Cleveland Bloom Ladies Complete Golf Set Review

Are you looking for a ladies complete golf club set that perfectly combines stylish design and performance? The problem with a lot of these ladies golf club sets is that they are more concerned with appealing to the aesthetic inclinations of women golfers than they are with performance.

But we were pretty excited when we came across this golf club set for women from a relatively small manufacturer. Surprised too because while good-looking ladies golf club sets are pretty much a dime a dozen; these Cleveland golf clubs really deliver on the range and on the course.

If you are tired of looking through the myriad ladies golf clubs that were designed for beginners and are ready to really step up your game, do yourself a favor and give the following review a good read.

Because today we will be looking at an exciting set of ladies golf clubs that could be perfect for you or the golf-lover in your life…

Playing the Cleveland Bloom Clubs

The Cleveland Bloom golf set for women would be advantageous for any woman who wants a significant step up from a beginner’s set. They come with advanced features that a more skilled player can really put to good use but they are still forgiving enough to help develop your burgeoning game.

What you get in the Set

The Cleveland Bloom complete golf club sets comes with a large, aerodynamically shaped driver, a 3 wood, numbers 5 and 6 hybrids, irons 7-9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a mallet-style putter. It also comes with a premium cart bag available in lavender or mint green.

Driver Performance


The oversized head of the driver means that the sweet spot is effectively expanded. So even on off-center shots, you get drives that fly as far and as straight as dead-center shots. You also get ample loft from this driver which helps improve apex ball height.

Wood Performance

The 3 wood that comes with the Cleveland Bloom complete ladies golf club set has a very low center of gravity. You can feel it as soon as you pick it up and take your first practice swing. It makes it much easier to achieve good loft, get under the ball on any kind of lie and launch the ball high and land it soft.

Hybrid Performance

We really liked the performance of these hybrids (and the fact that the set includes a #5 and #6 hybrid). These are the perfect clubs for filling in those tough gaps on the fairway. They offer the loft of longer irons without the unwieldiness.

Overall, the stainless steel head design and the unique aerodynamic shape afford the player better accuracy and distance akin to fairway woods.

Iron Performance

Continuing the remarkable fairway performance of the Cleveland Bloom complete golf set are the cavity back irons. These are some of the lightest weight irons we have ever played that don’t give up anything in the way of distance.

Wedge Performance

If you take a good look at the sand and pitching wedge of the Cleveland Bloom complete golf club set, you will notice that the soles are wider than those of standard wedges. Why is that important?

Because a wider sole allows for more forgiving interaction with the turf – something that it very important when you are working with a wedge. Overall the wedges felt very smooth on tough lies. They provide plenty of loft, spin control, drop and stop factor and their stainless steel heads sound sweet.

Putter Performance

With the Cleveland Bloom you get a mallet-style putter that is perimeter weighted for better balance on short strokes. If you want to build upon the good mechanics you have instilled in your short game as a beginner, the Cleveland Bloom putter will help you do just that.

Club Composition

Every club in the Cleveland Bloom complete golf club set except for the putter comes with graphite shafts. They offer a regular flex for women, which is right in the sweet spot for when you want piercing ball speed without breaking your wrists.

The grips are comfortable without being too thick. They allow for adequate feedback on most shots but aren’t so thick that they are hard to pull out of your club bag.

Set Options

With the Cleveland Bloom complete golf club set, you get to choose from right or left handed clubs. The whole set is available in either mint green or lavender colors and as of this writing; they are only available in regular flex versions.

Club Length

The Cleveland Bloom complete golf club set are standard women’s-sized clubs. Our female testers, who run the gamut from about 5’5” to 5’10” all said that they felt comfortable with the standard size.

Pros & Cons Of The Cleveland Bloom


  • All the clubs are lightweight
  • The hybrids cover tough distances well
  • Great accuracy from the driver
  • They deliver great ball speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Attractive design


  • Not the most durable clubs
  • Only available in regular flex
  • Bag is not a stand bag
  • Irons bang into each other in the bag

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Alternatives To The Bloom

Strata Women’s Golf Club Package

The perimeter weighting of these irons make learning tough clubs much easier and the oversized heads are excellent for forgiveness and accuracy for beginners.

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Wilson SGI

The large sweet spot of the driver in this set was built for instilling confidence in beginner players. A perfect high quality beginner set for anyone just getting into the game.

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Cobra Golf Airspeed

Cobra Airspeed

This is a serious set for women who are serious about their game. The premium set comes with advanced club features like off-set heads and low-profile, perimeter weighted iron heads.

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Final Thoughts

At first glance, the Cleveland Bloom is just another pretty set of golf clubs. But all you have to do is play them once and you will realize that Cleveland has managed to make a women’s golf club set that performs as well as it looks.

While they do not appear to be able to last for more than about 5 years, their advanced features more than make up for their lack of durability. And at the price, you can’t go wrong. Try this set out for yourself today!

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