Cobra 2020 Ultralight Golf Stand Bag Review – Is It Worth The Money


Choosing a solid golf bag can have a big impact on your performance. Everybody wants to buy the newest irons and drivers but if your bag is causing you discomfort or irritation, it will certainly add shots to your round.

Cobra Golf is a name that seems to be everywhere this year, and thankfully it is becoming a name synonymous with quality.

With Bryson Dechambeau using the One Length Irons and their Drivers garnering lavish praise in the golf community, you can be forgiven for considering a purchase of one of their golf bags too.

Despite some slight concerns, the Cobra 2020 is a fine stand bag. It has ample storage with 8 pockets and it’s light at 4.5 lbs, But what really sets it apart is the ease of use and comfort with it’s Easy Release Shoulder Pads made from Coolflow Foam and the Easy Flex Base which increases the stability of the bag when standing, no matter the lie or angle on even the steepest of hills.


Initial Spec

Type of Bag

Stand Bag


5 Full Length Dividers

Rain Hood


Light Weight

Yes – 4.2 Lbs


L 35” – W 11” – H 9”

Umbrella Holder


Easy Grab Handle


Sturdy Legs






Overall Score


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First Impressions Of This One

When making the switch over from a Cart bag to a Stand bag, there are two main considerations:

Will it be light enough


Will it have enough storage for my stuff.

The Cobra Ultralight impressed in both departments but you would expect that when paying for a premium bag.

The bag has a striking design, incorporating the Cobra and it comes in 6 different colours.

The first job was picking the nicest colour and it was a toss up between the Dark Grey and the Baby Blue.

The white one was ruled out because it would get dirty too quickly, despite looking great and we were not the biggest fans of the orange design. The Yellow, Black and Red patented Cobra design is nice but it stands out a bit too much for our liking!

When the bag arrived we were very impressed with the design, it is flashy enough to look great and low key enough not to stand out too much.

Time to load it up and take it on the course!



Bringing it out on the course for the first time, the quality was immediately apparent and the you can’t help to notice how light the bag is.

There was plenty of space for drinks & snacks, a spare rain jacket, GPS device and an umbrella along with all the regular balls, tees and riff raff that go along with a round of golf.

Heading off up the first fairway and there was a slight creaking noise between the bag and the straps but probably because the bag is still so new.

Another crucial aspect of a stand bag is the speed and friction with putting in on and off. The should pads are made from coolflow foam and you can put the bag on and off quickly and without friction.

My first stand bag use to burn my shoulders but this one is a lot better quality and the comfort is excellent.

The 2021 version of the bag used to fall over a lot but they have addressed that probably with a flexible base that allows to bag to stand steadily on any lie or slope.

The grab handle at the top of the back is also perfect for lifting it up and moving it small distances without having to fumble around.




The 8 Pockets on The Cobra 2020 Ultralight provide all the space you need and include:

  • Oversize Pocket For Rain Jackets And Apparel

  • A Valuables Pocket That Is Waterproof And Fleece Lined

  • A Large Cooler Pocket For Beverages – Can Fit A Large Bottle Or 2 Cans & Snacks

  • A Large Ball Pocket And A Pocket For Tees, Green Markers Etc.


Other Bags Worth Considering

As with any piece of golf equipment, there are always alternatives for you to consider and our job as reviewers is to recommend the best product to our readers at all times.


Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag

The Taylormade 8.0 Stand bag is of similar quality to Cobra Ultralight.

It has less pockets (6), is a little bit heavier at 4.5 lbs but it also has a lot going for it, in it’s own right.

It has a 5 way easy grab handle at the top so you can lift it with both hands.

It has an 8 way divider to eliminate club overcrowding and it has removable XL ball pocker and dry tight valuables pocket.

It also comes in different styles than the Cobra although the two bags are very similar in quality and price.

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The Callaway Chev 2020 Stand Bag

A slightly bigger, heavier and more expensive stand bag is the Callaway Chev.

Again very similar to the Cobra ultralight but it might suit you better if you like bring a lot of accessories onto the course.

It is has 6 spacious pockets including an apparel pocket, a valuables pocket, built in tee holder, ball pocket and more.

It has a dual strap system and the bag has excellent reviews and equally bold designs as the cobra.

Check Out The Callaway if You Like More Space In Your Stand Bag.

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Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Stand Bag

The Cobra 2020 Speedzone is the big brother to the ultra light.

It is bigger, heavier and has a lot more storage space.

This is a beautifully crafted bag that also costs about $100 More.

It is also available in the striking Back, Yellow and Red colours of the Cobra brand.

Check this one out if you are a looking for a bigger, more spacious and more robust version of the Cobra Ultra Light.

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If you want a premium bag that is light, slick and excellently designed, the Cobra Ultralight can easily be the bag for you.

If you like to carry your bag, the choice you make can have a big impact on your overall score and performance.

With Cobra 2020 Ultra Light, you are getting a premium quality bag that’s easy to use, comfortable and most importantly many, light.

We give the Cobra Ultralight a score of 92/100 and have problem recommending you to get it.

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