The SkyCaddie LX5 Vs The Garmin S60 – What’s The Better Golf Watch

The Garmin S60 stood alone as the leading golf watch in the market for many years and then all of a sudden 2020 hits and there are some new contenders for the throne.

Garmin introduced the S62 earlier this year and now the SkyCaddie has come along to throw it’s name into the hat.

SkyCaddie have been introducing handheld Golf GPS devices for quite a while now and this is the first Golf Watch that they have brough to the table.

While the Garmin S60 can be said to have had the most features for a long time, that is no longer true. The LX5 offers a good deal more like a Heart Monitor, Intelligreen and a bigger clearer design. The S60 while not perfect is certainly not out of the race to be the better watch from this pair with it’s excellent performance and steady features. Both watches can be purchased for $300.

Remember to read until the end to get our overall recommendation.


Key Features Of The Watches


Garmin S60

SkyCaddie LX5

41,000 Courses

35,000 Courses

Fast Satellite Location

Slow Satellite Location

Moderate Battery Life

Moderate Battery Life

Good Graphics

Excellent Graphics

Excellent Ease Of Use

Good Ease Of Use

No Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking

Good Features

Good Features

Good Design

Excellent Design

Free Garmin App

Free App For 3 Years

Expensive ($300)

Expensive ($300)

Overall Score: 88/100

Overall Score 90/100



The Garmin S60 Vs The SkyCaddie LX5

Garmin s60 Banner

While Garmin has been around for a long time and we expect quality products from the company, the S60 has also been around for a long time and it also has it’s faults like not having a heart rate monitor and not having a great battery life.

Features wise it was still the strongest offering around until 2020.

The LX5 is the first attempt at a watch and it we would expect there to be some issues and there is.

While the watches display is the best around, it has excellent features and you get the Skycaddie app for free for 3 years with the watch, the screen dimming feature is annoying, the battery life is not great and it is not as fast or accurate as the Garmin Watch.


Garmin S60

SkyCaddie LX5

1 Round Battery

2 Round Battery

Customizable bands

Customizable Face

Display Size: 1.2 Inch

Display Size: 1.39 Inches


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First Appearance

S60 Banner

First appearances and the S60 is a little bit more bulky than the LX5 although the LX5 has a bigger 1.39” display.

The LX5 has a nicer design with the heart monitor on the under side of the watch. The watch is less bulky and fits nicely on the wrist.

When we got to the course, the S60 found the satellites and loading the course info a full 5 minutes earlier than the SkyCaddie.

As we played the rounds, we noticed that there was sometimes a difference of up to 10 yards between the two watches with the S60 tending to be the more accurate.

We would expect Garmin to be more accurate with it’s positioning in the market.

There is not much between these watches in terms of First Impressions on the course.



Both watches are similar and perform very well with Auto Shot tracking and manual put inputs.

They both store your shot info through the respective Apps.

The Garmin App is free and the SkyCaddie App is free for 3 years.

The interface on the LX5 is stunning. It shows you 4 contour lines across the hole to show where you will end up in any eventuality and you can pinpoint any point on the hole where it will give you the distance to your target and remaining distance to the hole from that point.

The Garmin smart watch also has a very nice touch screen and you can get the distance to any point on the course.

The interface on the LX5 is much cleaner and nicer but the only problem is it keeps turning dark and you need to hit the button the light in back up. The max setting for the light is 30 seconds but as you approach your ball it will be dark multiple times.

Both watches have auto hole progression.


Battery Life

Both watches will last at least 1 full round in GPS mode, with the LX5 closer to 2 full rounds which is good news but the Garmin S62 will do almost 3 rounds.



The Garmin S60 was a bit more accurate. Up to and above 10 yards in some instances as verified with a laser Rangefinder.


What Both Watches have in Common

  • 35,000/41,000 Courses Worldwide

  • Stunning Graphics

  • Fitness Tracking

  • Tracking App

  • Colour Touch Screens

  • Distance To Hazards

  • Lay Up Options For Dog Legs

  • Front Middle And Back Of Green Distances


What The LX5 Has That The S60 Doesn’t Have


Sky Caddie have mapped the course manually and included slopes and contours on the greens so you can read your puts and hit your approach shots for maximum accuracy.


Skytrack Synching

If you have a Skytrack home simulator, this will also synch up with it and measure your progress


Heart Monitor

Track your heart rate as you make your way around the course or for other fitness activities.


Stunning HD Display

The display on the LX5 is stunning and crystal clear with big number and it is amazing to look at.


What The S60 Has That The LX5 Doesn’t

Garmin ss60 Banner 2


Tracks your shots automatically as you approach the balls


Plays Like

Gives A Slope Adjusted distance to the green.


Multisport Apps Built In

Track your progress across running, cycling and even swimming with the S60


SkyCaddie LX5 Pros And Cons


  • Excellent Interface
  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Value For Money
  • 3 Years Free App
  • Cheaper Than S62
  • Intelligreen is excellent
  • Hooks Up To SkyTrack
  • Autohole Progress And Shot Tracking



  • Screen Turns Off Quickly
  • Not As Fast As Garmin
  • Not As Accurate
  • Pay For App After 3 Years

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Garmin S60 Pros And Cons


  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Auto Shot
  • Touch Targeting
  • Fast Change Bands



  • Expensive
  • Battery Not As Good As It Could Be
  • Autoshot Misses Some Shots


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The Other Watch To Consider – The 62

The LX5 and the S60 are leading watches in the $300 category but there is another watch that trumps both and it is the Garmin S62.

  • It has 3 round battery life

  • 1.3 Inch Screen With Gorilla Glass

  • Excellent Interface

  • Heart Monitor And Fitness Tracking

  • Garmin Pay

  • Compass Feature

  • Changeable Bands And Downloadable Interfaces


The only problem is that its costs $500 but well worth the investment if you have the cash and want the best.

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Conclusion Better Watch Between The LX5 and The S60

The amazing visuals with the LX5 and the extra features that you get with the watch make it the very slim winner for todays review.

The biggest problem is the speed and the screen dimming off but the HD graphics look surreal on this watch.

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If you want the steady and dependable S60, there is also nothing at all wrong with that. These watches are very close in terms of our overall rating.


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