable.

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Golf gloves are a great golf accessory. For the majority of golfers, a golf glove is necessary. It gives golfers the confidence they need to feel like they have control over their golf club. Having control over the club without having to grip it to death is essential to your success in the game of golf.

When you find a glove that you like, purchase a few of them. Sometimes there are bulk discounts for buying a box (6) of gloves as opposed to buying one at a time. Gloves are like grips, and once you find a good match for your game, you should stick with it.