Hitting The 2 Iron Consistently: When to Use, Off the Tee, for Beginners, and the Stinger Shot

Anyone who’s had the good fortune to see Tiger Woods hit a 2 iron, especially his stinger, will have forever craved to have that in the bag.

Watching the laser beam-like ball flight hovering at an impossibly low height for so long is just wildly impressive.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all facets of mastering the 2 iron, from when to use it to how to hit it consistently and even some pro tips.

So, let’s work through this and try to rip the butter knife like Tiger.

Overview of the 2 Iron

Let’s kick things off with a brief overview. The 2 iron, which can strike fear into the heart of even the best ball-striker occupies a unique space in your golf bag.

It features a lower loft, making it the go-to club for achieving both distance and control. But, is it a demanding club to handle?

The answer depends on various factors we’ll delve into shortly. Yes, it is exacting in its demands, but learning to use one can be a great benefit to your game, especially when the conditions get tricky.

On windy days there is something that the 2-iron brings that other clubs just can’t match.

Is It Challenging or Accessible?

2 irons

Hitting a 2 iron consistently can pose a proper challenge, especially for beginners.

Its lower loft is less forgiving than other irons. However, with proper technique and dedicated practice, even golf novices can master this versatile club.

So, should beginners consider adding a 2 iron to their arsenal?

Other options do exist that can fill this gap, but they have different characteristics, like a higher ball flight, which can be a drawback in some settings.

Stay with us as we explore this further, but this is a tough club to hit, at first.

Should Beginners Embrace the 2 Iron?

2 irons1

While beginners may initially find the 2 iron demanding, it can still be a valuable asset to their game.

You see, golf is a tricky sport for beginners, so in some ways you want to make it as easy as possible. However, by learning how to hit a 2 iron early you can fast track your skills.

If you feel confident with a 2 iron early in your golfing journey, imagine how easy it will be to hit a 7 iron, for example.

If you can take time to master this club then you will become a fantastic ball-striker and that will help you build a solid game for the years to come.

Unlocking the 2 Iron: 5 Expert Tips

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of consistently striking the 2 iron with precision and, importantly, consistency.

We’ll share five expert tips to elevate your game and help you maximise the potential of this often under-appreciated and feared club.

Perfect Your Grip and Setup:

Discover the correct grip and setup for maximum control and accuracy.

These fundamentals will stand you in good stead throughout your game but any flaws here will be amplified when hitting a 2 iron. Get the basics right and never ignore them.

Master the Swing Mechanics:

Understand the intricacies of swing mechanics, including ball position and weight distribution.

Again, we are talking about fundamentals and you will want to have a PGA pro help you develop these skills. Repeatable swings make for consistency.

Strategic Club Selection:

Learn when and where to employ the 2 iron for optimal results. This is not a club that you will hit on every hole but knowing when to play it will pay dividends.

This is the precision fairway finder or low-ball maker for those really windy days.

Effective Practice Drills:

Explore practical drills and exercises to hone your skills.

One great drill is speed work, hitting 50% speed shots and building up speed really in 10% increments helps you build a tempo that will have you striking the ball better with less effort than you’d expect.

The Mental Game:

Uncover the mental aspect of using the 2 iron to stay focused and confident on the course.

You need to feel confident when you tee this club up, it isn’t for the faint of heart. However, that confidence will go right through all of your irons so it is worth developing.

Pros and Cons of the 2 Iron

2 irons2

Like every club in your bag, the 2 iron comes with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll dissect these pros and cons to help you make an informed choice.


Low, Piercing Flight

Having an effective 2 iron in your bag gives you a new dimension for your long game, it flies lower than a wood or hybrid and is perfect for running the ball into greens on links courses, for example.

This low flight is also great for keeping the ball under the wind on tough days.


Let’s not overlook this one, being able to hit a 2 iron consistently well will bring compliments.

People love seeing a long iron being hit perfectly, be that golfer! Finally, it is easier to shape a 2 iron than a wood or hybrid so you get a new layer of control to your long game.



There is no getting away from the fact that this club is not as forgiving as many other options in this slot.

You have to work to be able to use the 2 iron well, this puts many off. The joy of golf is honing your skills so don’t let this issue put you off.

High Attack

Many modern courses are set up for the high ball game and a 2 iron isn’t so suited to this kind of shot.

The soft landing hybrid that nestles up by the flag is great and this comes due to the high flight and almost vertical landing, a 2 iron is more of a shallow and low flight.

Shots to Master with the 2 Iron

Dive into the versatility of the 2 iron and explore the various shots you can execute, including teeing off, fairway play, and the coveted stinger shot.

Teeing Off with the 2 Iron – Positioning and Tee Height

You want a very low tee when hitting a 2 iron, one where you can just see the top of the tee.

This mimics a fairway lie but with a bit of tee to make it easier. If you want to hit it higher then you can tee it up a bit and hit more up on the ball but usually a very low tee is the one.

Hitting from the Fairway – A Different Approach

Hitting the 2 iron from the fairway requires finesse and some adjustments.

You want to have the ball positions quite far forward but not as far as a fairway wood.

You will hit this like other irons and try to create a divot by compressing the ball at impact. Attack the ball with the 2 iron!

Mastering the Stinger Shot

2 irons3

Unlock the secrets of executing the elusive stinger shot with your 2 iron, a skill every golfer should have in their repertoire.

Here you want to use an abbreviated swing, open the club face and stance slightly and use your body to stay over the ball through impact.

You will feel like you are “covering the ball” with your body as you strike the ball. For an extra-low flight, use your hands to de-loft the club as much as possible through impact.

Really leaning that shaft ahead of the ball will help, we open the stance to prevent that move making the ball go left.

Common Challenges with 2 Iron Shots

Most challenges come from not practicing enough with this club.

As I said earlier, you really need to focus on getting the fundamentals like stance, grip, tempo and rhythm right to hit the 2 iron well.

Practice is imperative and soon you’ll feel confident enough to take it to the course.

2 Iron vs. Hybrid

Is the 2 iron superior to a hybrid? They’re different.

The hybrid is easier to hit and more forgiving plus it flies higher. The 2 iron is less likely to stall in the wind and great for links land but is more exacting on your skills.

2 Iron vs. Fairway Wood

Fairway woods are excellent and can be extremely forgiving these days.

Like the hybrid, they give a high ball flight but a bit less spin and control than the hybrid.

I would say the fairway wood sits between the hybrid and the 2 iron in terms of ball flight height and spin control on the greens.

Do Pros Embrace the 2 Iron?

Who could forget the delicious 2 iron that Rory McIlroy hit into the 18th at the Renaissance Club this summer to win the Scottish Open?

You will see many pros put the 2 iron into play during that most special links section of the golfing calendar.

Styles for Beginners and Pros

Like all irons, the bladed 2 irons are the hardest to hit and the reserve of god-like ball strikers, if that’s you then good on you.

It makes sense to add a bit of a cavity here for more forgiveness and you now even get “utility” iron type 2 irons that maximise forgiveness and distance.

These clubs are more like classic driving irons than the other irons you’d find in the bag but they are a good option for beginners.

I would say that if you’re not going for that style of iron then looking at something with a generous cavity is a good idea for beginners.


2 irons4

To wrap it up, the 2 iron is a club that, when wielded skilfully, can be a game-changer on the golf course.

While mastering it may require time and dedication, the rewards are well worth the effort. Keep in mind that you don’t have to tackle everything at once.

Choose the tips and techniques that resonate with you and work on them gradually.

Get a coach to help you on your journey too, your overall swing will benefit immensely! Your journey to becoming a proficient 2 iron player begins with that first swing, give it a go!