Project X 6.0 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Project X 6.0 Shaft

The Project X 6.0 steel iron shaft has been around for a long time.

So much so that it almost seems archaic. The term “stout” is almost taboo when talking about iron shafts in 2023. But that is exactly how True Temper describes the Project X 6.0 shaft.

True Temper lays it out very plainly: the Project X 6.0 is for aggressive swingers. It’s meant to feel stout and is advertised to reduce spin numbers. But there is a lot more to this shaft than that.

Is the Project X 6.0 too old-fashioned? What does it offer the modern golfer? Find out in the following review.

Project X 6.0 Shaft Overview

The first thing to note about the Project X 6.0 is that it is a stepless shaft.

This gives it a much cleaner and streamlined look both in the bag and at address.

Secondly, True Temper uses a numbered system for their flex designation.

The Project X 6.0 is a stiff flex shaft but you can get it in regular+ (5.0), regular (5.5), extra stiff (6.5) and tour extra stiff (7.0) as well.

Like most stepless steel iron shafts, the Project X 6.0 has a pretty simple look: a chrome finish with a badge in the middle of the shaft.

But again, we really like the stepless look of this shaft. The feel of this shaft is as advertised: it’s stout.

The Project X 6.0 features a stiff tip and butt section throughout the set.

That means that your 4-iron will have as stiff a butt and tip section as your 9-iron.

It’s the midsection that varies. There is definitely more activity from the midsection of the long irons than there is in the short irons.

This means that your scoring irons are going to feel very stout. And even  in the long irons, you don’t get a super-lively feel.

It’s still pretty stout but it can certainly be activated by an aggressive transition.

Why is the Project X 6.0 So Popular?

Project X 6.0 Shaft1

The Project X 6.0 has been the standard for strong swingers for nearly as long as we can remember.

It’s a straight-forward, no shenanigans shaft that does exactly what it’s advertised to do: fly low and reduce spin rates.

How Does the Project X 6.0 Perform?

Really, the only problem we had with the Project X 6.0 shaft on the course was rollout.

It seemed that none of our testers were able to put enough spin on the ball to reign in rollout distance.

But to be totally fair, that may have simply been a skill issue. And for some players, the extra rollout might actually be a good thing.

For us though, it meant rolling off the green several times. For the most part though, we really liked the low penetration that kept us out of the wind.

The Project X 6.0 is also an extremely tight shaft. You get the feeling that you can launch the ball perfectly down a hallway with this shaft.

The dispersion was tight regardless of swing speed. Distance was another story.

Basically, if you’re swinging your 4-iron slower than 90 MPH, you aren’t going to get the distance you are used to.

However, it does seem that you could soft step the shafts if you really want that tight dispersion but can’t seem to deal with the flex.

So if you plug the 3-iron shaft into your 4-iron, you may be able to get the kind of midsection flex you need as a slower swinger.

Project X 6.0 Shaft Specs

Specs Project X 6.0
Available flexes Stiff
Weight 120g
Butt .600”
Tip .355”
Length 37” – 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Project X 6.0 is exclusively available in the stiff flex.

The “6.0” actually denotes stiff flex. This is a flex that is proper for players in the 90-105 MPH swing speed range.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Project X 6.0 is a 120g steel shaft.

You wouldn’t be able to unlock the distance potential of this shaft unless you’re swinging your irons at least 90 MPH.

Why is it So Good?

The best thing about the Project X 6.0 shaft is accuracy.

Even if you aren’t a strong swinger, you would still be able to appreciate the “point-and-shoot-ability” of this shaft.

Other than that, the Project X 6.0 is an excellent shaft for players with aggressive tempos and fast swing speeds.

Project X 6.0 First Impressions

Project X 6.0 Shaft2

The feel of the Project X 6.0 is a bit of a blast from the past and that’s what struck us at first.

Even modern stiff and heavy shafts have more activity than this shaft. So is it old-fashioned? Yes. But there is definitely still a market for traditional-feeling iron shafts.

Key Features & Performance

The consistency of the stiff tip and butt section is what makes this shaft so accurate.

Better players will be able to shape their shots at will.

Project X 6.0 Irons Review

If you’re a skilled player, this is the shaft you will want when facing down a dog-legged par-4.Just be sure to put some spin on the ball.

Project X 6.0 Wedges Review

Stopping power is a bit of an issue. Even on chip shots we were having some trouble controlling rollout.

But if you’ve got good grooves in your wedges you should be able to counteract this effect.

Project X 6.0 Pros & Cons

Project X 6.0 Shaft3


  • Workable
  • Good for fast swingers
  • Keeps up with strong loads
  • Smooth transition


  • A bit boardy

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

What the Project X 6.0 offers to the modern golfer is accuracy.

It is supremely accurate. But you have to sacrifice some feel for that accuracy. You should also have a fast swing speed if you are going to expect adequate distance from these shafts.