FootJoy Women’s Empower BOA Golf Shoes Review


“Happiness is a long walk with a putter.” –  We have Greg Norman to thank for that gem, and as far as I am concerned, he’s spot on. What can be better than a day spent strolling the course, swinging your club, and making the perfect putt? For me, having the right apparel is key, I like to feel the part, and for that I need a good pair of golf shoes.
I’m greedy when it comes to my golf shoes – I like style, I like comfort, and I am also keen on enhancing my golfing performance. That said, I don’t want to spend a fortune (golfing equipment can be pricey – a limited-edition Scotty Cameron replica putter produced to commemorate Tiger Woods’ 1997 Masters win will set you back a cool $20,000).
It’s a tall order, a golf shoe that’s comfortable, stylish, performs well and is affordable too? Let’s see if the FootJoy Women’s Empower BOA Golf Shoe lives up to the hype.

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Who Are FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes For?

The FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes are designed for women who are seeking a vibrant shoe, something that stands out from the (dare we say) rather monotonous golfing footwear chosen by many. If you’re seeking style but still want an element of comfort (and are hankering for a pair of shoes that could also improve your game), then this could be the shoe for you.


What Features Do FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes Have?

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Comfort has also been carefully considered, with Every Step Comfort added to support and cushion your feet. The shoes have been designed for performance and style (using top quality materials).

What Can FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes Do for My Game?

Looking to take a more confident shot? The being sure-footed is essential. The FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes are great when it comes to providing stability – this is down to their FootJoy MaxGrip traction pod.

What Are the Pros of FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes?

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So, let’s explore what makes the FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes a great choice for discerning female golfers:

  • Waterproof – We like that the way your tootsies stay dry, there’s nothing worse than wet feet after a round – yuck! These shoes come with a 1 year limited waterproof warranty too.
  • Comfortable – The soft underfoot EveryStep foam offers pure comfort, keeping the balls of your feet sweet. We like a shoe that doesn’t rub your feet or slip as you move.
  • Performance Enhancing – The FootJoy’s scream great performance, and that’s due to the FootJoy MaxGrip traction pod on the outsole. The pod provides superior grip for a stable swing, whatever weather conditions you are playing in.
  • Stylish – Big points to the FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes for their striking style. The bright and breezy sports mesh makes this shoe stand out and you get to choose from no less than five designs. Even though the colours are vibrant you should still be able to team them with your outfits for an eye-catching, yet functional, look.
  • Fit – The FootJoy shoe has a rounded toe and a slightly narrower heel, there’s also the unique Boa® dial which works well to provide a “back and down” fit -holding the heel and the forefoot in position.
  • Breathable – We say no to sweaty, smelly feet! The FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes are both lightweight and breathable.
  • Affordable – I like to save a bit of my hard-earned cash for the 19th hole, so if I can get a pair of decent shoes without paying out a ridiculous amount, I’m a very happy golfer!

What Are the Cons of FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes?

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Considering getting yourself a pair of FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes? We don’t blame you – they have a lot to offer! However, there are a few things we would like to make you aware of:

  • FootJoy designs aren’t for the faint-hearted. If you prefer beige to bright then the five colour options might not be your golfing thing.
  • This range is slightly pricier than some, but if you want a shoe that looks funky and does the job, then paying a tiny bit more shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Spike-free design may put conventional players off, but it could be time for a change?
  • The unique “dial lacing” concept may prove a step too far for those who like to just tie their shoelaces and be on their way!

FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes – Bogey or Birdie?

I like a good colour pop – so FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes have the style and functionality to meet my needs. I’m also easily won over by comfort, and the foam layer lining the shoes certainly did a great job of cushioning my feet. Would I buy these shoes myself? Yes, I certainly would.

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Fancy Trying Out FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes for Yourself?

Take a look at the colours for yourself, and check out the features you can expect if you opt for a pair of FootJoy Women Empower BOA Golf Shoes. If performance, style and comfort top your list you won’t be disappointed with these.

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