Hot Golfer Grace Charis Wiki – Only Fans, Tik Tok, Instagram, Age, Net Worth, Sexy Pictures

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Of course, the world of golf often focuses on players’ skills, but the sport is not the only thing some players are known for.

And why not? One can have more than one interest or talent, right?

This is definitely relevant when speaking of Grace Charis.

Apart from her influence as a golfer, she is a social media star and has become a trailblazer in showing the world a different side to golf. Here’s all you wish you already knew about gorgeous Grace Charis.

Quick Facts

Name and Surname Grace Charis
Gender Female
Age 20 years
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel brown
Net Worth ~$1.5 million
Nationality US
College Not confirmed

Where Is She From?

Grace is an American golfer. reports that her birthplace is Newport Beach.

This is a popular coastal area in California as locals and visitors appreciate the stunning beaches and impressive waves.

One can say that the area suits Grace Charis’ lifestyle, as she would enjoy basking in the sun in her swimsuit to take some gorgeous pictures to share on her online platforms.

Grace Charis Biography

So far, only a limited amount of information is available on Grace.

Despite sharing videos and pictures of herself online, she does still require some privacy and she hasn’t told the world much about her past or her family.

Looking at her posts, it does seem like she owns a cat.

There is some conflicting information about her exact birth date. states it to be 21 November 2002 but some other sources like list her age as 23.

It’s safe to say the blonde beauty is still in her early twenties.

From interviews, one learns that she has attended college and that she only recently took up golf, in the last two years.

When Did She Start Playing Golf?

Grace Charis

According to what she shared with, Grace has always been passionate about sports.

However, it was only during her college years that she took up golf and she only did it after some prompting from her mother.

So, it’s clear that Grace has only been playing for a few years, but she quickly realized her love and knack for the game.

TikTok Domination

Grace has drawn an impressive following on TikTok, and she has had almost 30 million views on this platform.

She shares loads of sexy content with her audience, with some of it being of her posing on the golf course or showing off her stunning looks while playing golf.

Only Fans Monetization


Grace’s first claim to fame was gaining a following on social media platforms like TikTok but she also started using Only Fans later on.

By playing model and sharing lots of sexy content, she attracted attention and had many adoring fans who appreciated her beauty and the fun posts she created—many of them golf-related.

On Only Fans, you may come across two profiles hosted by Grace. With one profile, Grace Charis, you’ll see her as the main focus and she has over 215,000 likes.

In addition, she shares about other sexy golfers and friends of hers on the Golf Girls account which she hosts.

Was Her Only Fans Leaked?

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Grace though.

She’s making good money from Only Fans, but her popularity may have been one of the reasons why some of her content has been leaked.

Unfortunately, online users can now access it without paying the golfer as her loyal OF fans do.


On Instagram you can follow the beautiful golfer’s profile called itsgracecharis.

Here she entertains over 1.6 million of her fans with posts but note that this isn’t the platform she’s most active on. There are fewer than 100 posts to browse through.

Spiciest Moment

You’ll find various striking photos of Grace, since she’s comfortable sharing some racy images with the world.

There are photos of her on the golf course where her outfits are often very revealing, especially if the wind lifts her skirt.

There are also shots and reels of her pursuing other activities, such as water sports.

You can also enjoy what she shares on Twitter, using her handle @gracecharisxo.

What Is Her Net Worth?

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Grace has multiple sources of income.

Apart from playing golf and winning money at events, her social media channels act as important income streams.

This is especially true for Only Fans where her photo and video content have become very popular, and people are willing to pay big bucks for it.

Another income stream is partnering with major brands and creating promotional content with them. states that she has worked with Callaway, Adidas, and more.

By looking at what Grace charges on Only Fans, it’s clear that it can make her considerably rich. For example, booking a day of golf with Grace can cost a client as much as $100,000.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

As mentioned, not a lot is known about Grace’s personal life and family.

Therefore, there is no confirmation that she has someone special in her life.

Hollywood Life did report on her posts that mentioned a ‘him’ at one stage. With her referring to ‘his loss…’ It’s possible that she was in a relationship but that they broke up.

How Good is She at Golf?

Yes, Grace is a good golfer who has a handicap of 12.

Out of love for the game, she attends major championships, such as the Charles Schwab Challenge, which the US Sun reported on. However, Grace is still on the road to becoming a professional golfer.

At the moment, Grace can best be described as a golf influencer.

She shares about the sport online and also wishes to inspire other women to get more involved in sports. This was stated in another article by The US Sun.

Other Only Fans Models—How Does Grace Compare?

Grace Charis4

There are other golfers who are known for their skill on the course, but also appreciated for their sexy online content.

People often compare Grace with Paige Spiranac but the latter has 3.9 million followers on Instagram, so it may take a while before Grace beats her in terms of those numbers.

We’ll wait and see what the beautiful Grace has in store for golf and her audience in the future.