The Garmin Approach S70 Review Vs The S62 – A New Age In Premium Golf Watches

Garmin S70 5

The best golf watch in the game just got a lot better with the introduction of the S70 from Garmin. It replaces the s62 as the premium flagship model from the market-leading brand.

If you are not one to balk at the $650 price tag, this watch certainly signifies a big leap forward from the Garmin s62 with its amazing graphics and super advanced virtual caddy features.

The watch comes in two sizes now for men and women, the Course view and caddy features have been significantly improved as have the fitness features. We were very impressed by the new AMOLED display which is super easy to read in any conditions and looks downright amazing.

If you’ve got the money to spend on the latest and greatest golf watch, you could do a lot worse than going out and buying the S70.

Key Specs

  • Display Sizes: 1.2″ or 1.4″
  • Weight: 57 grams
  • Price: $650

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Garmin S70 Key Features And Selling Points

Vibrant AMOLED Display

An AMOLED screen is one with an increased refresh rate and superior battery saving technology.

The tech allows for an impressive battery life but more importantly, it allows you to see the screen easily in any lighting conditions. Sunshine or rain, indoors and outdoors.

The high definition colors and sharp detail of the screen bring the course to life, right on your wrist and the improved graphics are certainly one of the biggest upgrades from the s62.

The lighter weight and superior design cement the s70 spot as the best watch in the game.

This is a stylish accessory to wear at any time, not just on the golf course.

Comes With Two Display Size Options

You can get the S70 with a 1.2″ or a 1.4″ display size meaning you can get the perfect watch to suit your wrist.

If you want a more compact look, it’s possible and if you want the course to be as big as possible on your wrist, Garmin have you covered too.

Improved CourseView Feature

Garmin has crammed an extra 1,000 courses into their database since the s62 came out and we can now see them in stunning detail with the improved course view feature.

We’ve even got contour data for the greens to sink more putts (hopefully!) and we can pinpoint any spot on the course, just like with the S62.

The graphics also represent a significant step up from the S62 and we were terribly impressed.

Strategizing each hole has never been easier and we can see all the intricate details, making you an expert in each course, even if you haven’t played there before.

Enhanced Virtual Caddie

The S70’s improved virtual caddie tool provides shot dispersion data and suggests a club based on a variety of factors, including historical swing data, slope, wind speed, wind direction, and more.

The watch will give you expected strokes for each club selection, advising you whether is better to lay up or go for it!.

Club Selector

The watch will display the club it thinks you should use for every shot, right on the screen, allowing you to play the game on autopilot.

Improved Plays Like Feature

The plays-like feature now even takes temperature into consideration too and it is becoming a much more accurate representation. It actually shows you the plays like calculations right on the screen too.

Shot Dispersion

Shot dispersion shows where u will end up if you happen to mishit the ball, left or right with any particular club, allowing you to plot out the most advantageous route to the pin and avoid any hazards.

The virtual golf coach feature is becoming next level. The watch knows your misses and encourages you to play the best shots, based on your historical shot data.

Pinpointer Feature

Shows the direction and distance to the pin at all times. Perfect for dog legs and blind shots.

Drive Accuracy and Targets Hit

The watch can easily display your driving accuracy as well as the accuracy of the rest of your shots with each club.

Extended Battery Life

One of the big letdowns for many golf watches is the battery life.

It’s safe to say that Garmin has got this one spot again. 20 hours in GPS mode should see you get at least 3 full rounds in.

It will also do 16 days in smart watch mode, making it an excellent companion for your health and fitness goals too.

Health Monitoring and Fitness Features

The S70 is more than just a golf watch. It comes with a full suite of fitness features, including wrist-based heart rate and heart rate variability, body battery energy monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring, and more.

Preloaded activity profiles for strength training, HIIT, yoga, running and cycling among others, make the S70 a comprehensive fitness companion.

This watch allows you to take a super deep dive into your holistic wellbeing.

Coupled with the beautiful display and impressive battery, this is a super companion for both your golf and health goals.

The S70 vs the S62

Garmin Approach S62

Comparing the new S70 with its predecessor, the S62, reveals substantial improvements.

The headline change is the introduction of the AMOLED display, which delivers a brighter and more detailed screen. The graphics are significantly improved too.

Course mapping is notably enhanced in the S70, providing more intricate details on over 43,000 preloaded courses worldwide. Green contouring is also an impressive upgrade.

The virtual caddy is significantly improved with scary accuracy and shows you the calculations right there on the screen as to how it got the plays like distance. It also recommends a club for every shot and gives you predicted shots with each club.

The watch is lighter and the design is improved. The health and wellness features go far beyond the s62 and the smart features are also a step above.

The battery life remains impressive in the S70, with an extended charge holding period.

Also, the S70 is now available in two sizes, making it an accessible watch for the ladies as well as the men of all sized wrists.


  • Vibrant AMOLED display:
  • Improved CourseView maps:
  • Enhanced Virtual Caddie:
  • Extended Battery Life:
  • Comprehensive Health and Fitness Tracking:


  • Garmin Golf Subscription
  • Can be a bit complex
  • Premium Pricing

Who Is The S70 For?

This is a premium golf watch aimed at players that are serious about the game, have money and are looking for the absolute best watch on the market, hands down.

If you want to make your friends jealous when you arrive on the course, this is the watch for you.

This is not just a golf watch either, there is a ton of advanced fitness features and if you like to keep in shape outside of golf, this watch also has you covered.

There are plenty of golfers who just want the basic yardages and the Garmin S12 will fill that need effortlessly.

The S70 offers a whole host more in terms of navigating the course, include detailed course and green views alongside advanced analytics, especially when coupled with the CT10 sensors on your clubs.

You can zoom into any spot on the course and get the distance with the virtual caddy features are massively improved from the Garmin s62.

Overall this is a premium watch for golfers who want the very best on and off the course.

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